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Creation Date: 2002-04-01
If you don't want to hear what I have to say about real life, but would rather learn about this model, skip to the last paragraph.

Someone I do not know has a drug problem. I believe that it is either heroine or crack. While cleaning up leaves in my front steps, I found this needle. Luckily, I was scooping up leaves my dustpan instead of my hands. There was no needle tip, so there was no immediate danger to me, but I do not like to take unnecessary chances. I did not touch the needle with my hands at any time. I used the dustpan and dropped it onto a paper towel and when I was finished taking these photos, I put the paper towl back onto the dust pan and then dropped the towel and needle into a waste bag and put them into my garbage can. Enough about my encounter, let's talk about the user's encounter with this. He or she was likely an addict and probably lived in one of the cars that are eternally parked in front of my street. Why do they do drugs? It's a scientific fact that drugs do something that gives the user the illusion of positive attributes. No one would drink coffee if it didn't have the effect of waking a person up in the morning (or night). But why does this person choose an illegal substance that could potentially (some would say certainly) harm them seriously? I do not know, but I have heard that those drugs give a larger effect than coffee. In the short term, they get what they want but in the long term, they are harming themselves. Some would say that the person is simply a victim of society. I don't let people off the hook so easily. This person disregards known side-effects and starts themself on a bad road. Much like a person who smokes cigarettes after reading the Surgeon General's Warning. Remember that President Clinton declared that cigarettes are to be regarded as drugs. Even though a person over 18 can legally smoke them.

What I found out about cigarettes through my own experimentation is that the positive effects (stimulation, social inclusion) can easily be duplicated by the placebo effect. If you aren't aware, a placebo is a drug that does absolutely nothing yet uses the patient's mind to give a desired effect. Using air breathed deeply, I can stimulate my own nerves for a specific time interval. It wears off in approximately the same amount of time that a cigarette does. I simply go outside (much like a smoker does) and breathe deeply. I also use religion to influence my mood and state. I just tell myself, "Ah, Jesus loves me today!" For a time, I feel invincible. Anything that may seem bad just floats off my back. When I feel angry or frightened, I repeat the Jesus Prayer, "Lord Jesus Christ, Have mercy on me." Things that I could not handle before become easy. My temper subsides and I become a better person. Not that it works everytime, but there's always something good to balance any problems I have. On February 18, my world changed significantly when I saw the Police shoot a man to death. Who was there but the Lord and everyone He brought to comfort me.

I take a firm stance against all drugs that harm people. So, I respectfully ask that drug users and dealers stop abusing themselves and others. Might I appeal to your reason that you might save your own life and the life of your neighbors. I will attempt to do my part and help in any way that I can if you will be willing to stop harming yourself.

I also call to young people who are not against drugs. As a scientist, I cannot tell you that something is fact without personal evidence to it. I will not tell you that drugs are bad since I have no evidence. I also have no evidence that the Earth is round. If I had two wells three hundred miles apart, I could check. Or perhaps I could fly a plane west and end up in the east. But I rely on others to tell me that the world is round. That is what I suggest in the case of drugs. One can easily see that people who use drugs has less value in their lives than if they did not use drugs. A person can easily substitute having fun for drugs and live a happy life. Going to a dance club and drinking soda or even water can give a much better effect than any drug. That I will encourage you to do. The music is great, dancing is fun, and the people are wonderful. From now on, I'll take the quote from a Brazilian art website scrolling title: "NO DRUGS!!!"

Call that a rough draft of my appeal to drug users. Sadly, I do not hope to convert any drug user with that statement, but perhaps this will help me understand what will help and what will not help.

It's safe to read the lesson now. Today's picture is DA11, the eleventh mass-produced Dojo Ambush model. This guy is blocking a high flying kick by yours truly. Of course, you know that no one ever blocks anything that Jav throws. He only throws the most effective punch, kick combo to disarm his enemies in the least violent way*. I didn't do much that I didn't do last night. I like this guy's big eyes; they're like a girl's mongo eyes. But he uses them well. The mouth is good. I like the lack of line. It works well. It even looks curvy and painted metallic even though it isn't. Today's lesson is to make at least a dozen skins per mesh. Meshes are hard to do, skins are not. If you want to make a mesh per skin, just think of multiple skins as a mix and match. You have 12 skins and 12 meshes, interchange them until all the meshes look good. I'd just say get a few good skins and changes them slightly for each original character. Give them attributes like: long face, pot belly, large ears, taller, shorter, big forehead, and/or big nose. It really gives you a standard that works evertime and doesn't get monotonous if you just do it right. People next to each other cannot be the same height, people cannot wear the same clothes, and people don't do the same animations ever.

*As I said, Jav is merciful to these guys. He knows that they're salarymen; they do their job, they lose, there's no reason to kick them when they're down. If a guy is going to fire an uzi at Jav, Jav is going to kick them in the gut to disable him long enough for Jav to get out of range of the Uzi. Note that an Uzi has very small range. In target shooting, it's practically impossible to get a grouping of larger than four in the target from 40 meters. Three bullets might kill a person with low hitpoints, but we're not target shooting, are we? This is a target moving at great speed who is trained in dodging bullets (don't ask how) and has more hitpoints than Godzilla. Yes, Jav at age 35 will be made of steel, figuratively. Not to mention that Jav's super clothes can resist projectiles of a low velocity (such as shotgun, grenades, and even uzis at non-point-blank ranges). So you expect Jav to bust some arses in the rest of Scene 5. Sadly, Scene 6 will involve no arse kicking. Actually, JF is going to be fairly peaceful after Scene 6 for many, many scenes.

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