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Creation Date: 2002-03-07
So the plan for tonight? If you're a smart, single, beautiful, young lady who has a liking for an optimistic physicists, the plan is to come over to 5050 7th Ave NE. ^_^ Else, you'll have to just listen up. I was being lazy with this. I didn't change the character model. I didn't change the grenade launcher. I just combined the two and gave it a new skin. What's so cool about that? Really nothing. It means that Scene 5, Page 2 and 3 are coming soon, but not tonight. Tomorrow would be a JF day, but there's a lecture on Nanorods at the UW tomorrow at 3 PM. Factor in sleeping in, training, talking with my housemate, and surfing the web and you'll likely see something like this tomorrow too. The lesson? Texture means a bunch to a secondary model. Just switch the texture and you have a second person. I feel bad saying it, but people are hardly unique. Tomorrow I'll prove that wrong, just watch.

I messed with the SUV model tonight, but not much. I'll show you the new model when I have the new skin. I want it to look like the BMW SUV. If you didn't know, I hate SUVs with a passion. An utter waste of resources.. Especially made by manufacturers who could do better. Toyota is good with trucks and sporty chick cars, not SUVs. BMW makes the world's finest pair of headlights, but that doesn't mean that you can put a fat arse on a good set of eyes and call it Britney Spears. Oh wait, yes you can... (Sorry Dave) But back to my point, cars are bad, SUVs are worse. Walk, ride a bike, ride a bus, or stay home.

libpng isn't working. I dunno why. That's why you high end people get to see the low-bandwidth pic. No, I'm not working you into the keenspace directory just yet. As soon as I can automate FTPing 100 files without my supervision. Currently, that's not happening. *shrug*

I just ripped a VHS for my neighbor downstairs. It's his public access program. It's thirty minutes long, 40 MB, 320x240, 15 fps, DivX 56 kbps, MP3 16 kbps, and it looks and sounds pretty good. I compressed the video in real-time using Video For Windows and post-compressed the sound with VirtualDub (one of the DVD ripping programs). Of course, there isn't much camera movement, so compression is pretty simple. But it proves the wonderful ability for my current system. I only dropped 20 frames out of 30*60*15. If I wanted to, I could boost the resolution to 640x480 for shorter higher quality segments. I'll post a 12 MB segment with the first good 7:46 of it soon at http://students.washington.edu/jvoss/exodus.htm. Then I can post it to http://www.indymedia.com/ My neighbor is really excited. He made the program back in 1998 and he really wants to get his voice heard and influence people to action.

But don't think that it was easy. My sweat, blood, and tears went into getting that video. I lost my audio cable so I had to buy one from Radio Shack. Then the WDM drivers wouldn't go. Then they wouldn't compress. Then they would but they wouldn't record. Then it would crash a bunch. You get the picture. The end fix was using the Msft's VFW Cap with the webcam VFW-WDM driver, and setting the source to nVidia and then setting the crossbar default to composite. Then it just flowed like nothing happened.

So, have you heard of the shadow government? It's not in the constitution, is it? Ensuring government under any circumstances. I have no idea why people aren't crying bloody murder. I have one hypothesis: a frog will resist being put into boiling water, but it will sit still in a pot of water with slowly increasing temperature. After Clinton, we can't shock anyone anymore. The president is a crook, the cops are murderers, the democracy is totalitarian, the heroes are evil, the villains are innocent, and the economy is ... err ... well.

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