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Creation Date: 2002-04-11
My eyes are swollen shut as I write this, so bear with any mistakes I make. I've slept twenty hours in the past four days and I'm genuinely tired. This picture was made somehow with minimal use of my eyes. Have you ever tried something different like that? My lesson for today is to try something new. In English Comp 101 at SFCC, my professor, Barbara Williamson had us write a journal every day. It became the template for Making Of JF rants if you didn't guess. One of those journals I will reproduce here now. I didn't date it, but I dated the second journal as 09/18/97. Add 43 days and you get November 17, 1997 or so. If you want to read more, I digitized a few of the topical ones in the index of my old personal website. Beware that all the info is very out of date. If you want recent personal info, JF is the only place to go.

Journal 45: Write about somewhere else
Here I sit in a squeaky chair. I've written here before, but today I will write differently. I will attempt to write while walking all around this library, full of interesting things and people. I get up and push my chair in. To the left, there are bookshelves, two people talking loudly and incoherently. I start to walk forward. I stop at the railing. Directly below me, sit people at computers. To my forward right, there is an art gallery. My friend, James says it's on of the best in Spokane. I look around. I decide to head back the way I came. Taking a left, I see a quiet place, just a hallway. I go down the stairs very carefully. I decide to go to the lower level of the library. Large shelves, 8 feet high filled with old books line my left. I go to the right where large cabinets hold information on microfiche. I turn around toward teh bookshelves. People... OOF! I trip over a stool! Anyway People work between the shelves on desks. I walk around a bit and then rest my very tired hand and look out the window towards the Communications building. A group of people talk in front of the door. I know one of them. Demitri. He was a debater and judge for CV high, the last two years. He judged me twice. Both times he gave teh ballot to the very prepared, thought out, maniacal idiot that I was pitted up against! I now ask, "What kind of grades is he getting? What tough classes is he taking? Huh? Where is he going in a year and a quarter? Yeah, I know." Then I stop thinking, not exactly. I get up. I walk. Up the stairs I go, Turn, turn, and sit where I began.

On an entirely different note: I was thinking just a bit back about something. What I need, to better and more efficiently live my life, is something. In order to do more I need a thing and a method. That's pretty broad, I know, but think of it. This summer I am going to do a while bunch of experiments on myself. These experiments will use many controls and one variable, as experiments must have. Unless, you are really good at deciphering meaning, then you know little of what I am going to do. What I'm going to do is for a week at a time, I will try different tye foods, sleep times (during day), amounts of sleep, food, and exercise and see which is the best for me. That prograam that I choose from that may or will result in my permanent habits from then on, as I am not happy with my current system. I'LL KEEP IT POSTED ON MY SITE. http://www.spokaneoutdoors.com/joel/

You see how I acted and wrote back then? Notice anything? I haven't changed a bit in three years, I've just made myself more active.. Spokaneoutdoors.com/joel is long since gone (the archive is here) and so is it's predecessor altsci.com/, but javantea.com is so much cooler, don't you agree? I have a whole bunch of journals and lit papers that I'd like to post sometime. The lit papers are already in .doc format, so I can post them as soon as I feel like it. The journals are all hand written, so I'd have to digitize them. That's no problem, though. They're all back from when I was 16 and 17 years old at Spokane Falls Community College. In case you're wondering, I was part of the Running Start Program of Washington and got my Associate of Arts Degree ten days after I recieved my high school diploma. It literally saved me from the evil high school and a horrible death there, so I'm grateful. It's also gave me the opportunity to graduate from college one year early, but my study habits and my lack of understand of the college system will keep me from doing that.

I hope you understand what I'm talking about. My idea of writing while walking was simple, yet pretty original since it's pretty hard to do. Seeing the handwriting, you'd see the reason why people don't write and walk normally, but compared to my normal handwriting, you wouldn't tell the difference. Actually, it's pretty cool since I thought up that method of writing and walking during my 4x bicycle trip to Coeur d' Alene. I couldn't stop at every single crossroad to write it down and I certainly couldn't write down everything, so I simply used bread ties to tie the yellow notepad to my handlebars. One would say that writing and riding a bike at fifteen miles per hour is dangerous, but I only had one accident caused by it. I'll tell you now that getting caught in a rut is bad stuff. I broke my pen tip off, I scraped up my arms, I messed up myself and my bike. Duh, smart people keep their eyes on the road. You can focus on the road and write at the same time. Which makes a person think: can a person type and ride a bike at the same time? I bet they could. Then the person could use a cell phone and 9600 kbps modem to upload it to a website when they are in cellular range. Not that I'm going to ride my bike for any extended time anymore. Sadly, a reckless VW Jetta destroyed my ability to ride a bike with confidence two years back. My bike rots locked to my house with two flat tires.

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