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Creation Date: 2002-04-29
Two misses in a week, I'm bad. Sorry, I am giving in to pressure. I am not even getting my work done. I'm just really irresponsible these days. It seems that whenever I get really inspired, I slack off seriously. They don't call me Java n tea for nothing. If you don't get the metaphor, I am like Coffee and Tea because I'm a stimulant and depressant at the same time. When I'm really full of energy, I waste it and when I'm really calm, I'm really depressed. It works out so that I get absolutely nothing done, but I look busy all the time. I can't say that my life has been a complete waste, but it seems that way from time to time. A bachelor's degree in physics? Who cares? Computer programming? To what end? Money? What money? If I did, I'd be more of a failure. 165 pages of JF? What good does it do if no one sees it or e-mails me? JF is seriously getting me depressed. I am eager to get it in full swing and done, but I find it hard to imagine anyone reading it even if I ever get past Scene 5. I will definately postpone Page 5 to at soonest until this weekend. It's close, but all the shit I have to do for school is much closer. Note that I'm taking 22 credits at UW. That's supposed to be an 88 hour week. Thankfully, I'm taking two experimental 5-credit VLPA classes. So really I'm taking the normal 12 credits and two sad excuses for a waste of time. Not that the topics in the classes aren't interesting, but it's just too easy for a physicist like me.

Yesterday was an interesting day. It was the October 22 Police Brutality meeting and I went to take notes on what was going on. I would like to give a few comments on a few related issues. The first is the location of the meeting. It was in a coffee shop on the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Cherry Street. That is smack dab in the middle of CD (Central District) in Seattle, Washington, USA. It's a predominantly black neighborhood. In fact, it is home to most blacks in all of Seattle. It's interesting how Seattle is so segregated even in a new millenium, forty some years after desegregation. But CD is not a slum. It is not a ghetto. It is not run down, grey, ugly, crime-ridden, or extremely impoverished as one associates with a bad neighborhood. In fact, it is well-maintained, colorful, beautiful, lawful, and fairly well set into middle class. One instant observation is the stereotype of black culture. In two blocks, I saw: Helen's Soul Food, BBQ Ribs, Fried Chicken, a convenience store, a liquor store, a Church of Zion, two police cars, a school, kids playing in a busy street, and a library. What does this mean? It means that at least on the surface of CD, Seattle, stereotypes are correct. Do those stereotypes actually exist in real life of people who live in CD? I know anyone who lives in CD, so I do not know. I would like to meet some people in CD, so I outstretch my hand to anyone who wants to help me in my research or in my quest to get a life. In fact, I'd like to stretch out my hand to people from anywhere. I'm a friendly guy as long as I get fed regularly. ^_^

So what about the actual October 22 meeting? It was pretty good. They have some stuff going and I think they are really working hard to make a positive difference here in Seattle and everywhere. I'd like to make it clear: Seattle has an epidemic of police murdering people armed and unarmed. Six murders in six months is outrageous. All of the police that have murdered a person go on paid leave. Then when the trial comes, an unjust system acquits them of any wrong doing. They go back on the streets with a badge, a gun, an itchy trigger finger, and a license to kill anyone. We must stop this at all points along the way, the first being the unlawfulness that attracts the police's attention. Secondly, we must change the police's mindset. A death to save a life is NOT justifiable. An arrest to save a life is. Next, the police's weapons need to be changed so that they cannot be used to kill and seriously harm innocent people. Pepper spray, the night stick, the tackle, the tazer, the pistol, shotgun, and assault rifle need serious changes (in design and usage) to be effective at their ONLY acceptable usage: to save life.

For example, pepper spray is currently being used in every political protest as a method of intimidation. This is unconstitutional and requires a change in usage procedures and penalties for police using against correct procedures. But more, the police are using the pepper spray at point-blank range and for durations longer than 1 second, which is against the correct operating procedures given by the manufacturer. More than that, the long term effects of pepper spray have not been tested fully. Studies show that pepper spray can cause serious damage and is deadly. Yet the police operating procedures list it at the top of the list of "non-lethal" measures to be taken against protestors.

The night stick, riot club, and tackle have also been used against peaceful protestors. Protestors have been seriously wounded by police melee attacks recently. Specifically the Reclaim the Streets of April 20th saw several very violent attacks by the police, using bicycles as weapons, and tackling peaceful protestors. Certainly, violence is not a tactic to be used against peaceful people. One important note is that the police made no attempt to disperse the crowd, to warn them that they would be arrested, or to actually make a peaceful arrest that was warranted by the semi-legal actions of protestors. Let me also point out that the First Amendment protects peaceful assembly, the right to free speech, and to redress grievances without police interference. Thus the highest law in the land seriously outweighs the traffic laws making any non-violent law broken by those protestors void. Breaking windows is not protected free speech while telling the world that you disrespect their social system is. Thus dancing in the street peacefully is protected speech. Police who attack these people ought to go to jail for a long, long time. City councils that enforce this behavior should be dissolved. Mayors who support this behavior should be impeached immediately after a swift and just trial. Police chiefs who give the order to attack should be fired. This is no complex matter. Read the First Amendment if you disagree.

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