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Creation Date: 2002-03-22
Ah, I probably shouldn't be showing you JF so far ahead. But I will anyway. I had the idea after rereading my Scene 7. It's such a good scene. I didn't think that that my idea would last overnight or even as long as it takes to mess with a model that much. So I put an hour into today's Making Of JF at 4 AM. Unusual? Only 22 hours early. I won't post it until tomorrow night so that everyone gets a chance to see yesterday's JF. I've started to notice, Making Of JF is too easy to do everynight. I rarely get an actual page JF done, but I probably wouldn't get much more if I didn't do Making Of JF. At least Making Of JF ensures that I'm always working on everything. Tonight's (aka tomorrow night's) lesson is that Corel can give you a good looking prototype before your brain forgets or your fingers unlearn the strokes of the mouse. And to answer your question: No, you're imagining sexual content in my literary battle against ambiguity. What about your other question? Well, the answer is yes, I do dislike the silly quality of this picture. It looks like a dwarf or something. Oh well, gimme a break. Life is a test, I flunk tests, but I get a B in the class anyway. If you think it's unfair, just explain to me why you don't write a few pages per night to your beloved fans.

Big news one the forefront: Javantea's Fate will be moving most of it's operations over to javantea.keenspace.com in the next few weeks. I got the OK from the admins to use the public_html over there. I messed with the code to make it work for keenspace also. The only visible differences will be: all JPGs and Advertisements. That means that currently only low-res pictures will be over there. Don't cry, though. Currently, I ensure that all actual JPG pages of the JF comic are high enough quality to read the text. And perhaps in the near future, I'll put high quality JPGs up in place of the PNGs. The second part of advertisements is no big deal. It's just a little bar at the top. It's not like you don't see it everywhere else. I just can't keep JF at UW anymore, you know? I'm graduating in June hopefully, so I need to have JF up somewhere and that somewhere is Keenspace which just happens to pay their bills with ads. My suggestion is to take the ads at face value. If they interest you, click away. If not, I'm not going to whine. If you're adimate about not seeing ads, join Keenspace Premium. Free hosting is free hosting until it isn't free anymore. Then a person heads over to the next free host.

After yesterday's explanation of UAV:RR, I remember that I forgot two things. The first is that I don't have a very good game yet. I don't have a very good comic yet, so the game is a ways off. As JF progresses, so will AS3D, and so will UAV:RR. The second part is that UAV:RR morphed into Easter Day 2002 Tank Race Tourneyment (ED2k2TRT) a year ago. Of course, it won't happen because there hasn't been one racer registered. However, if you want tanks, head over to EDTRT HQ. Then sign up and I'll update and set the date for 2003. JF Nav Version 3.2 is posted for your viewing pleasure. Notice the use of specular and different shades of cyan. Cyan and every color near it are my favorite colors if you didn't notice. It's hard to use for clothing, but when I can, I do. It also has more clear text. I like clear text. It uses just two tones instead of the dozen used by the current Nav Bar. E-mail me if you have a preference between the two or if you have a bone to pick with me. As for me, I've come to a concise answer for the police killing on February 18. As people who claim to be sane, we have a specific responsibility to other people, sane or not. For police officers, that responsibility is to preserve life. That responsibility was clearly not upheld by the two police officers involved. Thus, the decision made by the judge of the inquest will give a clear message to police whether that responsibilty exists anymore. If it does, these police officers will lose their badges. If it does not, the police force as a whole will become a terrorist organization of murderers and thieves. Thus, it will be the duty of citizens to disarm and jail them forcibly, such is the case with terrorists.

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