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Creation Date: 2002-03-19
Skip to the next paragraph if you're not a primate. My plan... Hmmm, my plan is to give Jav a better body. But as you can see or may not see, it isn't working very well. I actually have a friend who looks like this. Chuck has a goofy smile, big eyes, and a head that looks like a watermelon on a toothpick! Hehehe. I remember he had a size 10 hat. Man alive, what honking cranium. Ah, what can a guy do? Well, if he's a 3d character like Jav #40, he can shrink his head, stretch is arms and legs, etc. But I tried that. It doesn't seem to work. I actually stretched it to the exact dimensions of Jav #34 who is seen in Scene 3-5. However, #40 doesn't have the lanky appearance that #34 does.

I must recommend that everyone who see this read "The Strawberry Statement: Notes of a College Revolutionary" by James Simon Kunen. It's also a movie, but I cannot recommend it, as I have not seen it. The book however, is amazing. The first fifty pages were a quick hour and a half read for me and explained the incident. The rest is just the aftermath. I read up to page 150 today. It takes place at Columbia University, New York, April 1967. He is a long-haired 19-year-old college student, but not a radical. From interested bystander/philosopher to philosopher/activist, he jumps quite quickly. During the Vietnam War, everything he writes about is geared towards the rational pacifist stance. I feel a connection between the author and myself, after participating in 1999 WTO riots at age 18. I myself quickly saw my ideologies challenged in the real world. Freedom to assemble and to call for redress of grivances (First Amendment, by the way) were stricken from the books for a few days. Back in 1967, students struck because of military control of scientific research as well as disallowing the right to assemble. What did they do? They took over the school for a week. Looking at the numbers, we see 2,500 students at Columbia, 1,000 struck. If that were to happen today, you would expect tear gas, rubber bullets, and if a dozen kids were killed, we get to hear the motto of fascists around the world: "They got what they asked for." But what happened there? The students took over the college and if the college were to expell half of the student population, the school would go broke.

Numbers. Let me tell you again, numbers. Capitalists will not move an inch unless anarchists give them numbers. If you give them a number like $100M damage to property, they'll send the National Guard. Do not delude yourself, capitalists are fascists. You give them a number of $20 per week per customer that they are going to lose and they'll choke. Note that they have millions of customers in the US. If each customer were to withhold their money from certain evil corportations for one month, we'd have a lot less evil corporations. For example, let's say people go to a bagel shop instead of McDonalds for two months. McDonalds makes around $5 per customer and let's say 5 million customers per day. Multiply by sixty days per month and you have a billion dollar loss. A billion dollar loss is equal to one tenth of McDonalds' entire worth. For one, stockholders would see this and immediately pull out their money. What we're left with is the company's ability to buy meat, buns, and fries plummet to that of what the owner has. Losing 10% of his money in two months and losing his stocks, the owner has as much money as you do. He ditches and the burgers don't get stocked at the local McDonalds. They can't sell, they can't stay alive. McDonalds has had what I will call "a symbolistic heart attack". Serving double Big Macs (which coincidentally have the same number of patties as your heart has valves) will destroy McDonalds, but it's not going to happen without people who go there now stopping going there. I don't even care if you go to Taco Bell. Go to Burger King, but they're next on the list. Anarchists are fighting a war that we seem to be lost in. We're fighting our own war against our enemy, but we don't see that it isn't hurting our enemy. Police cost far less than strikes and wide-range boycotts. To destroy our enemy, hit them where they hurt: their wallets.

As a pacifist, I must remember that it is my duty to ensure that people are not hurt by my action or inaction, no matter how destructive they are. I must ensure that police are not murdered in vengance when they outright execute innocent people in the street. I must ensure that capitalist employees are kept safe when their business' windows are smashed and the stores destroyed. I must ensure that people in foreign countries have plenty to eat when my country attacks them. But what about capitalists? Certainly I must find something constructive for them to do while their economy tumbles. You never know, maybe middle management wasn't their thing. They'll never know until you put a hammer or a rake in their hand and give them a work helmet, right? I believe that it is human's ability to adapt that makes us such a force to be reckoned with in this world. Capitalists understand adaptation. If they're real capitalists, anarchy should be their field day, but not the type of bloody War for Oil field day that they're having today.
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