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Creation Date: 2002-08-23
Link to me if you would like. http://javantea.com/ is the main address. Verdana font is fine. Or use this nifty little standard size button.
GimpNEW! GNU Image Manipulation Program. Gimp is "Free" as in free speech.
MilkShape 3dOFFICIAL! the best 3d modeler, shareware, used to create all of JF models.
Ulitmate UnWrapNEW! awesome texture utility, used to create a few older newer texture maps. No longer freeware, now is shareware. ;_;
Pretty MagicHOT! biweekly web comic.
Penny Arcadedaily web comic.
Exploitation Now MWF web comic for mature* audiences.
Real LifeMWF web comic.
Megatokyodaily web comic.
Keen SpaceMy new free web comic host.
University of WashingtonMy university (fifth year Physics undergraduate).
Spokane Outdoorswebsite about nature in the inland northwest.
AltSci Conceptsmy company and network of websites.

*Mature is really a subjective word. Many 10-year-olds would do well to see R-rated movies made for mature audiences (see Starship Troopers, Javantea's Fate, Rash Magazine). Also, some material for mature audiences are so gruesome that no audience should see it, while they get no rating or censorship (ie. pr0n). Then, there's stuff that stuff for mature readers which is so silly that it's hardly worth mentioning that it's for mature readers, but you'd hate to see a kid's pupils growing to the size of watermelons looking at some of the stuff on EN.
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