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Creation Date: 2001-12-05
Today's lesson is about reuse. You remember that the last two had a little to do with copying and pasting. This one is about the ability to copy yourself. Today's picture was not drawn today. It was drawn this summer and actually scanned in with my mother's scanner, an incredible thing, I might say. You see, I have no scanner or tablet to digitize my paper thoughts. Instead I have a webcam. It takes pictures at 640x480 and during my most productive hours (after dark), all the pictures look like dung. You see, cameras are great for taking a 3d world and digitizing them into 2d. However, they are not very good for taking 2d images in the 3d world and digitizing them to 3d. I can say that it's far better than nothing, but the webcam is a long ways from good. So, which is on my Christmas list? Tablet or scanner? I may be pressing my luck, but I gotta say that a nice cheap scanner is at the top of my list. Of course, I'm getting $600 as a care gift from my parents. I shouldn't expect more than that. Perhaps I can spend money from my job on one. I mean, check out Price Watch: "ReadyScan 636i USB Color Scanner MUST MENTION PRICE WATCH - 9600DPI Res 36-bit true color 12bit, 256 cable and driver included $ 35 Starts @ $10.50 anywhere in the US via UPS Ground." So, now I gotta ask, what is 36-bit color? Well, that's a good question for a smart person like me. I know all about bits. For example, I know that my current display is 1600x1200 and 32-bits. That means that this scanner will scan more colors than my screen can display. Crazy, unneeded? No. You see, having those extra colors means that you can actually stretch the image out to a small degree. But usually instead, we like to squish pictures that large. With that many colors, you can squish with a better reliability of truthful squishing. I like the idea. And for 47 bucks, I might be able to spring for it.

So, what lesson can I give for this? Well, I was talking about copying yourself. Well, I'd have to say the lesson is: after other ideas have consumed your mind, your previous ideas might have sunk in enough to make a decent try at a good-looking copy of your original idea. How can this be used? Well, I believe that if you're like me, skills spring from wants. Years back, I wanted certain things. I wanted to show the world some of my ideas, I wanted to leave a lasting stream of electrons in my wake, and I wanted to understand the universe. None of those wants can be actualized without skills. To understand the universe, you need more skills than most people have. These skills are not taught at high school, the community college, or even the University of Washington. But where are they taught, then? They are not taught at all, but rather *learned* on the road of life. I can say that the University of Washington is a wonderful place to do that. While learning the intricacies of nature in your Physics class, the idiosyncrasies in your Writing class, and the way of the heart in your dorm, you have to shut your mind to keep from learning the way of the universe. Ah yes, the cliche' about minds being like parachutes, right? Well, I'm not going to preach about how people should open their minds. I'm going to say one thing, though. Go to the University of Washington with hope and you won't walk away empty handed. If you don't get answers, you'll get questions, over-sized or you won't walk away at all. But I digress... What does this have to do with someone coming to my website? Back to the art lesson I was trying to teach. When I decided to write JF, I didn't have much art ability. But I wrote JF anyway. I knew that JF would be my big break. It hasn't become that yet, but I'm sure that it will. But having the script half-way written puts it into a whole new ballpark, or shall I say, skate-park. The writing inspired me to draw more and more. But I just could not progress. I suck at drawing, I've told you a thousand times. So I let it be. I just kept drawing. So I drew a bunch of good ideas onto paper. I went to the limit of my ability and left it like that. Then when school started back up, I was swamped with other wants. I did a bunch of 3d stuff, 2d CG stuff, and a little bit of 2d real world sketches. So now I look in my C:\altsci\origanime\ folder and viola, I have three decent drawings from this summer that haven't been vectorized. So tonight, I vectorized one of them. And this is what it looks like. Might I suggest that my ability to draw faces sucked back then. You don't see it now, because I ditched most of the original face structure. I hated it severely. It looked okay on paper because I couldn't stop staring at her huge tits. OH, no, I mean, breasts. No, elbowpads! Ya, elbowpads! Huge elbowpads! So then when I converted it to vector graphics, I saw this and immediately deleted the ugly facial structure and made a face that complied with my Relative Face Manipulation System standards. Remember that? Well, you ought to, it's a full lesson way back at the start of "Making Of". Anyway, I took that and rotated it about twelve degrees and here you have a girl jumping or something...

In other news, the movie Memento is awesome. I watched it. However, don't watch it until your night is almost over. You don't want to think of your short-term memory loss while working on important stuff. For example, I started wondering if I had paid my rent, paid my phone bill, paid the U of W the $20 I owe them, and written my mom about getting my Visual Basic CD. If you're reading this, mom, I did get the VB CD, thanks! You see, making notes and having a functional memory is a good combination. However, notes make a person's memory lazy. If you write things down, you only have to remember to check your notes. Where-as if you have to remember if you paid bills on the spot, you would keep some room in your brain for the remembrance of paying bills. For example, I usually use Outlook Express to send and receive mail. However, MSN is being a piece of crap and forcing me to use Hotmail (which sucks compared to POP3 or IMAP). And Hotmail has a crappy user interface that won't let me save messages that I send automatically. So then I send a message and I forget and so does Hotmail. The only person who remembers is the person who receives it or does not receive it in the case that I did not send it.

Two more things and then you can get back to your regular lives. The first is that I was writing down a list of things that need to be changed in Scene 1-3. There's a lot to be changed, but I'd say that the first rough draft is pretty good for such a system. The second and final draft ought to be at the level of most professionals. That's saying a lot, I think.

The second thing is that I'm thinking up an idea. It's not a specific idea, though. I know, I know, unspecific ideas are lame, but hear me out. This idea will end in a product, likely sellable. It may or may not have anything to do with what I'm currently doing. However, I am certain that it will require all the skills that I currently have plus many skills that I wish I had. That's a long list of skills, interdisciplinary is an understatement. This project will be useful and will not be a rip-off of something already made. It will be genuinely useful and will change many lives. I guess that's all I have to say about that.
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