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Creation Date: 2002-01-12
This was the first time I was ever far behind in JF. Scene 2. I decided to have a fan art instead of a page. But then I wondered if the fan art would be good enough. I thought: "These characters are really just half done and I haven't gotten the right animations for a decent looking fan art strip. Maybe I should just make it into an apology strip. I'll keep the reader's attention for two more days and I'll give them the real deal then." So I put it up and hoped it'd be okay. Well, nothing happened, so it didn't go over too badly. Anyway, you want to know what was going on when I was making these models. Well, it's pretty cool. I took two pictures of Tycho and Gabe over at Penny Arcade and make the models from scratch. They aren't bad, but they aren't perfected yet. I traced the eyes, mouth, eyebrows in Corel Draw and made a skin from that. It worked out far better than just using their actual pictures. I'm not sure why. Lesson One to be learned: when copying other's 2d work into 3d, redo the 2d work in 2d first.

Lesson Two to be learned: trace vertexes on a 2d portrait (side view) and then add depth. It works better mainly due to nose, cheek, and hair stuff. This could actually be used for 3d, but if it's an original character, it's better to get front and side view and take the liberties that you can with original work instead of a more rigid fan art conversion.

Follow Up: Tycho still hasn't gotten back to me about the fan art. Perhaps he's mad and just not talking to me or perhaps he's overwhelmed. We all get that way from time to time, I'm sure he's the same.

Original post:
Where is the first page of the second scene that was promised to viewers?! That's what I'd like to know.

Well, I slacked over the weekend and here I am at 1 AM on Monday writing something to excuse my laziness. I'll write more about my laziness after I finish this first page of the second scene.

As you can see, taking the place of Scene 2, Page 1 is almost fanart for Penny-Arcade. It's not quite because I wrote an apology instead of something meaningful like fanart should be, but it is because it uses their characters in my artistic methods, if you can call them that. I really like Penny-Arcade and I met Tycho and Gabe at NecroWombicon 2k1. Tycho lives a mile down the street from me, if you can believe that. But I guess you all want to see Scene 2, don't you? Lemme get at it then. If I can get some instant coffee into me, it'll be done by seven AM, and so will I for that matter. I don't take caffeine, asprin, Ibprofin, nicotine, or anything of that sort very well. I've stopped just about everything of that sort. I only use caffeine from time to time and the rest I've given up completely. Of course except when my brother tricks me into going to Tijuana. But that means that I get a get a caffeine high like no one else. You see, deprivation can create polarization. For example, a person who has never seen good anime may just blow off every anime as a cartoon and then when a friend forces them to watch it, they get in tune with the anime and find out that they truly love anime! It's a wonderful world, eh? No, that story is not about me, but it'd be cool if it was, right? I grew up loving cartoons. I watched them day in and day out. The next step in cartoons was just anime. But then I found out how good Japanese anime can really be. Tell me that Evangelion wasn't a masterpiece unrivaled by Hollywood. Tell me that Cowboy Bebop did not become it's own genre. Tell me that the Irresponsible Captain Tylor isn't the funniest thing even with subtitles. You cannot, I tell you.

But now I gotta work on Scene 2. "Instant Coffee and Green Tea are a dangerous mix."
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