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Creation Date: 2002-01-12
About this picture: It's not the continuation of the one I did the last two times because I thought this might be more interesting. This picture shows two shots of a new Jav. The first shot is with the mouth closed, the second is the mouth open. See? You'll probably appreciate it if you wonder why Jav doesn't move his lips when he talks in Scene 1-3. This uses a half-dozen bones, just 66 triangles and some good work. With some hair and a new body would be the new talking Javantea. You tell me that I'm lazy? I put a lot of work into that pretty mouth!

Original post:
Well, the WTO protest was a success. I missed last night's promised post because I was so tired after it, but since you didn't e-mail me, I won't give an apology.

The exact details are long and so I'll talk about it later when I have more time. E-mail me if you want to know.


By now you might be asking yourself, "Did JF devolve into a shameless self-promotion site?" Well, what site isn't? Hehehe. I'm still doing this just for the viewers. But the viewers might be employers, too. If you're a prospective employer looking for a talented physicist who can code and make 3d-models as seen on JF, please e-mail me to offer a job! I have a huge 3d art portfolio and a DirectX 8 and ASP coding portfolio. If you're just here for JF, wait for the next installment, which will be very soon. At least you don't have to buy JF from a Japanese import store and go online to get the English translation, like professional mangas. In a professional team, I would make JF better than normal professional mangas, I believe. That really makes me very happy to think that at age 20, I am producing near the level of professional on my own. It inspires me to want to become a professional manga artist in Japan. ^-^. Will draw manga in Japan for food! No really, if your Japanese manga company has some type of slavery deal, I'll sign with no hesitation. If you have a deal that doesn't include slavery, I'll be there before you can say "Hentai desu ka?". I'm learning Japanese very quickly.

Hard drive is now successfully reformatted. Win98 works, bluescreens twice a day, so I'm up to par. Hooray! However, my sound card won't work anymore. ;-; (/me cries real tears as he listens to CDs on an old-fashioned portable CD player.) What else? My EditPlus Registration RegCode was lost in the transition. How do I get it back? Hmmm, I remember leaving it in an e-mail somewhere on the web... What else? My friends at Computer Consulting, who have donated Visual Basic 6 to JF, have sent VB (and Visual C++!) and it hasn't arrived yet. Why? I assume that it's just a little friction in the system (as the Unions say). It'll get here in a few days and then AS3D will be back up and running. Until then, I gotta do stuff in MS3D and CorelDraw. Not exactly slowing me down at all, if you've seen the lack of actual pages added to JF since Nov. 25. It's due to a thousand different factors, none of which is my lack of love.
Errm, another update is that I changed a lot of web stuff. First off, the navigation system is redone. It now has little captions instead of ovals. I added in "Making Of" in yellow so that people will notice it and click it. If you're reading this, then I assume that it has worked. The "Making Of" section will be updated 7 days per week! Woot! That ought to send sparks flying! No one in their right mind promises a picture everyday, let alone deliver. But I promise that I will deliver unless I'm doing something more important. For example, I protested the WTO yesterday, so I can't be held responsible for a picture for yesterday. However, I haven't planned any more protesting for a while, so expect to come back soon and find a dozen new awesome pictures!
Secondly, the "Latest" button now goes to a page that uses a META redirect. That will allow me to transfer less data to get the newest JF up. It usually took a full half megabyte per new page, now it takes about 100 kB. I also changed the quote on the front page. I hope you like it, it won't be there for long, since a little change would do us all a lot of good.
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