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Creation Date: 2002-04-11
As promised, I deliver a decent Making Of JF page also. If you haven't seen Scene 5, Page 4, I encourage you to. Coming to Making Of JF and not the actual JF is like watching a promo to an anime again and again never watching the series on Cartoon Network. Hehehe, of course dubbed vs subbed is a big deal, but would you suffer through an anime with bad dubbing? Sure. Anyway, you need a lesson, I betcha. Well, this picture is part of Scene 6 and might be a part of the last page of Scene 5. I have no idea what page that will be, but it's not Page 5. Scene 5 will be at least 6 pages long. Anyway, the lesson is that streets do not look like this. First off, there's usually more than one building per block. Secondly, if a building takes up an entire block, it has about eight windows across. My block has about ten houses. It's special, but suburbs have eight or so houses per block, but only two houses wide and an alley between the two rows. But urban life is very compact. There are tall brick hotels that are eight windows by six windows, offices have five by four or so. some blocks have 4 joined buildings with different levels for each. How does a person do this? Focus... Extrude, Copy, Add randomness, save every five minutes, save to a different model every once in a while, build procedurally, simplify, modify colors at the building level, and use different textures. Then reel at the fact that you can't run it at 20 frames per second at 640x480x32. Why not? The number one reason is triangles: you can only render so many triangles per video card. The second reason is that if you vary textures a lot (twenty 256x256 textures for 500 buildings), you'll run out of memory if you don't specifically guard against it. Also rendering many textures on a slow video card will slow the frames per second down. The solution? Ah, I thought you'd never ask: Continuous level of detail and mipmapping. Mipmapping is ready for Direct3D 8.0 and up. Go ahead and use that if you know the distance computation (not very hard). Then, you have to do two continuous level of detail tricks. The first, culling backfaces, is already in Direct3D 8.0 and up. That'll save half of your building faces. The second is quadtree. That is what I'd like to do. I can barely understand it now, but I want to implement it in AS3D Terrain Works 2.0 since it'll be vital to UAV:RR. What it does is: draw very detailed terrain that is close to you and draw undetailed terrain farther away from you. Adding portals would be cool, also. That means that when you enter a building, the terrain isn't rendered anymore. Then when you exit, the interior of the building isn't rendered.

One cool thing is that Anarchy Online uses both of these systems as well as a bunch more. When running, you can actually see the terrain getting more detailed from time to time. It's be nice if I couldn't notice, but I think that it's cool that they can make such a massive world using this technology. Their world really is beautiful. The terrain stretches hundreds of square kilometers and the cities are awesome. The characters are very detailed and they went the extra mile with the art. The only problem is that they overestimated their programmer's debugging skills. Sadly, memory leaks and TCP networking led to a lot of problems. Most all the problems are gone, but then so has the story that they promised. They have all this conflict going on and all anyone ever does about it is hunt monsters and PvP. I was thinking that I was buying a 10,000 hour long movie, but the l3wt hoarding is too much for me. I just can't play a game that doesn't involve characters that I can feel about. Everquest had that a bit. Of course, I had RL friends in EQ. Vertana was always there fighting along side me. We would do physics homework and then kill some rascally orcs or gnolls. I was the laughable bard that everyone picked on. I messed up constantly and I laughed at my mistakes. But in Anarchy Online, I'm this terrible Nanotech that kills poor Omnitek women and children for profit. I think that's the problem with AO. You have to kill women and children for profit. You also have to kill men, but that's almost as bad. Think of it, you're this Omnitek worker doing some menial task in your workplace and a rebel blasts you away. You try to defend yourself, but he says, "Omni scum! You'll pay for enslaving the clans!" But I didn't enslave any Atrox, I swear, on my honor. But think about clans: you're working in your little shop when a bunch of Omniteks burst in the door and say, "Rebel scum! You'll pay for blowing up that apartment complex!" But I didn't blow up any apartment complex, I swear, on my honor. Can't you see the irony that Funcom has shown you? You're fighting a war (the only difference between the people is that one is fighting for freedom while the other is fighting for a living) against people like yourself with the same wants and needs as you and you expect something. Well, you get something, don't you? You get experience and money. What happens when you get xp and creds? You move on. You continue on and on. Where's the little house in Lesser Faydark/Tir/Britain? I'll tell you, it's waiting for you five patches from now. But when you get that, you'll whine about the next thing that you want/need/lust after. A game that I'd truly enjoy would be one where the conflict is mild. No life threatening instances, no saving the world, no killing, no attacking. But then what? It's not my job to answer that. But I will anyway. I'd like to see an actual reality video game. I want to see my life played out for me. I want to see me graduating college, getting a job, travelling the world, writing books, doing hunger protests, and changing the world. But it wouldn't be the same if I didn't play the role of the video game. If you don't get it by now, I'm hinting at something. I'm hinting that I want to live my life, not a video game. From time to time, I like watching a movie, playing a video game, but it's not because I want someone else's life. It's because that movie, that video game becomes part of my life. Not Jav stealing cars, but rather me playing GTA. That is what video games are. "Substituting reality for a time" is a misprint, it's supposed to read "substituting a realistic games for time".

In JF Final, I'll probably make Scene 5 10-12. I'm planning JF Final to be about three times as long as JF Rough Draft. So the comic you're seeing here, JF Rough Draft is simply Making Of JF Final. So here, you see Making Of Making Of JF Final. I'm not very quick with my technique, am I? I started thinking that I'd be done with JF Final by April 1st back in September 1st when I officially started JF. Boy was I optimistic. I'm only 1/5 the way into JF. I've got a long way to go. But the good news is that the road is paved. Secondly, the year that I have spent on JF will make the next year of JF extremely easy on me, hopefully. Just doing Scene 5, Page 3 and 4 really made it clear to me that JF is easy stuff. I build a model, I draw ten skins, I animate each one, I import into AS3D Manga Producer, I direct the puppets around the 3d stage, I take screenshots, I paste them into a page, and there's another page of JF. The really hard part is keeping myself in good spirits. If I get into a mean streak or a self-destructive stage, I don't do any advancement of JF. It's been this way for the entire year. Since the day that I started AltSci3d Terrain Works, I've been up and down like a pogo stick. "Hooray, it works!" "Darn this, it won't work!" Back and forth everyday. Perhaps someone can help me, no? *shrug* E-mail me twice.

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