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Creation Date: 2001-12-07
Today's lesson is variation. If a person repeats themselves like I've told you to do in the past three "Making Of" pages, they become boring. Notice that I tell you to do something and then I tell you the opposite in the next page. As long as it fits in generally, I'm free to do that. So are you.

What about this picture? Well, I was thinking a bit. I draw too many girls with short hair and wild expressions on their faces. I'm thinking too outside the box. I'm forgetting that there's a box at all. So this time, I'm inside the box.

Before I continue this rant, I want to point your attention to a few interesting things, only found here. First off, I want to invite you to double-check the new quote on the front page. It's pretty cool, you gotta admit, right? It's not a quote of anyone else, it's a quote of me. So I can say what it means without getting it wrong. It is not supposed to challenge a person's existence or their lifestyle. It's simply supposed to ask a person how much they love their life and if they can prove it. If you don't love your life, you're doing something wrong. Loving your life is very easy, but many people put impossible or awful barriers in front of it. For example, if a person doesn't have enough money for retirement, they aren't happy with their life. What prompts such stupidity? Ugh, blame it on society... What if a person loves their life, but cannot prove it. Perhaps this means that he/she is incorrectly harsh on himself/herself even though they know he/she doing it right. Or perhaps he/she cannot prove it because he/she has the wrong motivations for being happy. If a person is happy about money, I have to immediately call that person a phony. Happy Money doesn't last as long as paper it was printed on even if it's sitting in a bottomless pit full of money. Bill Gates will be happy for the things he did with his money, not the final figures. He doesn't jump out a window every time he loses a billion dollars. That might be because he has nine more where that came from, but I assume that he's simply happy about his life for what he has done, a wonderful computer industry has spawned at his command and I gotta say thanks for ASP, XML, IE6, Win98 SE, and PWS that I'm writing this with.

Next up is my test sites. Test sites? Ya, I haven't been slacking as much as you think I have. Check out Layout Ver. 6 and HTML XML-Based IE 5+ Front-End Ver. 2.

The idea is that a person must keep thinking outside the box to be a really creative person. You must not only think outside the box, but also inside the box AND as the box. It may be a piece of cake to be clever, but it's not easy being creative. Being creative is a subjective thing, but it ought to be recognized by its productivity. See, the root word for creative is create. You need to be productive to be creative and inspirational. To produce and repeat is useful, but it's usually good to produce things that are useful instead of those that have already been done. Building a car is fine and dandy, but building a better car is creative. Many artists, such as myself, label themselves creative as excuse for laziness. But a truly creative artist will be easy seen by the amount of art they have produced. If a person is creative, they will have put their creativity to good use. There's another name for a creative person who does not produce anything: a no-good slacker. The fact is that everyone is creative. It may not look it, but deep inside those so-called un-creative minds are super-creative thoughts just not realized. Instead they call themselves uncreative and decide to let creative people control them. They don't mind, they have a control fetish. Let them be, is what I say. But I cannot say, "Let them be" and not say "Let me be". That's structurally impossible. Creative people need to do their own thing as much as uncreative people.

One day soon, I'll show you a picture as the box. The box metaphor is pretty deep stuff. It actually goes into physics. Indeed, thinking outside the box is a physics problem. So you have a box with side length d. The volume of that box is d^3. Outside or inside the box, you have a sphere of radius R. This sphere is your mind. If you're thinking inside the box, R < d/2 and there's an equation that involves the center of the sphere, R, and d, but I won't take the time to draw it out. If you're thinking outside the box, the center of the sphere is greater than (a bunch of calculus terms you don't care about). So there you see it's quite a large bit of physics. The Sphere can either be inside the box, outside the box, or intersecting the box. But here's the real question: how can the sphere become the box? Impossible, you say? Not to a physicist! Hahaha! A box made with zero thickness can be made to have zero size. A sphere with zero thickness can also have zero size. Both of these zero size objects have lost their shape, so they are one in the same. Thus, the sphere has become the box at the impossible conjunction of both of them not being there at all. But if you think of your mind as a box instead of a sphere, then you can think of the possibility of the mind box being at the same position and having the same size as the creative box. Then, they can be in any position and can have any size. The mind has become the creative box. How is this possible? Well, we were talking about volume, position, and size, but we didn't think about area. Area doesn't have any relevance, does it? Sure, it does. Things with no thickness as well as things with thickness have surface area. The sphere's surface area is 4*pi*r^2. The square's surface area is 6*d^2. If we were to think of the sphere of the mind doing stuff with the area of the creative box enclosed, we can do a bit of physics to find out creativity from the position of the sphere, R, and d. If a person only has a limited mind size, what position gives them the most area coverage. But perhaps we think of the creativity as the distance covered by the cross-sections, we have a bunch of other calculus equations to do to find the best creative situation. Why do physicists do this awful math? Well, with it we can find extremely important stuff. The exact forces on a transistor in of a microprocessor in my computer are critical to computer scientists and only can Physicists calculate this with their immense knowledge of simple problems using spheres, cubes, and other objects.

I hope this Page has been as cool and informative as the rest of them. If you want to thank me for displaying this info or you want to stop me from displaying more info like this, E-mail me please. If you have e-mailed me, I haven't gotten it. I know that for a fact because no one except my immediate family has e-mailed me about the site. *sigh*

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