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Creation Date: 2002-04-11
Ah, digitization of Dojo Ambush guy #14. How nice. (Once again, I ask if rhetorical questions like the previous sentence require a question mark. What about questions like the two questions in the perenthesis?) *cough, cough* I guess you want a lesson front and center, right? Well here it is: Skins are easy. Meshes are inherintly hard. So if you're smart, you'll do more skins than meshes. This is a new skin and a new type of skin. Also, I messed with the mesh a bit. to accentuate this guy's pecks. Not for hentai purposes. He's simply a very upper-body strength type of guy. If he has wimpy pecks like Jav or the grenade launcher guy, people will wonder why he's flexing his non-muscles. Yup, this guy will flex his muscles in Page 5 or so. At least, that's what I'm thinking. What did I do to make this skin better than others? Well, I took the vector bitmap from the other day and added close to nothing to it. I split it up and made the face large. I arranged it all so that it fit into a 512x512 square. Then I tried it out. Of course, the first few times, it didn't work. There are some difficulties turning something 2d into something 3d. That problem is mainly due to 3d things usually having six sides. So that means that unless you have a symmetry, you have to make six copies of everything. Of course, that's what I've done for a lot of stuff. The sides are not as important, so I can just ditch them for the most part. The top and bottom are rarely seen, so I can do without them. That leaves front and back. Not too hard, huh? Well, this guy had those pecks I talked about earlier. Not only did I want the mesh to show big pecks, but also the shirt. The shirt needed to fold at the pecks. So I did that. It didn't work perfectly at first, but a bit of work made it happen. I also put a tattoo on the guy to show off how huge his biceps were. I wanted it to be on his shoulder, so I had to put it on the top view. It was a bit of a mess, but it worked out fine. I just put the tatoo on an open spot of the skin and then mapped from the top view of the bicep to the tattoo. So my lesson to you is to make four skins per model. I name them DA14asl, bsl, csl, dsl. You might notice that the names coincidentally match a few silly acronyms such as Alternative Scientific Losers, Beat Silly Losers, Catch Stupidity + Laziness, and Digital Subscriber Line. If I ever make five skins, I have the acronym, English as a Second Language. Don't ask what acronym I get for the sixth skin. Really the acronym is due to a, b, c, d skin low. You see, I make everything in Corel Draw, so I make a skin and call it DA14as.bmp and then I use Corel Photo-Paint to resample to a low resolution.

Remember last night's ugly face model? It's not really ugly, but rather different from my liking. It's more realistic cartoon (which has been used for so much evil that I won't go into it) where-as I like anime-style. Anyway, I did a bit of work on it and I like it a bit. The reason that I like it is that it has a huge ability to morph. Facial animation is secured with that model if I can just make it anime-style. Not only does the mouth have good looking shape, it can be manipulated very easily, the eyes can blink and look around, and the eyebrows that I added can express emotions (surprise, anger, interest, etc). I'm definately planning on adding textures with lines for the eyes, eyebrows, hair, and mouth. It ought to be good.

I was looking at Gamasutra and there's a job there that I really want. It's even here in Seattle. I don't have the qualifications to a T, but I have the desire, the experience, and the skills. If I get the job this summer, I might have to give up JF. You see, paying off my debt and becoming a free man. So working long hours would be high priority. Then when I pay off my debt and make a bit more money than I need, I want to travel the world. I want to see what the fuss about Japan is. I want to see if China and Hong Kong are really as different as people say. I want to see for myself conditions in the third world. I want to plan a trip to Europe so that I can see what anarchists over there are doing. I want to bring the world home with me and figure out what I can do here in America. So where does JF fit in? I dunno. Perhaps I can get a laptop and do JF from the road. Perhaps I can work 80 hour weeks plus twenty hour weeks of JF. Perhaps I can hire lackeys. Hehehe. That's what my old boss did. He made a lot of money and then took out large loans to pay for me to do his programming.

So I'll put out the ad right now. I'm looking for volunteers to make skins and meshes for JF. Those include character models like the one you see here, city models based on the ones I already have. I can offer a negotiable percent of profit made by JF. I can pay almost nothing right now ($20 per month for 5 hours per week?). But if JF speeds up because of your contribution, it may happen pretty soon. For your info, JF is currently is in Rough Draft mode. When the rough draft is finished, it will be completely redone in high quality. The way that I built JF in 3d with all the source code preserved will make that no problem when the rough draft is finished. JF Final will be sold as a download, on CD, B&W graphic novel, and color graphic novel formats. Then, when that is finished, JF will be converted into 3d anime, which my software currently in development will do. That will require a bunch of work, but should be straightforward if JF Final is made and archived correctly. Then JF Anime will be sold on VCD, DivX CD, DVD, VHS, and download. E-mail me if you're even slightly interested in helping JF.

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