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Creation Date: 2002-04-19
Who gives you over forty megabytes of pictures, 125 kilobytes of which was uploaded today? Not very many people, but this friend of yours does. I've been thinking up new projects lately. I'm thinking that some of them would be super-fun. But JF is still my number one priority as you see here. Here is DAX aka DA8 aka rip-off of FFX's Titus. He's hitting the dust. Making good-looking death anims (or severe wounding anims) is an art in itself. Whether shot, blown up, punched, kicked, stabbed, or eaten alive by a cougar, a person must fall 1) due to gravity, 2) according to the solidity of bones, and 3) according to the force that wounds the person. For example, an off balance person hit by a stray forearm is going to topple over backwards, but since they are still conscious, their arms will flap like a bird. They will bend at the knees if their foot is touching the ground; if their foot is in the air already, it will fly upwards from the hip. When they hit the ground, they won't stay that way. First off, they won't all hit at once; the first body part to hit will contort and fly back upwards a bit. Then when the rest hits the ground, if the person is still conscious (possible, yet unlikely) they'll think before they get up. That means that they'll rest a second. Their muscles flex and then relax - it's a conditioned reflex for any fighter, really. But if they're unconscious, they'll go completely limp. That's where a bunch of the damage comes in, they go unconscious on the first hit and then each body part hits the ground moving at a velocity of t * 9.8 m/s^2 where t is the time it takes to get to the ground from where they start, which can be calculated using 0=height -0.5 * 9.8 m/s^2 * t^2. They end up moving at a good clip. If the person's head can be thought of as a sphere being dropped from 6.6 feet, then time = 0.64 seconds and then velocity = 6.3 m/s which is painful. (6.3 m/s) * (3.3 feet/meter) * (1/5280 miles/feet) *(3600 seconds/hour) = 14 miles per hour. A car wreck at 14 miles per hour isn't bad, but a bike wreck minus helmet is very painful. I know from experience. If you really don't trust me, fall backwards onto your bedroom floor. I bet 10:1 that you will suffer major pain. But of course, someone who is hit, does not fall like a bowling ball. They accelerate in an funky two-segment arc since their feet go over and their knees bend. So you see, it's kinda complex. It'd be nice if I had a physics modeller, but I haven't made one yet. I'm working on it. Give me a bit of time. One thing that this picture lacks is good emotion. After being hit brutally by Jav, this guy should be reeling in pain. Instead, he has no emotion. I'm working on it, give me time. I'm thinking of a system to allow me to control the eyes and eyebrows, but it's a few models away. Remember that one I'm working on, the reality guy has eyes, but they aren't controllable yet. The face is kinda complex. The mouth needs two bones, the eyes need two each. That makes a lot of bones for such a small place. It's hard to work with bones that are bunched together. But I'll figure it out. My lesson to you is not passive. Your homework assignment is to to mess around with your model and save one animation today that looks something like a person going from vertical to horizontal on a non-linear path. ^_^

Tonight was a benchmarking night and a thinking night. Benchmarking isn't what you think. The economics term of benchmarking is looking at one's competitors to find their secrets and using them. I went on the net to find people doing stuff similar to JF and found a few good mangas out there. It's rough thinking that I'm trying to compete with them. They have better dialog than I have shown in JF. They have much better looking drawings. Their shading is even better. And they're in black and white which makes my work sadly less for more. One major thing is that they use more space. JF Rough Draft is about 4 times as compact as it should be. It's really hard to understand what's going on even for me, and I wrote it. In JF Final Draft, I'm going to stretch everything out to make up the difference. Real Manga-ka's can't just decide: "Hey, I'm going to stretch out my 64 page entire graphic novel by a factor of four." Even professionals that have a dozen assistants can't decide how much more they're going to put in. They just do what they know that they can and stick with it. If JF were on a strict monthly or weekly timeline, it'd be different, but no money equals no timeline while I'm so busy. But anyway, check this out. With my AS3D Manga Director, all I have to do is take another screenshot if I want another box. Most of the animations are good enough for a bad-quality movie, so any in-betweens for in-between boxes are already done. So say that I have one picture of one action-packed 2 second event and I want four boxes for it. All I have to do is load up AS3D MD and move the timeline half a second for the second box, half a second for the third box, and half a second for the fourth box. Then I move the camera to where I want and it's done. Of course, I have to be sure that it looks good and the animations are right, but that's half of the reason why I put hard work into animation and models. The other half is JF 3d-Anime that will be coming out right after JF Final Draft Comic. Of course, anime requires voice acting - some of which I can do myself (I am the main character, after all), but some I'll have to find other voice actors.

I have this new idea. I can't say anything about it, but I can say that it isn't going to happen soon if it happens at all. It'll happen long after I make two or more high-quality JF Final Draft models of which I have not made any.

My housemate was telling me her idea of video games, movies, TV, and carnivorism making people violent. She's a vegitarian and eats a lot of really good food. I'm working on becoming vegitarian (tonight I ate bean and fake-cheese burritos), but I don't believe that eating meat can be linked to violence. I'm sure I can find plenty of violent vegitarians if I could only find vegitarians. ^_^ My stance is firm and logical: video games, video games, movies, TV, and carnivorism are all harmless. They are media and food that a person can consume, but behavior is not affected. I use the metaphor of notepad.exe, which can display text, but it cannot run viruses. Thus if you ever wonder if something is a virus, throw it on notepad.exe. It may or may not tell you if it is a virus, but it won't affect your computer. My own experience with video games and movies has been that of enlightenment. Questioning reality is not possible without revolutionary media. Books are nice, but they're very passive media. Choose Your Own Adventure type books were cool back when I was in middle school. Adventure Video games have taken their place for the most part. They lose something in the translation (specifically plot), but they're an active media. The person actually has to do something to make anything positive happen. The real thing that these video games do is make a person think. Video games do not put the ideas into a person head; people's skulls are too thick. They need to absorb meaning. If that meaning is that killing people IRL is fun, it'll take lot of doing to get it through our preconcieved notion that killing is wrong. But the interesting thing is that even with a lot of lewd behavior going on (specifically pr0n), the authors, editors, and publishers have not yet questioned the preconcieved notion of killing as wrong. They always link good and evil to the correct attributes. Never in any game is killing smiled upon. Evil attacks good and good defends itself. Being a complete pacifist, I have doubts about good defending itself, but I wouldn't had I not seen the movie, Starship Troopers and played numerous video games where the hero becomes evil because he attacks non-evil people who are not reasoned to be evil.

See Afghanistan: President Bush says that they lie on an "Axis of Evil" so we must defend ourselves from those who harbor terrorists. We become evil by murdering thousands of innocent Afghanis. Note the recent accidental bombing of Canadian Troops. I won't say that it was intentional, but it certainly was justified. If we don't kill innocent Afghanis, Canadians, Americans, Koreans, Africans, Iraqis, Palestinians, etc on forever, we'll never be safe. Well duh. If there's anyone left on this planet or in this universe, we won't be safe. Safety cannot be guaranteed by any measure. May I repeat? Safety will NEVER be achieved. Being more safe is achieved by being in good relationships with your neighbors. If you are not evil, you should have nothing to worry about beyond things out of your control. The definition of out of your control is that nothing will stop an event from happening. Things in your control will be worsened by attacking others (becoming evil) and helped by helping others (doing good stuff). So you see, attacking (also known in the US as defending) is only a bad response to having bad relationships in the first place. It's our fault that we're in bad relations with other countries. It's our job to do the right thing. If we have justification to bomb someone, we have the responsibility not to or else we immediately lose our justification.

As you can see, the books I've read, the video games that I've played, and the movies I've watched have promoted a very anti-violent nature in me. JF is violent, yes. But I plan to give it similarly polarized version of good and evil. While complex, it will convince no one to be violent. JF Rough Draft shows this not clearly enough, but JF Final Draft will be very clear with it's dialog and action.

By the way, if you're new to JF, JF Rough Draft is what is found to be the main comic presented here. It will be done in six months or so. When I finish JF Rough Draft, I will have a set of very high-quality 3d models to redo the entire comic in super-high-quality. The redone comic will be JF Final Draft, but will still be called "Javantea's Fate". I will sell this as a download, on CD, in monthly color comic form and color graphic novel form. The download and CD version will be $10-20 and the paper version will be $20-30. The CD and download version will also contain all of Making Of JF, all the source models and animations, textures, and the programs that I wrote to make JF. It should have all the data you should need to reduplicate JF in 3d medium in high resolution with movable camera and fully animated characters. It'd be a silent anime, you know.
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