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Creation Date: 2002-03-12
Tonight's lesson is that of perseverance. When something is all wrong, you know it's not worth it to keep going. Your effort will all go for naught as long as you refuse to give up. You hate yourself, you hate everyone else. Your ideas turn to that of evil-doing and evil-doers. You think that it would be nice to drive a BMW even if you had to kill an innocent person to get it. But then a ray of hope enters your life and for a while you cannot think of anything but it. You attempt to regain control of yourself. Rays of hope rarely last. In fact, rays of hope are often evil in disguise. You regain your senses. Itching in your mind the the thought that maybe that the ray of hope was just a ray of sunshine, harmless, helpful, necessary, and beautiful beyond compare. Your senses mean less to you, but your effort continues. You are driven to perform. A small victory here, a small bit of effort spent, a small pleasure, a bit of pain, but where are you now? You're further than you were at the start of the paragraph, aren't you?

I'm doing better. I am going to credit it to healthy living and a Uwajimaya's spicy tofu chicken, vegetables, and rice combo without water. Tell me that it took stubbornness to not go look for water when I'm burning my entire mouth, nose, and head to a crisp. But it was a good burn. Not only did it leave my sense of pain and taste intact, it enhanced it a hundred fold. There goes my nasty cold. I think I still have to keep myself healthy, but it should be no problem.

I have a story to tell. It's fictional, but based on a true story. Ya, I have this friend James. We were good buddies back in college. We were driving around in his truck and I ask him about his job. He tells me he works at the West Central Community Center. He works with kids from this neighborhood nicknamed Felony Flats. Sweetness, he gets good pay to play with kids. It's not an easy job and it's distracting with school, but he gets through. His major trouble has been with parents of kids in his afterschool program. One kid is acting like a drug dealer and it's James' job to snuff out that attitude. There are no drug dealers in civilized society. Well, this kid spills the beans about his parents growing, selling, and smoking pot in their house. What is James supposed to do? Put this kid in a foster home? I forget what James ended up doing, but I'm sure he did the right thing whichever it was. Anyway, moving along, another kid always stays late after class. His mom always shows up late to pick him up. It's a problem for James because he doesn't get paid after hours and he has homework to do. So he confronts this awful mother. "Do you work? Is that why you can't pick up your son at the right time?" he asks her. She answers, "No, I'm on welfare, but I can't feed him and myself with it." James is curious to why. Children of families on welfare get free breakfast and lunch at school so that leaves dinner and a huge monthly check after that. He doesn't ask, but he assumes that it's drugs. James tries his best to help the woman and her kid. He decides to take them to cheap 24 hour breakfast place for dinner. My hometown is famous for them. Well, they eat and they discuss their ideas of urban studies. She knows from experience and he knows from what he learns at WCCC, his own poor life, and at college. He questions about drugs and she's resistant. She acts like drugs are the worst things in the world, but not by experience. What is her deal. Why can't she feed her kid and herself? Well, the night is over and James takes them home. Some odd circumstance leaves the kid in his room and the woman and James in his car. She strips naked. She wants to repay him for the meal. At this point, you would think, "Ecchi! Hentai!" But no. James keeps his calm. He knows how to deal with situations like these. He says that he doesn't want to have sex with her. By the way, he is not a robot. He is a Canadian, but not a loon or anything. He has certain morals. I admire him quite a lot. She doesn't get his drift. He allows her to put her clothes back on with dignity. He says that he just wants to see that her son, a very nice kid has what he needs to be a college student one day. At WCCC, his main goal is to teach the kids that they need to go to college. He wants to ensure that they aren't hindered. If a meal is what that kid needs, it'll come out of his paycheck. So she tells him the reason why she cannot feed her kid. "I can't cook a ham sandwich let alone a casserole. I got knocked up at 14 before my mom taught me how to cook and I ranaway when my parents told me to have an abortion. I went from shelter to shelter until I was old enough to get welfare. They serve really terrible food there and so I never thought about cooking. So I eat at restaurants for every meal and by the end of the month I can't afford rent and food." James is ashamed to live in a world where a woman older than me cannot cook as well as me. So the next night he teaches her how to cook Tuna Helper. By the next month, she's enrolled in college and has enough money to put into a savings account. The kid is better than ever. James has a sense of duty to help, but he does not give into his desires. If only James could do the same for every other parent/kid in America. If Tuna Helper could fix the world's problems, James would make quick work of North America and soon after Asia. Europe would give way and Africa would be a piece of cake.

There is no alternative to peace.
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