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Creation Date: 2002-03-17
This picture is different from a lot of the recent stuff. First off, it's made in Corel Draw. Secondly, it took about thirty minutes. Thirdly, it was rushed. Four is that it is a derivative of a work that I have on my walls. Five is that is possible that it either could or could not show up in Scene 5. So, why haven't I been using Corel Draw lately? Hmmm, well, it's usually good for making character skins. I really haven't been doing character skins lately. So I decided to get back into the rhythm. Not that it takes much time, but we all know what happens when you don't practice your mad skillz. Why did I rush it and only take thirty minutes? Well, I have two good reasons. The first is that I have four finals in the next three days. If I flunk any of them, I won't graduate college in June. Then I'll be fuxx0ring around this summer and next year trying to pass these easy classes (Physics Electromagnetics, Mathematical Methods of Physics, Modern Physics, and Applied Modern Physics). So the more I rush this shit, the less I'll rush my studying and the more work that I'll be able to do on JF this summer. Duh, the answer is clear. So why did I derive this from a picture that I have on my wall (specifically FFX's Titus)? Well, I was thinking that my Dojo Ambush people as well as Jav are all dressed far too warm for LA in the autumn. They are "businesspeople", but not Jav. Jav at least should wear t-shirts and shorts. So the picture on my wall of FFX's Titus looked like a good start. I took the concept of the long shorts with a symbol on it, hands on hips. I also emulated his hairstyle. *shrug* It's not technically a fan art, but it's a derivative. f(x) = d/dx( g(x) ). Yes, that is calculus. No, it is not even slightly related to art. Will this show up in Scene 5? I don't think so, but you never know. Sometimes I say "This is impossible," just to invigorate myself to try harder to make it possible.

You might notice that the JPG version is resampled to much smaller than the PNG and is very lossy but still the png file is smaller. That's just a result of having solid colors. PNGs can't do gradients worth jack. *sigh* Someone needs to make a format that losslessy does gradients with good compression. It can't be that hard! I wouldn't mind lossy as long as it could get close to lossless without being larger than PNG. JPG can't do that even with most pictures. DivX is just about the best thing that I can see for movies, but what about pictures? Also, if anyone can recommend a MNG editor, I'd be interested. I'd like to make the GUI of JF animated and I don't want to use GIF.

This rant, this picture, and a piece of fine chocolate cake is a reward for myself for doing such a bang up job on studying for my two finals tomorrow and Wednesday. I have two more on Wednesday, too, so I'm sure to reward myself gratuitously for the next three days. Then, when that's finished, I'm going to work on JF non-stop for a week and a half. Spring break is a joyous time when people have fun in the sun and hang out with friends. But up here in Seattle, we do it differently. If we go outside at all (a stark notion, indeed), we wear boots, flannels, corderoy pants, and beanies. There is no sun in this place of rain and grunge. Why do you think Starbucks is such a big factor of our society? We wouldn't ever wake up if it weren't for the smell of a strong pot of coffee brewing. Double-shot latte's are just barely enough to keep up working past 9 AM. If we took smoke breaks more often, it wouldn't be called work anymore, it'd be called "kids smoking outside businesses all day and getting paid for it". Note that cigarettes are stimulants that make the brain think that there is stuff happening when really there is not. I am actually not one of these people, but by the time that June comes around, no doubt you'll see me drinking an organic caffeinated chai tea in front of a computer screen in a tower in Seattle. That is why I urge all smart people who live in California never come up to Seattle, even on vacation, certainly not for school, definately not for residence!Goodness knows your driving alone will get you shot to death by our wonderful over-caffeinated, trigger-happy, violent, brutal, property mongers, aka Seattle Police Department.

So, what else am I going to jabber about?
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