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Creation Date: 2002-05-02
Another day goes by another JF gets skipped. What can I say? I can say that school is more important than JF. I can say that I had a seminar today and that it went well if only because I spent time on it instead of JF. Had I done JF and/or other homework, I would be in tears right now lamenting my failure of Physics 496. But even then I feel really cheap. Lemme tell you why. I didn't even make this model today. I made it on April 9 and decided today that since I'm artistically impotent tonight that I would show it to y'all. But that's not the bulk of my cheap feeling. My cheap feeling stems from where I got this idea. I got it from FF8. I don't even own a Playstation let alone FF8. I got an Anime music video and a poster of it and that's it. So I stole an idea from something cheap and cheaply stored it until a day after I had skipped three pages in a week. Ugh. If I feel so bad, why is it that people don't feel cheap doing similar and worse? Am I just sensitive? Am I an anarchist idealist?

I was thinking about burning some documents the other day. But I think I'm going to record them before I burn them. My motto is: know your enemy, destroy him/her, make him/her your friend. First Letter Second Letter Third Letter

Have I said how much I dislike sirens? Day and night, night and day, they blare out my window. Some are on I-5, some are on 50th, a few are on 7th. But one has to wonder, who is dying, who's house is on fire, who is robbing a bank at all hours of the day and night? What is the fucking deal?! I'm going to find out. I'm going to call the Fire department and ask them what their fucking problem is. Is it that important to get around people? The house is going to burn down anyway. You aren't going to save anyone. But let's not place all the blame on the fire department. Who keeps burning down their house night and day? Who keeps having heart attacks? If you're going to die or light your house on fire, do it in the fucking suburbs! We do not tolerate that kind of shit around here. If I never hear another siren, it'll be too soon.

Important philosophy! A person who studies the nature of capitalism and understands how systems work and evolve can easily see the destruction of capitalism. It lies solely within capitalism itself. You start with the problems of capitalism. Think of how capitalists marginalize the value of life. Not that they marginalize the value of life, but rather how. They do this by creating a system of supply, demand, that evolves around the highest gain for the lowest price. If a business charges more for a product than another business does, that business dies. For example, Starbucks charges more for a cup of coffee than Seattle's Best Coffee. However, they have two different products. Starbucks is known to be of high quality to some people where-as others prefer Seattle's Best Coffee. Enter in the person who does not like capitalism. You do not go to either of these because of their human rights violations. You buy your coffee at a high price from an importer with a good human rights record. You drink your coffee. Thus by buying from the better place and making the coffee yourself, you save money and get the value you want. However, not everyone will make their own coffee. What do these people do? They go to your coffee joint. Why? It costs more and is not name brand. Because of your outstanding human rights record? No. This alone will make you go out of business very quickly. What you need to do is add in this capitalist idea of lower cost and higher value. How do you lower the cost? Reduce your own wage. You may think that going out of business is preferrable to starving while your business thrives, but in fact price is a self-restoring factor in this case. Capitalism teaches this. Lowering your profit per sale increases your number of sales and thus increases your profit. You get more business, you get more of the market share and Starbucks cannot keep up because they have to pay four minimum wage workers to keep it running while you just need to pay your bills. But that is not what life is about, is it? You're supposed to go into business so that you can become rich and powerful. Not if you dislike capitalism. It is indeed the capitalists who wish to become rich and powerful at the expense of the poor minimum wage workers. Coffee is not the only market that is fresh for the taking. Clothing, food, apartments, technology, and banking all lend themselves to this practice. If you want to destroy capitalism, take a crack at it by making a flourishing business.

You may say that you will not lower yourself to the capitalist pig's job at low wage, but what wonderful job are you working now? Might I ask why you dislike capitalism if you love your job? I myself am working this way in the technology business. I have taken one job to pay for school. Check this out: right out of high school, I was looking for a fast food job, but I saw a job that was looking for a bunch of computer programmers. So I go in there and I do well on the interview and say that I'll work for 10% of the industry standard ($100 per hour is what programmers fresh out of college get) seeing that I'm fresh out of high school. So I do the work in the same time that a seasoned programmer would do, he gets what he wants, he gets it cheaper than he should, I get more money than any fast food joint pays, and I pay for college that way. So as you see, my knowledge in technology and capitalism helped destroy the capitalist computer programmers that buy SUVs, huge houses in the suburbs, and sweatshop clothing. With more and more non-capitalist programmers, we'll see a huge increase in production, freedom, and community and a decrease in bad capitalist ideals. When I get out of college, I will quit that un-fun job and start my own business and work towards freedom, peace, and making the world a better place. While these three are intertwined, they are not one in the same. Peace does not happen without freedom and visa versa, peace and freedom both make the world a better place, while marginal increase in one does not necessarily mean the same for the others.

In a completely different note, I read this article and found it strangely familiar. I thought of my brother for some odd reason. I don't know why. Perhaps it's the argument that he and I have going about war being unjustified and by definition causes human rights violations that outweigh any possible or precieved gains.

Australia: The most favored port of call for US troops

I'm really working hard these days. 22 credits are a lot. I'm finding that out the hard way. Not that it's too painful. I actually like how I can sleep four hours a night and wake up fresh in the morning. I'm learning tricks to do more and get more. I guess living off mom and dad's money is too easy for me. We'll find out in a month and a half.

I've been recently looking into the Tianamen Square incident of 1989. I remember seeing it interrupt Saturday morning cartoons. I'm keeping an eye out for a repeat. But if I'm looking, I ought to look at Waco and Kent State, too. I believe that history will call us fools. Sadly, history is written by the people who aren't killed while non-violently dissenting. One can wonder what was going through the head of the student (with a full life ahead of him) who chose to stand in the path of a bunch of PLA tanks. Perhaps he was thinking what many philosophers are thinking now: the first shot of the Chinese government on its people marks the end of Communism and fascist dictatorship. But one would wonder why Kent State and Waco did not produce the end of the Vietnam War, gun control, and fascist dictatorship in America. Makes me wanna go hmmm...

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