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Creation Date: 2002-04-05
These two images are the product of simple calculations from two images. The effect that it's supposed to prouce is shadow effect. Not a shadow, shadow, but rather the effect of ghosting when a person is moving very fast. It doesn't happen in real life very often (especially on semi-stationary objects such as a martial artist), but the effect is supposed to do something for the comic. My comic is lacking in the effects and motion departments so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. The photo on the left is (A-B)+A and the photo on the right is (A-B)+B. You might think that A-B+B = A, but obviously it's not a true system of addition and subtraction. A-B is the subtraction of the two root images. Then adding A or B, I get the two shown above. I like the effect myself. The tones that make up the shadow look like water or fog or a ghost. The coloring of the shadow's hands is interesting to me also. The beige is mainly yellow which is made of green and red. The background is a light blue with a bit of green. What do you get when you mix them? Greenish goop. The shadow's eyes are interesting also. It's red, but it goes behind the eyebrows on the right. On the left, it shades the white eyes a bit. I think it's a nice touch. My lesson to you is to use those image calcuations in your paint program. If you know what to do, you should be able to do it easily. If you know what you want, you can always look at the preview window. Don't confuse my advice to mean that you should use the effects. Blur, sharpen, emboss, edge find, etc are all worthless for the most part. Anything that can be done with those tools will destroy an image and will require far more extra work than just doing it in 1600% zoom mode.

I was thinking today with advice from my advisor. Since I don't have money for next year, I only have to pay for the credits that I take. If I only need EM1 to graduate, I take 3 credits and it'll cost me $300 theoretically. I can keep my job and it'll be fine. It doesn't make exact sense to me, but I'll go with it if they say so. So I will work my arse off this quarter, get a job over the summer to pay for housing and I'll save $300 to get my diploma. But wait, I got a D in 227. 227 will be another $300 and it isn't offered in the Fall, only the winter and spring. I could take it now, but that would be an extra 3 credits. Good gosh, right? If I can fix that grade, it'll work, but it's unlikely.

So what am I proposing? Something worse than staying in college which I am terribly opposed to. Staying in college far longer than I have to, not graduating even close to on time, and working frantically in a job that will likely not pay off my debts. Freedom floats farther and father away. That's my real goal. I want to be able to move to Japan on the Fourth of April 2003, not 2033. Not that I actually am going to move to Japan, but the freedom that it entails is what I want. This fucked up loan, my terrible job at FPX, this lack of a degree, this MSN contract that sends me a bill whenever they want for any amount of money, this hotmail account that doesn't work at all, this browser that doesn't work, the viruses that MSN sends me without warning, a way out, or an explaination, this government that charges me Social Security Tax that I will never get back, the police who murder people because the Chief of Police lies to covers their asses, the police who brutalize protestors who lawfully and peacefully take to the streets to protest police brutality, the police who enforce laws that have no reason. You see the pattern? There's some things that I really don't like about certain aspects of the world I live in. They all have to do with freedom and responsibility; all the things that I have problems with are simple examples of a major breech in both.

Oh, I have a question. I got this credit card in the mail. It has a $3000 credit line and I can get cash from ATMs and can write checks using it. It's a Mastercard and has a limited rate of 1.7%, and a contract rate of 12.99%. It might come in handy, but do I really need another credit card? My other one is $1000 limit (they raised it after that terrible fiasco about telling me that it was raised and then charging me $50 for putting $520 on it) and I can't get cash from ATMs and checks, plus it's VISA. I'm not going to use it even if I'm starving to death, so.... Should I call the # and activate it, or call the number and burn it in protest, or leave it next to my monitor until the end of time?

I have thirty more pages to read tonight for that American History class. The thirty pages that I've already read were quite interesting. It explained how the murder of William Moore. He was a white anti-racist postman who made a one man march from Tennessee to Mississippi to show that racism isn't that bad and was killed. The murderer was found and set free. Moore made a huge difference in the author's life and many other people's lives. I found it interesting to note that immediately afterwards, a group of six whites and six blacks took up the march and were arrested for disturbing peace. Then another group did the same and were arrested after being chased by an unruly mob of racists for miles. Then the black community held a vigil for Moore and the head speaker was murdered. The murderer was found and released. Then, protests sprung up around the nation. Guess who was a part of that? The author at age 16. And now you know the rest of the story. Well, maybe not. The first chapter is all about how the government has systematically destroyed black communities and to this day is still on a downward slope in every respect. For example the Federal Housing Agency was created to help blacks get financing for homes. It made loans very cheap for "everyone". It ended up disqualifying nearly every black person because they were not "economically viable". Of course, white families who had the same history got loans. Why? I'll give you a guess. The FHA moved poor white people out of the city and into the suburbs. The author does go a bit too far assuming that white people must concede their job unjustly to help black people when white people rarely concede their job to help white people. It is not racist to be a greedy person, but one must admit that greed is morally wrong. But deeper, it's not the bank's job to give out loans fairly, it's a bank's job to make money. If racism cost them money, they would change in a second. Am I wrong? The author also blames neoconservatist politics for much of the problems. The truth is that there is no difference when liberals are in office. The FHA was passed by liberals, right? Clinton did worse for the minorities than Reagan. From time to time, the author talks about liberal selfishness, but I haven't the slightest what he's talking about. It must be an inside joke.

I propose a solution to racism in the United States: make racism extremely expensive, far more expensive than any possible benefits given to any possible person. Such a system was proposed by the black community of Seattle recently. They made a list of demands to be met by the City of Seattle, especially the Police Department. They took it to them and the City has not met a single demand. (Duh.) So the community leader made a list of businesses where people shop. He had a bunch of people who shop at the businesses sign it and promise to boycot the businesses until the business signs on to the demands. Then he goes to the business and shows the list. If the business owner signs it, they promise to also boycott the list and back the community in every way possible. If the business owner does not sign it, they will be boycotted by the community until they do. Then, when the community leader goes back to the City of Seattle, he'll have a list of businesses that will not serve police until the list of demands are met. Remember those signs that say, "We reserve the right to refuse service to any customer." Think of a policeman walking into a donut shop and being forced out. I would pay a thousand dollars cash to see that. I'd record it with a thousand dollar video camera and put it on continous loop on my computer until I laugh so hard that my sides cave in. I suffer when I see people suffer, but right now I'd suffer just to see such an event. But wait, there's a way out for these police officers. If they sign on to the demands and promise not to fire their gun, pepper spray, club, foot, or fist under ANY circumstance including death as well as to show up sick on certain days, and go easy on protestors, they will be served (possibly even with discount) at any participating businesses. So here we got: boycott, refusal of service, demands, economic sabotage, preference, grey area is destroyed (no one is neutral, you are for us or against us), and real change required. There are many details to be worked out, but you get the point.

E-mail me if this sounds like something that you want to make happen. It hasn't happened yet, but it soon will. I might also add that this strategy can be morphed to fit many areas of society that need change. Power to the people!

I still want to overload this quarter. Next year, I won't have the FAFSA, so I'm on my own. There's no reason to pay more money then than now. Also, taking the least amount of classes next year will allow me to hold down a job that will allow me to become free sooner. Also, "being a student" has never happened and will never happen. I have never been a student, nor will I ever be a student. German Club was fun, so I guess I was a bit of a student then, but I was not in the situation of a student then. I feel that I have been robbed, but what can I do now? My list of friends includes forced aquaintances and no more. The list of parties I have attended is three entries long (First week of UW, WTO, and Mardi Gras (which was a disaster, BTW)). I don't care. I made this stupid little oath to trade my social life for science back in Seventh grade, but it has stuck minus the science part.

So I am not going to withdraw. If anything, I'm going to invest another credit for seminar so I can get my research credit. I had the first class. It seems like it'll be tough but it's going to be a thirty minute presentation, twenty minute Q&A, and 10 or so page paper on a physics topic of my choice. The professor is an astrophysicist, so it'd be fun for me to start into one of my new interests: astronomy. But if I don't want to, I can go for some physics concept that I'd like to understand better. The professor was weary about two of us taking two credits. He successfully encouraged the girl to take the 1 credit class. He says that the only difference between the credits is the length and depth of the paper. The presentation ought to be the same since it's going to be the same length and same audience as the other people. There are no classes this month. We e-mail him when we want to talk about stuff and on May 2nd or so, I give my presentation. Then each week two more people give their presentations until May 30th. It's a pretty decent plan.

That credit card company has sent me a few documents and has not asked me why I haven't activated it. That'll teach them to market poor college students! Silent resistance! It's really amazing that they'd spend so much time on me when I have told them from the start how much I resent them. They know that there are so many irresponsible college students that they can suck dry of money. Take my friends Josh, Kim, Russ, Dave, etc... All of them had debts between 2000 and 8000. All of them live with their parents. All of them have full time jobs. All of them delay graduation into infinity for no reason. Dave had so much debt and so little future that he decided to join the Navy. Thankfully, he's going to get a Bachelor's degree soon as well as some money, but he had to join the largest terrorist organization on the planet to do it. How many people think about joining the al Queda to pay off their debts and get a college education. I don't need to remind you that bombing civilian buildings in New York and bombing civilian buildings in Afghanistan are indistinquishable but Pete and dad seem to thing that there is a difference. Perhaps Dave can debug the Unix code that keeps those bombs hitting those innocent civilians.

Did you hear Microsoft's new smear campaign on Unix? They're saying: "No wonder Unix makes you feel boxed in. It ties you to an inflexible system. It requires you to pay for expensive experts. It makes you struggle daily with a server environment that's more complex than ever." They should add: "Microsoft servers are so reliable, the DoD won't use them for missile guidance. Because if they did, there wouldn't be a terrorist* left on earth." And at the bottom of the ad, it'd say: "*Terrorist is a subjective word that is usually defined by the person who uses it as everyone except that person."

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