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Creation Date: 2002-02-28
You were expecting maybe Santa Clause? Certainly not. This is the famed Scene 5 and it's almost all it is cracked up to be. The first page is pretty decent if I do say so myself. A little bit of a lesson for this. Even though this is not actually the Making Of section, I slept through last night's Making Of, so I hope you won't mind having Scene 5 and a lesson to that. I'm really only 5 hours behind. It's not like you'd have read it by now anyway. Anyway, I really had some big stuff going on. As you may remember, AS3DMD version 2 is not cooperating in the slightest. So I'm working with version 1 and it is nice yet primative and buggy. Not that version 2 is any better. The main bug that I fixed tonight is the alpha blending bug. You see, whenever I do Alpha blending, certain important objects (Jav, Shotty Guy, and Co) are hidden by it. The funny thing is that I can see the thing behind it. So it acts like a window to the soul of Jav. Hehehe. Not what I want. I looked at all the code and tried one thing after another. Finally I try messing with the order of rendering. I can't seem to figure it out when finally I make the connection, there are two frame objects. One is being rendered before the other. Guess which is being rendered first? The one with the transparent stuff. Do you understand the logic? If you render transparent stuff and then render stuff on top of it, the stuff on top won't show up at all. There's the z buffer and the alpha and no blending unless the blended is rendered after the unblended. Get it? Well, it's important. Just look at those beautiful shots! Jav's Shot Scattering Song blasts those shotgun pellets into the walls. I'm going to redo a few of those shots when I can get AS3DMD1 working again. It hasn't worked in over an hour. Thank goodness I got enough shots for Page 1 before its brain flew the coop. None of the skinned meshes are being loaded. The next few paragraphs are kinda tough to understand, but you'd do good to read it.

Excerpt from Javantea's "The Art of Peaceful Conflict":
A good philosophy on life is to not expect others to do things that you will not do. Not that there aren't many wide ranging exceptions, but I think that as a general rule for your own expectations should be at the point of yourself. If you are lazy, certainly you cannot expect more from your neighbor. An exception would be if you are broke, you might expect money from people even though you cannot give them money, however certainly you should expect to work as much as you are getting. It's the no free lunch principle there at work. However, you shouldn't let your own expectations slide as you see others. Of course you won't stop studying because you see other people not studying. They might not have as good a work ethic as you, but they have worked hard on networking skills thus they don't need work ethic. Say what you will about lack of work ethic, but if a person can get along without, good on them. But simply seeing others doesn't mean anything. You have no idea the thoughts that go on in other people's heads unless they post them on the internet. And even then, there are areas in their life which would amaze you. Another exception would be those who wish to harm you. If you are a pacifist, you have no intention to harm others. However, how can you be certain that your actions do not severely harm others? Indirectly harming others is a serious concern for real pacifists. Not only can we not harm others, but we must not allow harm to come to others. Helping those less fortunate expecting little or none from them is a preventive measure. Protecting your enemy from harm will justify in his/her mind that even though you are still an enemy, your purpose is clear.

Survival is indeed a fun game to play, but cursing other players because they don't do what you want is hardly prudent. I believe that the peaceful resolution of conflict requires one to go at least half way. Often, this strategy works. The problem is that if a person goes half way on something that they are absolutely morally opposed to, and so does the other party, the morals are lost as well as a peaceful resolution. Instead, go half way around. Use your morals to strengthen your own side to help your enemy. Natural tide destroys attackers and thus you will stand by defending and befriending. Certainly war is risky business. Destroying your opponent will likely destroy yourself in the process. Even allowing your opponent to be destroyed may prove fatal for yourself. Perhaps your opponent grows your food. Letting your dams flood his farms will starve yourself. Certainly that is not victory unless you are a barbarian who does not need to eat.

The following is a note I wrote to my ex-gf. She finally moved to Seattle with her Fiance and I'm trying to give her a bit of job advice and humerous commentary. If you're interested in that type of thing, read on:

If you keep putting in so many applications, you might just get one. But that isn't always a good thing. Just think of all the terrible places there are to work in Seattle... Not just the XXX stuff either. Coffee shops for the surviving dot com-ers (they're even more rude before they get their caffeine), assistant manager of inventory at a dollar store in South Seattle (packing away stock of icky plastic toys for minimum wage plus all the inventory you want), or government work. Oops, cross off gov't work. The state is in financial crisis, they aren't hiring. But anyway, see what I mean? Most jobs are not much more than paying the bills and most of those hardly do that (if you count medical, dental, and car insurance that you pay yourself).

I'd say look into college before you look into jobs. They have full ride scholarships for smart people like yourself at SCCC. It's probably less than five blocks away. It's fulfilling, it's easy, and it'll put more cash in your pocket sooner than any immediate job. You could even get a job at SCCC (maybe their cafeteria needs an experienced worker like yourself). Of course, I bet that they are under the same crunch as the rest of the State Gov't. You never know, though. But certainly you could get your AA for free in two years.

Not that I am going to force you to go if you don't want to or if you think it's too much hassle, but I think it ought to be the goal of every person to learn scientific books until they are content. This summer after I graduate, I'm going to read a whole lot of high-level books just to ensure that I don't give up that attitude. I'm going to get a job where I'm required to read book after book after book. I'm going to start projects that require me to learn things that I would never have known otherwise. Because books can only clear up info that is already known. A person doesn't have to reinvent the wheel, but when the time comes and the interest perks, you can do or invent something very cool.

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