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Creation Date: 2002-03-24
Today's lesson is to stand your ground. Why? First off, you know that you're right. If you're right, your enemies will fall, run, or attack. Thus you will know that they are wrong. If your enemies attack, you have the defensive posture. Of course, if you're shot to death while standing still or lying on the ground twenty feet from twelve attackers, then you're fucked. Even then, I say that justice will see you through to heaven and your attackers to a terrible demise. I'll give you a few good examples. Today I was at the bus stop, running very late. I looked at the next stopping time: 7:02 and then at my watch: 7:04. Should I head three blocks east to another bus stop or should I wait? I'd say that I had equal chance of either good or bad outcome. I wait and in sixty seconds a bus drives up and picks me up. Standing my ground saved me from being very late. Another beneficial outcome today, citizens of the U District wanted to protest the murder of Shawn Maxwell. When they got to 50th and University Way, a police officer told them that they would have to walk on the sidewalk since they didn't have a permit. Instead of shouting obscenities at him and blocking the street (to be unjustly arrested and abused), a friend from Socialist Alternative told the police officer: The First Amendment is the only permit we need. By disallowing unplanned protests, the city is breaking the First Amendment. We will march in the streets no matter what you say or do. So the police officer talks to his colleagues and decides that they don't have the time, patience, or legal expertise to argue the intent of the founding father's in writing the First Amendment. He told them that a safer route guided by a police escort would be possible, taking only one lane of two lanes and blocking the Ave and Brooklyn instead of the Ave and Roosevelt. Roosevelt would have been more populated, but would be very unsafe since it's one way with few lights (and thus more evil traffic). The thirty protestors democratically agreed and we peacefully did our thing. We shouted the good old chants: "What do we want?! Justice! When do we want it?! Now! Why did cops have to kill?! An innocent black man, Shawn Maxwell?!" Many people were supportive. I'm sure that cars trapped in the protest weren't entirely happy, but they didn't make too much of a scene. One problem I had was a couple people scowling at us. One said, "Obviously, we need more police." Of course, I'll forgive them because they have no idea that an innocent man was murdered before my very eyes by people whose salaries I pay.

Notice that I'm holding back anger. When I saw police driving their motorcycle on the sidewalk or honking at protestors instead of politely asking for room, I became angry enough that I had to calm myself artificially. I apologise and hope that the people who I am displacing my anger onto will forgive me as I forgive them for their minor infraction versus my completely unreasonable and shameful thoughts. Often I hear people (including myself) say that justice will smite wrong-doers and place it far out of the correct context. Indeed, bad things naturally happen to bad people, but no human being has the right to inflict 'justice' on another unless that person wishes also to be judged in which case, he/she will receive the same 'justice'. This is a common Bible verse, but it applies to non-Christians as well by fact of logic.

I was thinking. Dangerous, I know, but if you listen to the rest, you might as well stay. There seems to be a large group of people who have views opposing mine. This is no big surprise. I assume that they feel that my view is as ludicrious as I feel that theirs is. But if we both agree to disagree, yet do not agree on what to do about the disagreement, we want to find out a solution on what to do about a disagreement such as this. Not an actual solution to what to do, but just what to do when two or more people have an argument. First off, violence is out of the question. I will not budge one inch on this. My opponents seem to have the hardest problem with this, since they believe that violence is the only solution and I am certain that it is not. Secondly, how will a victor be decided? Popular vote? A trial? An election? A beauracratic decision? Last person standing? I'd say that none of these are any good. Merit ought to weigh a victor. How is merit judged? Number of people killed or injured? Number of jobs lost? Number of dollars lost? What is a human live worth versus a dollar? What is a job lost versus a life? These are all tough questions. In high-school debate, each Lincoln-Douglas debator would give a Value and a Voting Criteria. The value of your argument and how the judge should decide between the two debators. A voting criteria could be safety (persons killed or injured would weigh highest) or self-actualization (quality of light would weigh highest). The debator would debate their value as well as their voting criteria. Sometimes the debators would be agree on the voting criteria which would make the judge's job easy in picking who upheld the criteria best. But often, the debators would have to go to Maslow's Hierarchy (which rarely works) and other philosopher's debates on which voting criteria ought to be used. Simply enough, a correct argument should win every unbiased debate of this form. Should is a subjective word, but I'll leave it at that. Given thousands of debates, it ought to be simple enough to figure out a correct argument. But two fascists debating freedom would be a biased debate, remember. Same with anarchists, socialists...

Garbage, "Push It" "I was angry when I met you, I think I'm angry still. We can try to talk it over if you say you'll help me out. Don't worry baby. No need to fight. Don't worry baby. We'll be alright. This is the noise that keeps me awake. My head explodes and my body aches. Push it. Make the beats go harder. Push it! Make the beats go harder. I'm sorry that I hurt you. Please don't ask me why. I want to see you happy. I want to see you shine. Don't worry baby. Don't be uptight. Don't worry baby. We'll stay up all night. This is the noise that keeps me awake. My head explodes and my body aches. Push it. Make the beats go harder. P-p-push it! Make the beats go harder. Come on push it, you can do it. Come on prove it, nothing to it. Come on use it, let's get through it. Come on push it, you can do it. Don't worry baby. Don't be uptight. Don't worry baby. We'll stay up all night. This is the noise that keeps me awake. My head explodes and my body aches. Push it. Make the beats go harder. Push it. Make the beats go harder. This is the noise that keeps me awake. My head explodes and my body aches. Don't worry baby, we'll be alright. Don't worry baby."

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