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Creation Date: 2001-12-03
About the Picture:
This picture doesn't get much of a lesson because you've seen it before. Where have you seen it before? You've seen bits and pieces here and there. A modified talking Jav head, a modified Rave Kiddie model, a simple new skin, and animation that you can't see in the pic went into this. What is lesson 7? Copy and paste. Sometimes it's tougher to copy and paste than it is to redo, but those times are far and few between. Copy and Paste, learn how to copy and paste better, make programs that copy and paste as their only function, copy and paste these programs into another program and do this until your 40 GB hard drive is full of these programs. Then you will have a correct model of the entire universe.

This character is pretty important to JF scene 3 and 5. Very soon, I'll have Page 2 and 3 of Scene 3 up. It should be a little more than you expected from Page 1. That's because I stopped Scene 3 when I saw where the plot was going. I want to make one part a little more pronounced and that's throwing everything off schedule. But wasting time here will make the intense Scene 5 much easier. Scene 5 will be intense, I ensure you that. Scene 6 will be much more intense than that. But you'll have to wait for it. Since I'm not promising a page every MWF anymore, Scene 5 and 6 may well be a month into Y2k2. However, I promise it will be worth the wait.

Perhaps while you wait, you can visualize whirrled peas. Or perhaps you can invent world peace in your living room. It's a nice thought, right? When wondering what a revolution takes, a person can really get lost in BS and cliche'. People say that a person can't start a revolution from their living room. I say that's baloney. Plenty of revolutions started in living rooms. Quite a few started in garages. I'm not just talking recently, I'm talking throughout history. Galileo proposed the non-earth-centric universe using a simple telescope. That was a revolution. Modern medicine wouldn't be where it is today if people still thought of sickness as a spirit. The inventor of the sewer is to thank for that revolution that ended the Black Plague. Now people believe that sickness is an atheistic demon, but at least they don't defecate in the streets as much anymore. ^-^ I could give you better examples, but that's not as productive as you writing down a list of what you want to do to the world. When the list is done, find a way to do each. But don't stop there. The next step is NOT, I repeat NOT to do it. If everyone did everything just because they wanted to, there wouldn't be a world left to revolutionize. For example, my friend Josh believes that the solution to the worlds problem is to nuke all humans. Not a good philosophy, I must say. If he were really influenced, he could do it. But thank goodness no one told him to go do it, he just might. No, what you do after you know what you can do is to evaluate each process against your own standards. For example, if you're going to eliminate cars to save the Earth, you must look at the process of doing that under your own standards. What do you want to do? Save the Earth. Noble, I am certain, but at what cost? Who are you saving the Earth for? Children? Animals? Human quality of life? If you're saving the Earth for human quality of life, you must think of the process of eliminating cars and it's effects on human quality of life. Giving up a little quality of life now for a lot of quality of life later is honorable, but it likely won't pass by the car owner's standards. But you don't care about them, it's revolution. Let me tell you that it is not a revolution if it doesn't happen. You've got to think of way to make the quality of life improve immediately. An alternative car that runs on electricity. But that doesn't stop their dependency on energy. What about telecommuting? People can sit in their PJ's all day long in bed for all their boss cares. That's a decent alternative. But not enough people do it. What about robots? Not enough of a substantial improvement in most places. But I can tell you now that there are a billion perfect revolutions and one of them is the revolution against car pollution. It will involve no protests, no politicians, and no long-term energy dependency. Think about it.

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