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Creation Date: 2002-03-10
Below is a movie taken directly from the alpha version of AltSci3d Anime Producer. Pressing the R button started the movie at the compression I wanted. The scene played through and I moved the camera with the common WASD style controls. When the animation finished, I pressed the T button to end it. I closed the program and in my program directory was a 1 MB file called test.avi. I cropped it in Virtual Dub and here it is. This is the type of action that will be continuously seen throughout Javantea's Fate Anime in less than a year from now. It will be approximately two hours long and will cover the manga's content. I will sell it as a download, DVD, VHS, DivX on CD, and 3d medium. Are you impressed yet? As I said, it isn't ready for public consumption, but how long will it take when JF will not have to compete for time with my Physics degree? Secondly, check out this animation. I'm getting pretty good with MS3D aren't I? That model is very old (84 days old) and my newer models are much better (the Dojo Ambush perp models are 43 days old). What I'm trying to sell here is the idea that as I get better at this (which I am at a fast rate), the technology is in place so that it will be sweet.

Anyone with artistic or programming ability are welcome to help. Just e-mail me.

What else? Well, I'm doing research on smoke detectors for Physics 315. It's pretty interesting. I myself had left mine without a battery for months. Of course, I don't have anything that could cause a fire in here. Except my computer. Except my hot pot. Except my electric heater. Except my ancient alarm clock, except my multitude of wires, lightbulbs, etc. So after reading the statistics, I bought a 9 Volt battery and installed it. There's no reason that I should die just because my computer lights aflame spontaneously while I sleep. Of course, I turn it off when I'm not using it, but you get the idea. In a while, I should buy a fire extinguisher that doesn't harm sensitive computers. A fire would be very bad to AltSci. In fact, that reminds me to buy a fireproof safe to put a CD of JF and AltSci in. You see, fire is not something to be apathetic about. It's the most common natural disaster cause of death. The solution? Education, fire detectors on every floor of a home regularly checked, fire drills, and fireproof construction can all help. Insurance can save an owner from loss due to fire. Europe and Asia have tv and radio spots to warn people to prevent fire.

What else? Hmmm. I can't think of anything. Finals are coming up soon. That means that even though Page 3 is only a few hours away, it's not going to happen soon. I'm going to sign up for Drawing tomorrow. Not that I need to learn how to draw, but rather I need the 5 credits of VLPA to graduate. That'll make 21 credits. Then I need to find a physics research job or get credit for the work that I did last year. I should have gotten that done last year, but stupid me.

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