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Creation Date: 2002-07-03
So, who is she? She's a new character. I'm going to need approximately 500 characters for JF, 150 of them original and the other 350 will be based on the first 150. So far I have about ten. Five of those are original and only one of them is at the professional level that I'm looking for in JF (the Rave Kiddie Model). So, what do I do? I make characters from scratch day after day after day. I draw them on my yellow pad, digitize them with my webcam, trace them with Corel Draw, finish them in Corel Draw, model them in MilkShape3d, and import them to AltSci3d Manga Director. Tough process? Heck no. It's fun as anything I can think of, really. That's why I'm doing this in my spare time. If I found soccer to be more fun than this, I'd surely be playing soccer.

Talking about soccer, let me get off topic for a moment. There was a machinima a while back done in the Quake engine called "Seal of Nehahra". That machinima had a large effect on me as a 3d-artist and I think that it's quite a masterpiece. Using the EXTREMELY limited medium of the Quake engine, they made something that was absolutely worth three hours of my time. The characters didn't move very well, the animations were amateur, the camera angles broke the rules, the voices were sometimes tough to distinguish. However, it was a wonderful movie. There was plot, character development, interesting stuff, and a bit of special effects. I might add that the voices (although sometimes tough to distinguish) were wonderfully made. I can't think of any better voice-overs done by a single person. Of course, I don't see too many voice-overs done by a single person. But one thing it had was a game of soccer. It was short and very ugly, but it made me think.
The truth is that it is extremely hard to make a game of soccer in 3d. Note the list of difficulties: motion capture can only capture one person at a time, keyframing takes too long, multiplayer is tough to direct, an editing engine would take years of trial and error. All these things together add up to insanity when you're trying to make an anime. A manga would be fine, but full-motion would be an undertaking that normal people do not do. But pushing the boundaries often results in huge advances. The addition of a game of soccer would allow the addition of a complex scripted/unscripted AI/player-driven action gun-fight sequence in a crowded downtown area. John Woo would be doing drama right now if he wasn't allowed to have action gun-fight sequences in his movies. Well, that's where 3d animators are at right now. We're stuck doing sci-fi dramas instead of sci-fi action films. That's the reason that I scrapped Half Life machinima for my own engine. I want to make that advance with AltSci3d that will allow John Woo's of the machinima world get their gun off. But Half Life has that, doesn't it? What about the Bruce Lee in all of us? We need to use our "Fists of Fury!" We need a soccer sequence that isn't entirely scripted (did I mention that Half-Life scripting sucks?). We need a gun sequence that isn't limited to game physics. We need a person to be able to jump into a moving car, grab the passenger's gun, shoot him with it (brain matter on the rear window), beat the driver to a pulp, jump out of the car before it bursts into flames and continue on in a crowded downtown scene. I can tell you that scene won't be in Scene 4 or 5, but it needs to be in some John Woo's Scene 4 or 5.

So there I go again with my ranting, you just want to hear about the girl. The skeleton on the right is a vector graphic image of what I drew on my yellow notepad. Do you see the blue bodyline? It goes from the neckline to the pelvis line. You can see I drew blue lines at 90 degrees and 45 degrees from the bodyline. What is special about that? Well, the 45 degree lines are where the girl's breasts are. You can see at the right the blue lines and where the breasts are. The don't look half bad, right? That's because 45 degrees from the bodyline, crossing at the neck give you decent looking breasts. Also, I added the crease in the clothing. Without the crease, it doesn't look half as good. With some drawings, you can extend the crease all the way across to assist shading, but I'm going to shade this in 3d, so no need to use that manga technique. What about those knees? Oh, don't tell Yukito Kishiro, I love Gunnm (aka Battle Angel Alita) so much, I gotta borrow those kneepads. So lesson 6 will be: Add silver kneepads for futuristic girl's clothing. What else? You deserve a second lesson for today, I bet. Well, lesson 7 is: a crazy girl has ungainly short red hair and hazel eyes with wavy eyebrows. It's really easy to say that a girl is crazy if she doesn't comb her short red hair. So if your character has that characteristic, go ahead. For contrast, a girl with well-combed short dark blue hair might seem slightly introverted if she's by herself in the picture. Remember, it's all about tricking your audience into thinking something. There are a thousand different combinations that will give different first impressions.

For example, some people said that the Battle Angel movie was discontinued due to Gally not being cute enough. Why is that? I find her to be extremely cute. But I can see their point. She's possibly a few hundred years old, not innocent at all, individual, a psycho-killer to boot, and has a few aspects that make her different from normal kawai-i anime girls in the physical level. But that doesn't take away from Gunnm being one of the best stories in the world, nor does it take away from the fact that I find Gally extremely cute.
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