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Creation Date: 2002-03-16
Tonight is a continuation of last night's work. Jav is not bald (yet) so I gave him a decent head of hair. You can't see it, but the back is tapered to the conservative style. That's what I'm probably going to do soon. You may remember me saying something about hair length being proportional to freedom. Well, hair length is also directly proportional to my ability to find a job and to be respected for a human being instead of just being a bum. I use the word bum to explain the terminology of those who dislike me for my hair length. You see? I can't get a job with long hair. What about women? Women with long hair can get a job, why can't I? Perhaps because I look like a drug user? I'm not. I have bags under my eyes, but that's because I've had them since sixth grade. What happened in sixth grade? FoxPro for DOS, DARE, my bike stolen and recovered via vigilante justice, Holmes Elementary, the threat of Middle School, and sleep deprivation that I have only increased over the years. So should I wear makeup? f* no. Should I shave, get a haircut and a real job? A "real" job is subjective, but the job part is true. I indeed need around $650 net income per month to survive. So that is why Jav has a tapered haircut. If you've seen a recent image of me*, I have bangs down to my chin and a beard a week old.

*Notice the quote at the link. I'm making a list of those type of quotes so that people know what to say when they say: "Remember the words of our hero, Javantea: [insert quote here]!". In all of my quotes, it must start with the word peace. Being a pacifist limits me to certain styles on the word, but it's all the same. Peace == Love == Humanity == Unity == Jesus == Beauty == Hateless. Some may argue with my definition of Jesus == Love, but let me prove it to you. First off, the Bible says so. The Bible has been scientifically proven to a factor close to or beyond that of the Law of Thermodynamics. Thus a scientist would be a hypocrite to believe in Thermodynamics and not the Bible. Secondly, John quotes Jesus saying a logical ethical truth that not even atheists can disagree with: "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." [John 15:13] Thus, by laying down his life to save us from sin, Jesus has greater love than any person. Also, if you agree that Peace == Love, you must believe that Jesus == Love, since Jesus is the Prince of Peace. To Christians, I say, "Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you."

Today was the forum on police brutality regarding Shawn Maxwell's murder by the Police of Seattle. I should have announced it here, but despite my ignorance, the turnout was great. The audience filled the large basement of University Baptist Church. I cannot give a good summary of what was said, but the witnesses (myself included) gave very solid testimonies. The stories were congruent, yet contained different info (such as the fact that we was kicked after he was shot the second time while on the ground dying). Also, speeches made by two family members of past victims were very well placed. One frightening part of that is that police have never seen justice in such cases of brutality, excessive force, and unlawful tactics. In hundreds of murders nationwide per year, almost none see justice. Most are the murder of completely innocent people (Diallo as a very well publicized one) yet no justice is ever seen. The police who murder innocent people patrol the streets today or live on pension checks.

The only way to stop this from happening in the future is to stop the police's attitude of shoot first, ask questions later. They are all too happy to murder an innocent person if they don't ever see justice. The police (being that they are supposed to uphold justice) ought to fear justice themselves. They are human after all, and that should stop them. Yet it does not. I believe that it is the job of the citizen to ensure that police fear the wrath of justice. Vigilante justice will achieve the opposite result. The inquest system is a joke. Protesting in the street angers the police, but does not make them fear. What do they fear? They fear losing their livelihood and going to jail. Put their livelihood in jeopardy and they will be afraid to shoot innocent people. Must I mention that police commit suicide more often than most other professions? They are indeed human and they will react to stimuli as humans.

That idea aside, the people of the neighborhood will be using a tactic mentioned above to promote general anger and depression in police. The official purpose is to put the police onto the defensive and will stop their attacks of the innocent Shawn Maxwell, may he rest in peace. We will be marching on Saturday, March 16, 2002 in U District Seattle from 50th and University Way and will march around the U District.

"Do you like Tom Petty? 'Listen, It don't really matter to me, baby, you believe what you wanna believe. You see, you don't have to live like a Refugee... It don't make no difference to me, everybody's got to fight to be free. You see, you don't have to live like a refugee. Baby you don't have to live like a refugee...' " "How about a bit of Cake? 'To me, coming from you, friend is a four letter word. End is the only part of the word that I heard. Call me morbid or absurd. But to me, coming from you, friend is a four letter word. ... When I go fishing for the words I am wishing you would say to me, I'm really only praying the words you'll soon be saying might betray the way you feel about me. But to me, coming from you, friend is a four letter word.' " Yesterday a colleague of mine wrote a rant about free publicity. Of course, that publicity was opposite to the truth. A serious article on a very serious topic linked to a web comic out of context so that it looked like the comic agreed with the argument. What was a person writing a serious article doing linking to an article? One could only wonder about the sanity of the author. The web comic artist was extremely set off by this and asked for the link to be removed. An underling of the original author took the link down, but then the link was put back up by the author and the author told the web comic artist: "Deep linking has been upheld as a legal practice in many Supreme Court lawsuits." To this, the web comic artist replied something to the extent of: "Legal? What the FUCK happened to common curteousy, you lame ass?!" So he got his revenge by linking that page that was linked to and sending it to yourethemannowdog.com, the most awful website in the universe. Who is worse? The person who upholds the right to free speech with a shotgun or a person who upholds truth with a shotgun? It is my belief that they equal in their evil actions. First off, the web comic artist is better in that he originally did nothing wrong. The mad linker made the mistake of linking to a bad resource and taking it out of context. The web comic did the right thing by asking to that it be removed. The author did the wrong thing by invoking his freedom of speech to tell lies. The web comic did the right thing by disallowing the lies to continue. However, no one deserves seeing yourethemannowdog.com. This is a pain worse than death. I suggest that you save your virgin eyes from this site. The real problem with the web comic's actions are that of retaliation to cause pain. As I have written many times, retaliation is unjustifiable. Ghandi quoted it quite well saying, "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind." Jesus said much to the same effect. What could the web comic artist do? Put the truth on the page instead of the misleading, out of context comic. The liar will be trapped in his own web of deceit and truth will prevail. If anyone linked to my comic out of context, I'd simply replace the out of context part with the opposite of what it says.

Might I say that this situation is extremely useful in other circumstances? Take for example a foreign army murdering our civilians. Mustn't we in turn murder their civilians? I say that we must not. We indeed must not murder their army, either. Bringing back the dead is done by our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Vengeance is not ours, either. Those who murder will find their own end. We must do our best to defend ourselves, but certainly not to take the life of our enemy. My solution is thus: destroy an attacker's livelihood. Note how half a million Iraqi children have died since sanctions have been put on Iraq. No, this is now what I mean. Killing an attacker's children indirectly is not righteous. Find who is actually attacking (certainly not the children), then find how to destroy their lives. It is not very hard. Then, when they are poorer and hungrier than the people they are attacking (or in the case of Iraq, far poorer than Saudi Arabia, the rich SOBs that they are, but that's a whole different story), you lend your hand to them and ask for their friendship. They take your food but not your friendship. When you are in trouble, they will be prosperous and they will help you. [Hidden plot-->] A quote from JF Scene 23 that explains this very well is: "Save that weasel, at all costs!" --Syndicate Leader
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