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Creation Date: 2002-03-22
Today's lesson is: do not assume that your enemy does not have info that you can use to it's demise. In fact, your enemy is your best source of destruction of your enemy. That assumes that you have enemies. I have one enemy and I'll put his name here: Joel R. Voss. He is an evil, untrustworthy, unintelligent slacker and he is me. You might remember six days ago when I said that if I were to make a non-violent RPG, I would make the antagonist and protagonist be the player. It makes for a fun game if you give it an interesting plot. But back to destroying your enemy. I am often referred to as an enemy of the state. Sure I am innocent of any crime that is not protected by the Constitution, but I have trouble with authority. I dislike when some idiot says something stupid and people expect me to do what the idiot says. Take George W. Bush, he says that North Korea, Iran, etc are our enemy. They are not my enemy. As I said before, my only true enemy is myself and thus it exempts every country from my hate list. But when I say that North Korea has done nothing wrong, people expect me to take George W. Bush's advice. Fuck him! He doesn't mince words, I won't mince words. A second war with North Korea will end with the destruction of the US. Period. Note that we lost the first Korean War. Note that South Korea hates Bush for good reason. Note that the US will not survive the next dozen years without a war against the rest of the world. That is what Bush is proposing. He assumes that the military force of the US can attack indeed all of the world including America. Domestic threats are far worse than any foreign threats. So what is my plan to use this picture? This is a topo picture of downtown Seattle. It was created using dlvg32 Pro by the USGS, a government agency. The data was provided by GIS Data Depot, a free service. My home is pictured five blocks north of the I-5 Bridge. This map will be used to generate heightmaps for Javantea's Fate as well as for UAV: Rebel Rage.

UAV: Rebel Rage is a video game that I have been developing alongside Javantea's Fate. For every single scene of JF that I have, I have a level for UAV. Note warehouses, guns, hand-to-hand combat, raves, dojo with PCs and NPCs, armed combat, vandalism, and much more to come. UAV stands for Urban Assault Vehicle. No, not a Suburban. It'll be a small, home-built tank with a turret and a 100cc motorcycle engine or similar. It'll be as big as a go-kart with armor. It will occur in the near future and will be an action RPG structured around driving, hand-to-hand combat, armed combat, and story-based adventure. It will push anarchist ideals. The players will be anarchists. Their mission will be to liberate America by way of bankrupting the US Government and multinational corporations. From destroying the foundation of megatowers with your tank to bank robberies to beating up over-aggressive riot cops in a peaceful street protest. It will include dozens of cities in America that I will grab directly from USGS. The second version will be multi-player. That is what UAV:RR will be. It's the wet dream of a pacifist anarchist like myself to virtually liberate America using violence. If the AI is correctly done, it should be a trial run. Then we get to see if it'll work. We get to see the death toll, the national debt rise, the National Guard in the streets, the FBI breaking down your door, the CIA assasinating peaceful leaders of the anarchist community, and the President resigning after breaking the First Amendment for the last time.

Isn't that something to look forward to? Drudge Report goes like this: "The president resigned today after massive protests regarding his signing of the 'Protest Safety Restriction Act'. Five million people protested in the streets nationwide. The same Blac Bloc that was illegalized by this Law disarmed the National Guard forcibly at 6 AM yesterday morning. Our nation's fate now lies in the hands of the citizens who occupy it." When this president or the next or the next decides that the US has become anarchist by popular vote, he won't be able to do anything. Possessing less than half of the support of the nation is equivalent to death. We all see that regularly. A person with a sword at his side and a dozen police officers surrounding him does not have half of the support of the nation and thus I saw the result on February 18. As I said before I am innocent of any crime not protected by the Constitution and thus I have very slightly more than half of the support on the nation. I stay alive by that fact. But the question is this: will the president's approval drop before mine does? I think so. If I didn't, I would SHOW PLOT find a good spot in the Cascade Mountains to build a lean-to, just like Jav will do in Scene 7, two scenes away. How do you like that little script Show Plot thing? Nifty, huh?

The thing is that I'm certain that a violent revolution will not work. A violent revolution is conducted by violent people who will not want peace, order, or anarchy. Murder, destruction, thievery, and lying are things that my enemy does, not my friend. If you are friend of anarchy, you must know that well. Destroying a government building will do half of the job of repealing a law that taxes each person $5. A multi-million dollar building will be emptied without your $5 and your neighbor's. Take for example the $30 Car Tab Tax reduction. Many intelligent people opposed it because it would take money from roads, schools, and police and give it to rich car owners. The truth is that the single car tab tax took away X million dollars from the state government and gave it to car owners (most idiots, not including myself). I should be against this, shouldn't I? I am losing money, right? NO! I love this because it's stealing money from the state. The state is now overbudget. Exactly like the liberals said, it's stealing money from schools, police, and transportation, but mainly unneeded employees. Thank you car owners for taking that money that the State does not deserve. The other truth is that it's going to do what it promised and allow streets to come into disrepair. When the streets go into disrepair, car owners suffer. They will whine, but they should have given more than $30 for their car tabs, shouldn't they? When the streets get bad enough, more people will start riding the bus (like me). Then they're going to rue the fscking day that they voted for that tax break. Next time that there's a tax break for the rich coming up, vote for it. It'll destroy the government, corporations, and then the rich people themselves (who are protected from anarchists by the government and corporations, mind you).
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