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Creation Date: -0001-11-30
Page 3 like a son of a gun! Finale to Scene 2? It sure is! Hehehe. It's 2:17 AM Saturday night (technically Sunday) and Page 3 is done! Check the previous post for good stuff. Page 3 was pretty easy, just a bunch of dancing really. I need it because Scene 2 isn't finished without it and it gives me some time to use those Rave Kiddie models. I think that's about the most important part of the scene, really. No, really! I like those two female Rave Kiddie models better than the entire scene put together =). Hehehe. That reminds me, I should put a few hi-res pics of those girls up because they really deserve it. I worked hard on those two and they worked really well.

By the way, this scene was inspired by the rave scene. I'm actually listening to a wonderful rave mix on Digitally Imported on WinAmp Radio. It's very awesome. I don't go to raves here in Seattle because I'm so busy, but I'd like to start going to raves. If you're in the Seattle Rave scene, write me an e-mail.

Oh, I started to talk about the rapidly decaying Bill of Rights in the last page. Don't get too used to it. JF is a politically motivated manga. Javantea is an anarchist in a totalitarian world (in both 2001 and 2014). This will be a large topic for the first part of JF. I believe Scene 5 is when politics are put aside. That's just a few weeks away.

But then later on JF goes into sci-fi mode (in case you sci-fi fans are wondering). I myself am a huge fan of the manga Battle Angel Alita. I love the post-apocalyptic world that she lives in. It's so outrageous, but so similar to our current lives. We can't say we haven't seen the junkyard around our own towns (Spokane is more like the junkyard than the junkyard is). And Tiphares (Zalem) can really be connected to ourselves. For myself, Zalem is nanotechnology. I'm constantly striving for this world where materials are free, where a person could explore forever, where a person's imagination is boundless. I won't ruin it for those who haven't ready Battle Angel Alita, but Zalem is that dream that's moves so fast that we can't quite see it well enough. Whenever I think deep and hard about nanotechnology, I wonder if it's really what everything is headed towards. I can't say no but I cannot say yes. If you all would like a quick description of my arguments, I'd be happy to explain them. But then you'd have to use e-mail to contact me.
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