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Creation Date: 2002-04-19
No, DA14 is not flipping you off. He's flipping the IMF off. Darn them IMF, always trying to enslave someone or another. They don't get the message unless we make it hard for them. Flip them off tomorrow! Twice! But first, learn yourself some about G8, IMF, WorldBank, and the New World Order that I speak so fondly of (sarcastic). They have this idea that to be efficient, certain wealthy people need to enslave the common worker. It doesn't work that way. The common worker happens to be a human being, much the same as any corporate mogul. The simple difference is that the common worker does not want to enslave others. Simple, really. Notice that no matter how many conferences that these corporate moguls go to, we're not going to let them trample our human rights. Wait, we already have. Well, that's why we protest the sweatshops instead of tear them down. *shrug* How am I supposed to tear down a sweatshop? R Buckmister Fuller says that fighting a system won't work while building a new system that makes the old system obsolete will. So I, Javantea will devote my life to building a better system. I will protest local threats, I will bankrupt global threats. So should you. You can't do it alone, that's why they have these teach-in's, so that you can learn how it is done now so that you can do it right. I also encourage you to get a college degree in the sciences so you can use it. It's never too late to learn how to overthrow a government, a corporation, or a social construct. Check it out!

I was reading my favorite Indymedia.org and I found that the admins are censoring free speech. Good fscking gosh. Helping people is cool and giving a free newswire is awesome, but why become the fascists that you're trying to stop? Well, for all those who wish to see the hidden posts, click here to go there and type in 'admin' without the quotes. Ya, after trying the obvious password: '', I thought, hmmm maybe they use the password, 'admin'. Naww. I put it in and goodess what is that? That'll teach you part-time fascists to censor a good h4X0r! Also, I was wondering, just how does the ACC actually put up the banner? Do they have someone working on the inside? A hypocrit? A saboteur? Oh, that's why all of Gap's clothes smell like shit! Because the ACC shits on them! Smell the aroma of capitalism! (Note: I am actually fairly sympathetic to capitalists that don't exploit people). But then I was thinking. Perhaps they have small stones that they tie the rope to. Then the throw the whole mess up on top of the building. The banner falls, the rocks catch on a ledge and if they don't, they get to try again. Sounds good, right? I was also thinking that I should do one of those banners and put it on the sonic barrier across from my house tonight at 4 AM. I have plenty of good sized rocks. I have banner paper. I have duct tape (to make large letters and for attaching the paper to string to rocks) and I have plenty of string. I just don't have the motivation. Getting arrested for displaying art illegally is a court battle I'd rather win for something worthwhile. Like a mural for love and peace. I would hardly go to jail for that, right? These days, love and peace is the only thing that will get you put in jail. "THIS LAND IS MADE OF Love and Peace! Love and Peace! Love and Peace!" --Vash The Stampede

Reading Drudge Report, I found an article to be filed under extremely important, yet silly. The important part is that stating one's opinion is not only legal, but can cost suer lots of money. For example, perhaps I call GWB a fascist. It is my opinion that GWB's politics classify him as a fascist and thus I conclude legally that it is true. He cannot sue me for slander and if he did, he would pay the court fees after he loses. Just like the case below. I think this ruling gives free reign to us name-callers. On the flip side, backing it up with evidence is slander and usually pays off very well. ^_^ Oh and by the way, not only is GWB a fascist, so is Gore. In fact, if Gore were president *shudder*, I shan't think of what terrible injustices he would have done. At least GWB is stupid enough to cause less harm than an evil robot, such as Al Gore. Note how these are opinions, and thus not slander. How I love this new court ruling! Everyday from now on I'm going to give my opinion of a new government employee.

'Chicken Butt' Not Slanderous

The Associated Press
Friday, April 19, 2002; 9:03 AM
SAN FRANCISCO –– It's not nice to call someone a "chicken butt" on the air – but it's not slanderous either, a court ruled.

A state appeals court this week dismissed a slander lawsuit filed against a radio station by a former contestant of the Fox television show "Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire."

Jennifer Seelig sued KLLC-FM in San Francisco after Vincent Crackhorn, co-host of the "Sarah and Vinnie" morning show, called her a "local loser" and a "chicken butt." He made the comments the day the Fox show aired in February 2000, after Seelig declined an interview with the station.

The Court of Appeal on Tuesday said Seelig had no cause to sue because she had invited media scrutiny when she agreed to appear on the television show. It said Crackhorn's comments were merely an expression of opinion.

The court also ruled Seelig must pay the legal fees of the station and its employees under a state law that penalizes suits that seek to squelch free speech.

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