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Creation Date: 2004-04-29

Javantea's Fate


I, Javantea was born Joel Randolph Voss to Terry Voss and Sara Beatty of Spokane, Washington. I lived in Spokane until age 18, when I moved to Seattle to study Physics at the University of Washington. In 2002, I'm 20-years-old, finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Physics, making "Javantea's Fate", and trying to survive with my limited skills. I am unemployed currently, but I'm seeking a physics job at the University of Washington. I'm very skilled at machining, electronics prototyping and production, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Lab View, NI DAQ interface, and lab procedure.
A bit of warning, there are two Javanteas that will be referenced throughout JF: me in 2002 and me in 2014. I'll try to speak in first person when I'm talking about me in 2002 and third person when I'm talking about me in 2014.
Javantea is the main character of the story. He is 34 and single at the start of the comic. He is independently wealthy and a legend amongst the crowds of the internet for his business, AltSci Concepts. He employs thousands of hackers, students, and news reporters to be the world's largest single resource of volatile information. Over five thousand terabytes of information is held in his servers around the globe. It is often said that AltSci easily has the power to topple governments.

But Javantea has allowed his company to run itself while he deals with more important issues. Living in Los Angeles under a six mile diameter geodesic dome in an anarchist community, Javantea stays very busy keeping order. In the pre-nano world of 2014, power is cheap while control is not. Super devices give everyone freedom, while also restricting freedom. Living in the only stable anarchy in the world is not easy, but many choose it over the oppression of a one-world totalitarian government that is eating at the world like a plague. Javantea fights oppression while ensuring the protection of citizens of the anarchy as well as people outside the community.


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