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Creation Date: 2002-04-23
Today's wonderful picture tells you that all the models have been successfully imported and situated. They aren't in the correct positions and I'm still wondering how in the world I'm going to make it happen, but that's not tonight's job. Tonight's lesson is: kick a few asses, take a few names, and move along. I remember a Seattle Police officer pushing a guy next to me for no reason. His name was Maloney. No shit, real name. I went to JusticeFiles.org and found that he is indeed a police officer in Seattle Police Department. I know that pushing someone does not fit into that line of "serve and protect" bullshit they talk about. Murder doesn't either. If you weren't aware, the Seattle Police have murdered six people this year, none of which needed to be killed. I know that none of the murderers have gone to jail. I know that the police chief has lied through his teeth to keep murderers from seeing any type of justice. I say arrest them all. Put them in jail with the non-violent offenders. Put them in with the violent sex offenders. Put them on death row. Put them back into the community without the privilage of ever owning a gun legally. Put them back into the community with a slap on the wrist. Send them to Idaho where they'll be safe from people who don't like being murdered. *shrug* Send them out with a badge, gun, and extra pay? Not in a billion years.

I put up a new quote for the front page. Check it out if you will. Yes, I'm getting more militant. I blame it on the pepper spray that I got sprayed on my jacket last saturday. If you didn't know, pepper spray ends up as a foam that is bright white and stains clothes very permanently. It's a badge of honor to a true anarchist, but you don't know what that noxious, toxic shit will do to your fertility. All I can say is that I haven't impregnated my wife since being sprayed by the cops. Wait a sec, what wife? Oh yeah, I'm single and haven't dated since Y2k. ^_^ It's lonely being an anarchist, but I bet I'm no more lonely than a similarly shy fascist. A little humor on that note, the Stirfry 25 (Anarchists arrested for legally eating food in a garage) alleged that "one of the officers repeatedly attempted to belittle us with comments about appearance, smell, sexual orientation, ability to get laid, etc." I take that last one to heart. If I were arrested and a cop repeatedly attempted to belittle me for my lack of ability to get laid, I would seriously get depressed, knowing that the officer certainly hasn't been laid since the nineteen-forties. Hahahaha! /me "flips the bird to SPD officers in Darth Vader costumes."

But more seriously, I feel that there is an epidemic of anarchist "silent suicide". Far too often, we choose celibacy (much like Christian or Bhuddist monks) rather than enslaving ourselves and/or a person of the other gender. My own experience with this problem has been too real. My only real girlfriend in my life was a sham of two-way slavery. I cannot blame myself too much seeing that she was the one who initiated the dating system, but I accepted it. So since I had the courage to break the system of slavery, I have ensured that any of my relationships have been completely void of slavery. So far I'm 0/0 so I'm on top of it! Not that anarchists or even feminists are unfriendly, but just that I have been far too busy with my physics and programming to be very interested in something that so easily becomes a mutually bad experience. Of course, fearing mynogamy is a bad thing, but some fears are correctly placed. At age 20, a person who wants freedom more than anything else cannot allow attachments. In the late 1970s, my Grandma told my Mom some good advice: "Beware: the person you marry will be one of those who you date." Dating always brings with it the terrible consequence of possible marriage. Many people get around this, but I don't have confidence in those who date a lot and avoid marriage.

Like Sensei tells Jav in Scene 3, "A bard that fights is bound to suffer and be lonely forever." Not that suffering and being lonely forever is a bad thing. Jesus loves me.
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