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Creation Date: 2002-03-07
I deliver! But before I talk about it, see my friend Michael's video. It's thirty minutes long and compressed well to 36 MB split into three parts. Don't worry about slashdot effect. This server is backed by a dual OC-48 connection to the backbone of the internet. And anyways, these CSE majors need practice on how to handle a massive strike of dissent on their webservers. It's better to learn how to cope before it becomes a problem that costs you your cushy admin job, right?

The admins for the WEF learned the hard way. Their site got r0x0red by a javascript html page and a million people who hate their guts. Hehehe. That's my type of war. Computer admins of the ruling class getting r0x0red virtually. I'm an admin myself, so I know the futility of stopping hackers. The lesson for today is the three ways to prevent hacker attacks. The first is unplugging the system from the wall. The second is getting a system is so tough that it is mathematically impossible to break (PGP, random password with 3 strikes, etc). The third is being open, friendly, and helpful.

On my site, I require the third method for 100% of the stuff that is on my website. No hacker will attack my site because they do not want to. There's a billion NT and UNIX corporate and gov't boxes to r0x0r. If they want to deface my site, they should e-mail me and I'd be glad to save them some time. Indeed I am quite willing to give my site as a political platform for anyone who wants to. If you crack the UW system (that's almost at number two), you have my permission to deface the site until I next update it. The first one many people seem to think is a joke. Unplugging a system from the wall is the best way to prevent hackers. No exponentially decaying function can give a once in a lifetime error, no government can pass a law to put a loophole in your security (that's what they want for Steg and PGP). All you have to do is find a secure route. In person and in public is secure enough for the NSA, it's secure enough for me.

So what's up with JF? Well, I wanted an entire page for the switch from Floor 3 to Floor 2. I don't like squishing anymore, so I'm going to expand as much as I can. It doesn't take any extra work and it makes it look a bit better. You can clearly see that Jav runs away from Shotty Guy and Co, right? He jumps down the stairs and there he stands. Why is he just standing there? Look at the expression on his face. The reason why I don't show you what he's looking at is because I haven't modelled all those character yet. Cheap, but that's how it goes. If you look at the Making Of Page, you'll see that I'm pretty close. Prepare yourself for Page 3 in three days or so.

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