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Creation Date: 2002-04-11
Uh, another one of those angles. Yes, this is the only angle that this model looks good from. No, this is not a perverted angle. I thought that it was a good angle because it does well to show the light. Light does good things when used right. Of course, MS3D only has one light that eminates from the camera. It's not very interesting and it makes for bad shots often. But what can a person do? It's just a model editor. We cannot expect too much from it. In fact, adding lights would be a hassle. But anyway, we can see that this angle gives a feeling of muscle and skeleton structure. It isn't perfect, but it's good for my purposes. I guess the lesson should be: look at your models from every angle. Some angles give away details that top, front, and side leave out.

A friend of mine told me that he likes what I'm doing here at JF. However, he finds the content bad. There's a lot of violence, a few swear words, and it's going to get much worse. Indeed, mothers if there ever was a thing so vile to keep your kids away from, it is JF. But my belief is that there is nothing so vile that it cannot be counteracted as much to say that it even reinforces good. What BS am I trying to peddle? Well, I'm saying that of all the media that I have encountered in my childhood, I find the only positively impactful ones are R-rated. So I am ensuring that anything I create will be similarly positively impactful on young people. Of course, it takes more than an R-rating to be a positive influence. It needs to allow the reader to come to a conclusion between right and wrong. JF will be completely polarized towards that. I haven't even touched on the subject yet, give me time. Oh, and for the case of young children, I don't suggest JF just because the point is too intellectual. I mean young as in under 10-years-old. If they can read JF Making Of, they're plenty old to read the comic and understand it.

JF blurs the lines between hero and villain. We all want to think that Jav is the hero, since he is the author, but the truth is that he is not.

We find that Jav is the villain in Scene 1. Jav does not announce to the warehouse grunts that he wishes to stop their activities. He assumes that they will offer resistance and he beats them up. Jav is a bully! In scene 1, I'd say he is the villain. But guess what? What do the police do? They see guns, drugs, prostitution, a speeding car, a sword, a kitchen knife, a wallet, and they shoot people to death (often innocent). In scene 1, Jav is the police.

It greys in Scene 2. Jav talks about freedom, rights, responsibility, and he ends up saving a life, temporarily. But how many young kids are lost because Jav allows them to take harmful drugs? No more than the UN loses with its war on drugs, but I say that is a huge loss. Just think of all the young women in jail now for drug abuse. If you ever look at the statistics, it's sickening. But what is the difference between being in jail and abusing a drug? About ten miles each Friday night.

In Scene 3, it is questioned. Sensei does a great thing telling Jav that the Gun Warehouse was a bad idea. Violence is the way of the weak. But that includes self-defense, doesn't it? Thus strong people are not allowed to defend themselves? Of course not. But they are obligated to defend their weak neighbors. And how? Well, Scenes 1-5 aren't going to tell you.

In scene 4, it greys a bit more. Jav's mural is cool, but not really a reason to skip sleep. It might help people walking by, but likely not.

Scene 5 shows us the cycle of violence that Jav started in Scene 1. I think that any work of fiction or non-fiction that includes one-way violence is uninformed or lying. I often hear about a war between a completely passive protagonist and a violent antagonist. I always dismiss this. The true story usually goes deeper. Not that everything is equal or fair. The victor of a war is decided by an inequality. Also, motivations are also important. A victor with ill intent is not fair, but we cannot expect justice at all times in the present. Where does Jav fit in this? He was a victor with good intent in Scene 1. Now he becomes the loser of Scene 5. Weaponry is the inequality that Jav faces in Scene 5.

I cannot tell you how the rest of JF will fair, but I can tell you that Jav's mama didn't raise a fool. It doesn't matter what kind of weaponry he is up against, Jav has the brains and the brawn.

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