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Creation Date: 2002-09-21
What amazing stuff? I think you know the answer. It's a positive thing when I promise to do something and I stick with it for four cycles. Eight days is a long time, you know. And Scene 1 is especially hard. You all should be really happy about that. And what more, I'm giving you the high quality version for free. Why am I doing such a foolhearty thing? Because I want to. There's also something called bait and switch. ^_^; Nonono... I didn't say anything about JF being free forever. I'm simply baiting giving you a free sneak peak at what you could get for the amazingly low price of $10. That's right, give me $10 and I'll give you all of JF as soon as it comes out. I will tell you now that JF Final Scene 2 will be password protected. JF Scene 1 is bait. If you like these high quality pictures more than the low quality pictures, you'll want to subscribe to see all 24 scenes of JF. I even promise to give you exclusive JF stuff that no other person will get to see. What more do you need? Perhaps a button, right? Hahaha. ;_; I don't have a button yet. But e-mail me at javantea@msn.com and I'll hook you up.

If you don't know what's going on in this picture, then shame on me. I tried to make this fight very easy to understand, even easier than the previous one. You see, on the previous page, Jav hid behind that box. At the beginning of this page, he's getting up from behind the box to surprise EG3 (the guy with the box obstructing his vision). Jav hits him in the face and EG3 drops the box and grabs his face. He also exposes his midsection, so Jav hits him in the stomach. Being hit in the stomach, EG3 doubles over and that's when Jav elbows him in the back. At that point, Jav is facing the door. Behind him is EG2 who was alerted to the situation at hand. In a warehouse full of guns, you would think someone would be smart enough to pick up an uzi and just perforate him, right? Well, EG doesn't stand for intellectual scholar.

Why am I feeling so generous right now? Because I got a job. That may or may not mean that JF will suffer. I might start doing a few Making Of to break up the monotony. But this job will mean that I no longer have to think of clever ways to make money. My first (2 week) paycheck will pay off half of my credit card. My second paycheck will pay my rent. My third paycheck will pay off my credit card. My fourth paycheck will pay for tuition at UW. The fifth will pay for food, rent, etc. My parents say that they might be able to help with a bit. Maybe they won't even have to. My main problem is my massive loans. They don't need to be paid until June, but I want to pay them off by next August so that I can be a free man. It is important to me. Freedom is not just a word, it's a battle cry. My brother says that so many people have died for that word that even invoking it offends the memory of them. Hmm...

I wonder if Jefferson and Adams burned a British flag. I bet they did. They certainly didn't stop people from throwing tea into Boston harbor. The Declaration of Independence was written by rebels. The original flag was made by rebels. I am a rebel. I live in a country where I am taxed without representation. The Constitution has been suspended (temporarily in the case of WTO and permanently in the case of the Patriot Act) more than a dozen times that I have counted in the past three years. I live in a country that has declared war on most of the rest of the world while I am a conscientious objector. You can clearly see my objections. I have no qualm with any person, but only the government itself. I have read enough books and news to understand exactly what my objections come from and what is the cause. The problem is that government misappropriates power to certain few people who do not deserve it. The solution is to dissolve the government and all its functions immediately. Not to throw the baby out with the bathwater but rather to throw out the bathwater and leave the baby wholly intact.

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