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Creation Date: 2002-04-03
Greetings fellow human beans. Today will be short and sweet with a little bit of fun at the end for good measure. This new body is based on muscles, the previously discovered joint system, and simplicity. I was hoping to make it so that it would look good at all angles during animation, especially the shoulder joint. I didn't get it perfect, but it seems to be a small step towards a better model. I now know what will not work. Perhaps there's a mathematical or qualitative reason why no matter the skeleton, my skin will crumple. That would suck, but it seems logical. So my plan was to just make curvy muscles and detatch each body part from each other so that they can move independently. I'm almost certain that is the way to go. It adds an extra 8 triangles or so, but it's worth it. Whenever Jav's arms are at his sides, they become thin as squished taffy. Not cool. So this model rectifies that so that the bicep, the forearm, etc never have less volume than any other time. The only squished triangles are the flesh around the joint. That's fine as long as it doesn't fold the faces like it's doing every so slightly in this model. There's one temp fix to that and that is to restrict joint movement. But then your characters can't have his/her arms at his/her sides... My temp fix and lesson for you is to move the verts, move the joints, test, retry. If it doesn't work, that just means that your geometry isn't correct, so correct your geometry until it works.

However, I know that professional modellers get good looking models at high polygons and low polygons, large skeletons and smaller skeletons without the problems that I'm having. So I have hope from that knowledge. I'm always happy when I see a video game with something close to what I want to do. Freedom Force is such a game. I downloaded the demo and played it a few times. The cartoon style is great. The city is really good. The destructable town is more than I could have hoped for. The combat system is not very easy (stray clicks are unforgiving) and becomes turn-based depending on if you want to die or not. Controlling all four members is not only ugly and not fun, but it tries to be turn based and real-time at the same time. It doesn't work. But the scenery is great and the cheezy comic book style makes for better stories than I've seen for years.

If you have IE 4+ or NS 4+, you should see a rotating 3d model below. It uses JScript and a bunch of hidden images that are unhidden sequentially. It's 178 kB and it's 8 bit per pixel losslessy compressed with PNG. Why didn't I just make an animated GIF? One: I don't use GIFs since they are copyrighted by Unisys. Two: controlling the animation with script allows me to reuse pictures for next to free. I'm planning on a little JScript code that will allow me to input: "1,200;2,1100;3,500;4,600;5,20000;3,200;4,200;3,200;" And that would display five pictures for Tn milliseconds. Then, I could allow the user to control it. I could make a web-based 2d graphical/text RPG. Cool, huh? I think it's cool anyway.
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