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Creation Date: 2002-03-14
If you keep checking for the latest JF, Scene 5, Page 3, You'll be unsurprised when you do go there and find something. Actually, if you check as often as you should, there's a bug in the UW Unix server that won't show it to you. The best way to check for JF is to type into your address bar: http://students.washington.edu/jvoss/javantea/latest.htm?random where random is a collection of numbers and characters that you haven't typed in before. I know, I know, nobody will ever do that, but that's what you get when you rely on others, right. Is that a question? Should I put a question mark at the end? But it's a rhetorical question. Ah, who cares... Wait, I've done it again! When will the madness stop. ^_^ Last one, I promise.

I downloaded the new libpng and zlib so now you can see JF Making Of in losslessly compressed images. I deleted my lossless copy of JF Scene 5, Page 2, but fear not, I have it saved as a text file for AltSci Manga Producer. All I have to do if burn a new image when VB starts working again. Hehehe. So what is this image and what is your free lesson of the day? This image is a continuation of the previous two. I added textures and a walking animation. You don't get to see the walking, but soon. Suppose that you skip Making Of JF for two weeks in protest. I'd do it myself if I weren't morally obligated. Well, all you'd have to do is click the picture link on the left called "Making Of". Then you get a page with a bunch of Making Of pictures. The VCR controls will navigate you back as far as you want to go. That is your access to all 108 Making Of pictures. Good idea, huh? Well that's how it goes for us thinker types, idea after idea. What is your lesson? Well, I'd say that it could be that texturing is easy. The problem with that is that learing to texture well is not easy. So instead, I'll let you in on something that I figured out. Say that you have an awful looking skeleton and mesh. You tell yourself: "I'm going to start over, this is not worth the bits it is printed on." Perhaps it looks like most of my pictures. It's impossible for you to read Making Of JF and not learn my style. So let's assume that you're doing okay and your work doesn't look like low poly Bob, but it certainly doesn't look like the Quake 3 Grunt. One thing that will help is texture. Put colors that you yourself would wear if you were that person. That won't solve it! Don't think that low-poly Bob will look good with his top half painted red and bottom half painted blue. It needs to have at least the slightest bit of texture detail. As you see mine, I give him a collar, shirt cuffs, buttons, zipper, pockets, belt, and stuff that is very important to clothing. Next, you can squish, pull, and push the vertexes out of the box shape. If you start with a sphere or a cylinder, you're already lost. Start with boxes or triangles. Nothing else will work unless you're looking for a tentacle beast or something. Anyway, remember this when you push, pull, and squish your vertices: human body curve like ovals with the ends chopped off. Anything to take that boxiness out. But no cylinders or spheres! The third thing is to put those joints in the right place. If your problem is triangles turning inside out at edges of joints, then I have your solution. Turning edges helps sometimes, but more important is to look at what is going wrong and fix it in the animator. If you armpit turns inside out, pull the arm away from the body. That'll fix it, but it also screws up the body. [BTW, that brings up a good point, never move any joint during animation. It makes the body non-realistic. For example, think of moving the elbow twenty feet out and then you get cartoony flexible bones.] Anyway, you've fixed it, right? But it's a temporary solution. In fact, remember it but delete it. Go into edit mode and extrapolate where the bone actually should be. It's mathematically possible, so the human mind should be able to do it in a matter of a second. Think like this: it works at angle one and position one, and at angle two and position two, so to make position two equal to position one, you have to change the position of the bone relative to the vertices that it moves. That's the best technical representation of it that I can explain right now. Anyway, you can see in the previous picture that the left leg joint has a sharp edge. It'd be cool if that looked like a realistic fold, but it doesn't. So I just put the joint where it ought to be in edit mode and now there's no sharp edge. So the lesson is: save those lesser models because one day you'll learn how to move those joints into the correct position to make an ueber model.

The following is a e-mail reply that I got from MSN Broadband Customer Support regarding an illegal, dangerous, and uninformed guerilla upgrade of my DSL modem by MSN. It proves to me that any hacker can take control of my computer and do whatever they wish. It also proves to me that any hacker can take control of any computer on the MSN network. Notice that I got this e-mail on March 13 when I submitted it on February 22. That's fast for the MSN support team. Notice that they say that their engineers are still working on it. Does this make sense to you? If someone shoots you in the foot, they don't say, "I've still working on keeping my trigger finger from twitching." They say, "I'm sorry, I'll pay the millions of dollars of business that you lost from me shooting you." Not MSN, they have a loose trigger finger that they can't fix. I say that we should forcefully disarm them. I write this to warn people NEVER under any circumstance associate yourself with MSN web service. Beyond their unprofessional business methods, their lies, their 6 month contracts, their constant connection problems, and their lack of value for the customer makes them by far the worst ISP that I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot in over a decade of more than one ISP per year. The only one that I have tried and has worked well is Earthlink Dial-Up. Earthlink DSL is whole other story. I can recommend looking for solid local ISPs at DSL Reports. You'll see there that they warn against MSN.

Hello Joel,

Thank you for contacting MSN Broadband Technical Support. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

We apologize for the inconvenience that you are experiencing.
We are aware of this issue and our engineers are working diligently to resolve it.
We suggest you to please try after sometime. We appreciate your patience.
Sumit G.
MSN Broadband Technical Support
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Subject: United States CS Windows 98 javantea 2/21/2002 12:04:26 PM

Question Description = Yesterday afternoon, my connection was down. As I tried to connect to DrudgeReport.com, IE6 redirected me to http://www.drudgereport.com/english/upgrade2.asp . It had MSN logo, MSN styles, and said "Setting Up Modem" for a title. I have a printscreen of it. It then redirected me to a couple other pages, the last of which I saved the html from. This page continued to try to load a page and told me to wait three minutes. I waited twenty minutes and then closed the page. The internet then worked. I received no explanation of this, I cannot find any information about it on your website. As far as I know, this is an attack by a hacker and my computer is infected with an unknown trojan virus. If you created this virus, then you are in full breech of the contract and your own privacy statement. Please contact me, or I will contact my lawyers at the EFF and ACLU. Your service has been by far the worst I have ever seen in my long internet history (and I have seen much) and this illegal action has pushed my patience over the edge.
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