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Creation Date: 2002-05-04
Have you ever faced a day of uselessness? You have two choices: work hard to make it worth something or let the day go by. I decided that the latter was the worse. But now looking at the fruit of my work, I am not too sure. This is a very simple diagram of what the end of Scene 5 and the beginning of Scene 6 will look like from a top-view. It doesn't tell you what you should get tomorrow, but oh well. You only have to wait a day, hopefully. This is a pretty important technique that I like to use. I wish I could do this in AS3D Manga Director 1.0, but it's half way implemented into version 2.0. Of course, 2.0 has it's own HUGE problems. So I'm going to keep doing things the hard way. And I'll keep slacking. Hopefully I can skip fewer days though. This week was derailed by a very frighting prospect: flunking an essential physics class due to a week of indescresion. So JF suffered the loss of three days. But you don't care! You want to know what this picture means. Orange is a hot color, it's used for evil. Blue is a cold color, it's used for the hero. Green (which contrasts well to orange and blue) arrows are bullets. Big squares are buildings, small squares are vehicles, lines are paths. t0-t3 relate positions to times. So t0 happens first, then t1 the SUV stays where it's at while Jav runs across the street. You can make the necessary assumptions on the rest. The lesson (which I've forgotten for most of the week) tonight is that clear diagrams are worth a thousand words. Describing a simple world is very tough while drawing it is easy. So when you're working on your design of something very complex, don't describe it, draw it. If you have to describe it, describing a picture is easier.

One thing I want to talk about a bit is JF and cars. So far, there has only been one car in JF comic and a few cars in Making Of JF. Why? Well, cars are a huge argument in my world. Today in History of the Americas 454, a girl named Kara said (regarding wars waged over oil), "I am not willing to give up my car and my lifestyle. I'm sorry if everyone can't live like us." She is a symbol of what is wrong with America. People with a college education acting as if they have absolutely no education at all working service jobs that exploit workers overseas and assume that a girl in Thailand doesn't live like her because it's supposed to happen. She has stretched the argument for not giving to charity (because I'm too poor paying for my car) to cover an argument to murder hundreds of thousands of children. Another student had more courage than I and explained that pumping blood of Iraqi children would be the same difference. She ended the argument saying, "I'll agree to disagree. I don't think of it that way." But really, my fellow student has a point. It doesn't take a physicist to calculate how many lives equals how many barrels of crude oil. While pumping twenty gallons of unleaded into your car, remember the US soldier pumping twenty pounds of lead into a young Iraqi girl. But it's not so simple. These children don't get a convenient bullet in the head. They starve on the streets. Their parents toss them out on the street because there's no food to feed them.

I say giving up your car is a very mild act of peace. If everyone gave up their cars, we'd see radical change for the better (in both environment, war, and economics). Taking the bus, bumming a ride, walking, staying home, and finding local entertainment is actually really easy. I've been doing it since... since I was born. Twenty years of no personal SUV and I'm going to do twenty more. And I'm going to like it better than you like your car. Might I also suggest an alternative for those speed demons out there. There's a computer game called "Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit" It rocks. As a physicist, I can say that it does less ecological damage. The PC is a 1/2 horsepower engine. It can be powered by hydro, wind, solar, centralized fossil fuel energy centers. It also costs far less. The cars in the game cost millions of dollars. Insurance, especially if you're going to be racing is terribly high. Also, it is far better than real life. In real life, you can't race at nearly 200 mph in dozens of the best cars in the world through windy tracks and fast and beautiful roads. Trade in your 200 horsepower for a 0.5 horsepower computer.

A more serious act of peace is getting arrested putting your body in front of a large group of innocent people about to be slaugtered. That's happening in Jeruselem. Props to the international group that is aiding the innocent Palestinians. Love, Peace, Justice, and Freedom will wash away the thousands of gallons of innocent blood that stain that region on both sides of the conflict. If Sharon and Arafat would rather fight than make peace, then someone get their ass over there and make peace for them! Peace does not stream from the barrel of a gun, nor from a large package of TNT. Last I heard, bulldozers don't do the trick. Handcuffs haven't made peace in the history of the world. Jails haven't made peace since they stopped putting politicians in. Reasonable agreements minus attacks would be a good start. What can you give your enemy that would not hurt yourself? Time, food, room, and a list of urgent needs would be my guess.

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