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Creation Date: 2001-11-06
My day off started at 5:30 PM. =P

I played Anarchy Online for a couple hours. They did a bit of storyline and then they crashed the servers. Hehehe. I haven't done much player vs. player combat and today I made my first five kills. I had some help from a better player on my side. Five more kills and I get the title "Freshman Javantea". Ten more gets me the title, "Apprentice" and so on. They are nerfing (nerf is the word for when they take away abilities) PvP combat next patch in a week or so, so I should get a huge boost. No one will kill me in three shots anymore. I'll have the highest damage output on the field. The only problem is that I'm not very well equipped. I don't play enough to get the connections that result in good equipment, but oh well. All I need is the freshman title so people will respect me more. Then I get more money, more respect, more chicks, more money... You get the picture. =)

My mom was telling me of what I was missing in Spokane: the bitter cold. I have a faint memory of how cold Spokane is. Not that I want to refresh that memory. It's pretty cold here in Seattle, though. Down to mid 40s.

My old boss asked in his last e-mail: When are you coming back to Spokane? It'd be great if you could spend a couple solid days working on fixing bugs. Oh yeah, I'm going to fly back to Spokane just to do work for him. I don't even work for him when I'm in Seattle, why would I spend valuable time working on his PoS project? My co-workers are getting paychecks without really doing anything. They're working in C++ which I'm sure will amount to nothing. The simple fact is that XML and C++ don't work together. Isn't that funny? I think it's hilarious. Any Visual Basic programmer sees the utter irony that XML is perfect for VB and awful for C++. If any C++ programmer wants to speak up about how wrong I am, please do so. I need a good laugh.

I got to thinking the other day, Spokane really isn't hell. It's just not my cup of tea. Josh (my good friend from middle school and high school) and Pete (my brother) can live there as long as they want and if they're both happy and productive (which I'm sure they will be), good for them. Really, Josh's argument for Spokane is really one of preserving life. He's afraid that Seattle would be the quick death of him. I'm afraid (and rightfully so) that Spokane would be the long cruel death of me. I like Seattle because there's so much to do, more than I'd ever consider doing. He likes Spokane because it has everything that he would ever consider doing and more. I want to work in science because it's a frontier that promises improvement upon the quality of life. He wants to work in psychology because doing it right improves quality of life directly. And a lot of our main arguments (like his belief that women are inferior in reasoning) are simply fights over how to explain phenomena.. He wants to say that women are just better in other things and that's good enough, but I say that women choose different things and there's no way to compare two ways of life that are morally neutral. And there's the whole thing about "Judge not, lest ye be judged." I'm not going to judge women when I see them all the time doing better in Physics than me. That's mainly just work ethic, but they say that work ethic is a great substitute for talent. I could use JF as an example of that, but of course, I don't quite see that happening here yet.

Okay, what about Scene 3? No intro, no terrain, two characters, very little conflict. Well, that's what you get after scene 2, I guess. If you want to see hot chicks dancing, check it out! But Scene 3 is about Javantea and his philosophy. People just love attacking Jav's philosophy especially when it benefits them to disagree. Oops, I just gave away the ending... Oh well, keep reading to see how I did. I call this the Dojo Discourse because as you'll see in page 2 or 3, this is Jav's Dojo and he's talking to his sensei (teacher). It is well known that a good fighting style is backed by a good philosophy and that is what sensei is trying to do. He doesn't want to teach Jav and other students how to disarm a person with an uzi if the person with the uzi has a reason for having an uzi, right? Think of disarming the person that is about to save your life with the weapon that you're disarming. Good idea, right? Well, us pacifists can say that, but not sensei. He's got a decent idea, but Jav has a thick skull. You have to have a micron of thickness per metric tonne of love, I always say.

And yes, there will be an outtro info caption. I just didn't think an intro would be prudent here. There's a lot of text and it doesn't quite fit without an intro. If I added an intro, it'd look really bad. How does everyone like the layout of JF? Nice? I hope it isn't too confusing. You can't always look at manga like an American, sometimes you have to read it backwards like a Japanese person. How far would you get in the real manga trying to read it American forwards? Hahah, good luck! I can just see it, a person says "< I wish life ran backwards instead of forwards so that I could have avoided that fateful car wreck.>" then he gets dumped by his girlfriend, hit by a car, and then he goes home from soccer ten minutes early. Hehehe... I crack me up sometimes. Of course that could have something to do with the fact that it's 1:48 AM on Monday night (aka Tuesday morning). I guess I'll go to sleep now.

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