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Creation Date: 2002-09-19
Okay, so you come here expecting me to pull a Megatokyo or something and you see that there's no Making Of. What's the deal? JF is daily, right? Not anymore! I'm doing JF Final Scene 1, so you get actual JF comic pages every other day. This is the third. I think you're getting a pretty good deal. I'm getting the raw end of the deal. Not only am I not getting paid, I haven't found a day job, and I'm working myself sick on JF. It's so terrible, I tell you. Every time things go wrong, things that used to be fine become huge problems. My worst problem is that things are not consistent. I did solve one problem. It was a naming conflict. I had a bone named DuctTape and an object named DuctTape. You can see the Duct Tape in the next to last box. Other things were not so easily solved. Another problem is the zoom factor of my 2d editor. I'm going to give that a work over, maybe connect it to the scroller. I played a little space war demo that used the scrolling extensively and I liked it half way. It doesn't seem like it would take much work since I made it object oriented and stuff.

So what's the lesson today? Even though it may not be completely fruitful, it is enlightening to think about galactic relations. That's galactic in intra-galaxy. So for the sake of argument, let's say that there's some aliens on a planet in our galaxy. There are three possibilities for these aliens: 1) They are far less advanced than humans. 2) They are at or around the level of humans. 3) They are very different or very much more advanced than humans. In the first case, it might be interesting, but people won't notice since Earth has more problems than amoebas on Alpha Centauri A 2.

The second case would be interesting since by the time the two civilizations meet, we'll be peaceful enough to deserve meeting each other. In this case our decisions and our scientific breakthroughs will actually matter on a galactic scale. We can send a messages out at the speed of light and get an answer back in a hundred or so year. While we wait for a response, we can send a probe out at half the speed of light. Then when we make a faster space ship, we will probably overtake the probe we sent. But perhaps our space brothers are smart enough to also send a convoy. In about one fouth the time (25 years), we'll get a signal from their convoy. We'll be able to decipher it and send back a reply. We'll meet after 25 years of communicating via holographic videophone. We'll share joy of meeting each other and figure out how to help each other. But of course, by then, we will have already helped ourselves enough that we don't need their help. But perhaps together the two civilizations would be able to set up something really cool.

The third case is what Dr. Stranges says to have proof of. If indeed the space brothers are out there and waiting for us, they are taking their sweet time about it. They'll just wait another twenty years and then tell us that all our work was all for naught. It's not like I would be unhappy about it or anything, but rather that it'd be kinda not nice. Also, it's interesting about this type of civilization. Michio Kaku explains Freeman Dyson's idea about a type 2 civilization that has spread to multiple stars in a galaxy. Not only are they using all of the energy of their home star (our sun), let alone a planet, they are using all the energy of multiple stars. Of course, a person would not like waiting 25 years to fly from one star to the next. But if a person's lifespan is lengthened to 1000 years, it's be possible, right? We could extensively look throughout the galaxy for some sentient life. So then we would be the aliens. My problem is that we'd be acting a lot like those aliens in Independence Day. No one ever questioned whether those aliens had a legit use for Earth. But if we turn the tables and we find bacteria on Mars, are we going to question disinfecting our landing areas for the safety of our crews? That is the human prejudice against life on other planets. We have the same prejudice against non-sentient lifeforms on Earth. If space brothers do abduct humans, they're going to grab pacifist vegetarian anarchist scientists (like me!) that advertise themselves using light-speed communications (like the internet!).

Javantea, Vegetarian Pacifist Anarchist Scientist, Friend to Space Brothers

I feel that galactic relations are important and should be a topic of discussion in more blogs. If not to encourage type 2 civilizations to help us, then to help ourselves solve our own problems. It's about time, isn't it?
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