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Creation Date: 2002-10-10
So I promised Page 5 two weeks and two days ago. It didn't show. But here it is. You are forgiven for doubting my resolve since I too doubt my resolve. Doing the math conservatively places finishing JF into the year 2004 or so. What might happen to speed it up? Hiring or getting a pro-bono artist. Learning how to produce a page every other day consitently. Figuring out something incredibly important about animation. Me getting a few thousand dollars. Quitting JF for a year to come back twice as strong a year from now. These things are all pretty unlikely. The producing a page every other day consistently will place JF into March 2003, but realistically in September 2003 at earliest since the modelling that has to be done between scenes is so hard. I have 25 scenes and just about all of them have a complex scenery. Some are extremely easy, some are extremely difficult. Scene 2, 5, and 6 are about the toughest of all, thankfully. Perhaps Scene 7-25 will be so easy and fast that it boosts my productivity beyond 3 per week. But not likely. I still have a bit of work to do on the Jav model and I need to make a half-decent city for Scene 6. If you're wondering, Scene 6 will come after Scene 1, Page 8. I may or may not do Scene 2 after Scene 6. We'll see. Scene 6 will be JF Final Draft. There will be no more JF Rought Draft (hooray!). Making Of JF will happen when I'm stuck for more than three days between one page and the next or one scene and the next. I love doing Making Of JF and I'm almost sad that I've stopped. But if I do more comic pages, it will be fine with me and fine with you I bet.

What is this scene about. If you don't understand, you should tell me how to make this more clear: Jav has beaten up two evil warehouse grunts (EWHGs or EGs). In this page, the tough guy with a wife-beater punches at Jav. Jav anticipates it, dodges, and punches him in the head in a matter of a fraction of a second. EG backs up unphased. Jav jumpkicks EG in the stomach, and he trips over the boxes behind him and hits the concrete below him, knocking him unconscious. Jav's emotions through it are carefully played out. It's important that Jav has emotion while he does this. A rational person does not attack people with guns without having emotions like anger, hate, fear, excitement, glee, malice, and greed. While JF is a defining stance on my moral beliefs, you have to wait to get my true opinion on Jav's actions. If you want to know, check out Scene 5 or my rants on any from Scene 2-5. It's a powerful message, I think and it's not exactly mainstream if you get what I mean. My own thought experiments led me to this conclusion and it has effected my life greatly.

The lesson of the day is how to go about contemplation. Most people do not deliberately do contemplation. Many people just think of something and decide to wonder for a while. When a new fad pulls them the other way, they forget what they were thinking about. In fact, many people avoid thinking deeply about certain things. It is useless drivel, many people think, to think about unanswerable questions. Well, there are a few parts to active contemplation. Scientists know this as the thought experiment. They go about it like any experiment, using the scientific method:
  1. Observe
  2. -- Notice some natural occurance.
  3. Hypothesis
  4. -- Make a generalized system that causes the occurance.
  5. Predict
  6. -- Using your hypothesis, predict the result that can be tested.
  7. Test
  8. -- Test in an experiment to see if your hypothesis works. If it works, continue to predict and test in various ways until it becomes law. If it does not work, create a new hypothesis.
So now you have a system for contemplation. Let's say you're wondering why people get angry with you for no reason. You observe people's behavior. You observe the circumstances leading up to the one-way anger. You come up with the first hypothesis: they are evil. You should predict that if they are evil, they will do bad things to everyone. You test by observing these people's behavior around other people. If they are evil people and are angry with everyone, you may have reason to believe that your hypothesis is true.. However, that is not always true. You must do more tests! It's also important to come up with other hypothesy. Could it be that these people are angry with a select bunch of people that you are witness to? Could they be not angry but rather assertive? But after you test many times, you say that these people are evil. But wait! You are not even close to finished. You forgot to answer the important question of motive. If you cannot reason why these people would do this, you don't have much of a case. Authors who have villians without motive sell childrens books. So why? Could they be raised that way? Are they genetically predestined to be angry? Are they living too close to a toxic waste dump that effects their intelligence? Is society too hard on these people? Is it part of a greater scheme to rob you of your individuality? Test this and you will have an educated answer. Thought experiments aren't always perfect. The one that I showed as an example is very commonly incorrectly done. It is usually done without proper testing, bias, and very bad results. Often asking others what you want to know will provide interesting conversation. However, if they do not use the scientific method, their opinion is nothing more than that. Don't trust statistics or so-called wisdom. Either can lie just as quickly as they are often mined statistics biased by the creator. Quotes from very smart people can be easily twisted (or spun) whichever way a devious person wants. Another word of advice: don't forget that the right question is half of the answer. Asking an unanswerable question is sometimes useful, but not always fruitful, while asking what an answerable question would be is often the best way to start to answer a rough question.

So I say think out those rough questions and you'll find find what you're looking for. If you don't like what you see, test it with the scientific method and see if the problem lies with you or it. One of my friends decided to drop science after getting a very rough degree in very hard science from an Ivy League school. She says that science is just one view. But as you can see, science is many viewpoints converging to define our natural environment. I tell her: if you don't like science, then disprove it with the scientific method. She will not, but she could if she wanted to. Of course, she'd be proving herself right and wrong in the same essay. Of course, science has proven some some very odd things. For example, a Roman physicist 'discovered' that all motion was an illusion. He simply did a thought experiment: a race between Achilles and a tortoise. The tortouise is 60 meters ahead of Achilles. Achilles is moving at 1 meters per second and the tortoise is moving at 0.5 meters per second. At t=1 minute, Achilles is where the the tortoise started, but the tortoise is 30 meters ahead. At t=1.5 minutes, Achilles is where the tortoise was, but the tortoise is 15 meters ahead. And so on each time, Achilles closing the distance by a factor of 2, but NEVER passing the tortoise! He submitted it to his colleagues and they tried to refute. The only argument that most of them could provide is that: "I've seen Achilles pass a tortoise!" But that is illusion. Achilles never passes the tortoise in this hypothesis. A smart Roman physicist figured it out as well as learning a bit of calculus (which was not invented for over a millenia afterward). He just thought of an infinite series and saw that it converged at an exact time. There's an easy non-calculus way of figuring this out. Achilles: x_a(t) = 0m + 1m/s*t = t; Tortoise: x_t(t) = 60m + 0.5m/s*t. So to find the t1 where x_a(t1)=x_t(t1), simply set them equal:
x_a(t1) == x_t(t1) t1 = 60 + 0.5*t1 0.5*t1 = 60 t1 = 60/0.5 t1 = 120 seconds = 2 minutes. Thus we can clearly see that motion is not illusion. In exactly 2 minutes, Achilles will overtake the tortoise. If the race is only 2 minutes long, Achilles had better speed up to win the race.

I have now given you two examples of thought experiments. Science is the way to go. And people on the other end of the spectrum who think that science is only books, it's too hard, and that everything is already known, take heart! Science is not the books! Books are where past discoveries go to be reused and often rediscovered. Science is on the brink of new discoveries everyday! It's important to know that physics along with many other sciences are in crisis right now. The lack of scientists is hurting production. There isn't enough competition, so the old incorrect ideas are still widespread. We need physicists to discover the true nature of gravity. We need astrophysicists to understand the problem of incorrecting aging of the universe. We need physicists to search for the possible fifth force. We need physicists to design an efficient, clean, safe, affordable fusion reactor. We're really in a bind, and we accept all types of good scientific thinkers, male and female, nerdy and cool, of all ethnic backgrounds, and topics. If you want money, physics is the easy money field. If you don't want money, physics is the perfect day, night, part-time, full-time, 20-160 hours per week job. If you want in, contact me!
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