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Creation Date: 2002-05-07
After skipping two days (of a weekend, no less) and skipping on my promise to give you JF Scene 5, Page 5, I crawl back with this. I'm not going to delude myself and say that everyone was e-mailing me to ask if JF is finally gone. No, everyone who doesn't come here was really quiet about it. I don't care. This isn't for you anyway. I call it "Teach yourself philosophy in 210 days", or maybe therapy minus the thousand dollar bills, or maybe one of those stress management classes without the touchy-feely losers that talk about letting the anger out.

Tonight's picture and lesson are such: a bike can be fashioned for use in Scene 6 by way of extruded, squished, and seriously funked up cylinders. The bike comes in just a few parts. The body, wheels, handlebars, cogs, sprockets, and seat. I simply took a picture off the net and used my experience with bikes to make a decent looking setup. Jav will ride this in Scene 6 setting him apart from loser bad-guys in SUVs. My lesson is that bikes are good tools for realistic superheros. To get around a city using your super-strength? Flying is too slow. Just bike around town at forty miles an hour if you're really that strong, agile, and dexterous. So this is kinda what I want to get across in the props of JF. There is a huge disparity between evil people's weapon's and good people's weapons. Sensei and Jav use fists and feet of fury. Warehouse grunts use an SUV, sub-machine guns, and superior numbers. Jav uses his knowledge of physics to deflect a shotgun blast. Jav will ride a bike, ride a train, run, ride a skateboard, and only drive a BMW once under threat of death. So you see, it's not just one's primary actions that define character, but often their secondary actions... Even their tertiary actions... Remember that a person is not entirely defined by what tough decisions they make because the smaller decisions are just as important. For example if a policeman arrests a drunk driver, he's a hero to whoever in the path of destruction that he saved. But if the same police officer jails an innocent person for the equivalent of jaywalking during a protest covered by the First Amendment, he becomes a fascist no matter how many drunk drivers he jails. Not the primary function, but the secondary function that means more.

"A free brick flying through an expensive public window does a five hundred dollars worth of liberation (as long as it's the Gap's window)." A friend of mine told a group of friends and myself that he believes that the only answer to police, corporations, government, etc. There's actually fairly large groups of people devoted to this. Although I wouldn't be one to stop them, I would not want to see a violent revolution. After I am ensured that is revolution is successful, it will be my job to liberate and protect the University of Washington's as a free university. I've heard that many revolutionaries see the university as a government agency. Really, it's just pretending. Without resistance a university will become an revolutionary's best friend. Any revolution that burns books is uncool. I don't care if it's anarchists or communists or socialists, the UW Physics library is the most important part of our city aside from human lives. But my whole deal is that revolution is not the way. In strict pacifism, life must not be lost directly (murder), indirectly (stealing one's livelyhood), or even through inaction (watching silently while your neighbors are being shot). Thus the revolution that is strictly pacifist is one where people's minds change without their survivability being destroyed. Capitalists will continue to do their thing, harmlessly. Anarchists will do their thing happily. War-mongers will find something else to do (BTW, fishing is a good pastime for psychotic veterans of unjust foreign wars). Government officials will find something that they are good at other than running other people's lives. What will create that revolution? A strong movement that overwhelms a majority of the populus and is better than the current system by current standards. Logic!

Note how I'm turning more militant everday. I blame my circular logic that the people I'm protesting against force my protest against them. Take Fascist Councilmember Margaret Pageler. She is protesting commercial exploitation of teens. So am I! The Gap, Starbucks, The Spokesman Review, Tobacco, Alcohol, Pepsi and Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Burger King, and Channel One. NO! She's protesting AADO. Wait, I'm protesting AADO, too... But we're protesting the opposite end. She's protesting that the law is too lax! I protest the restrictions on raves are currently too restrictive and need to be repealed, not increased! Of all the exploiters of children listed above, why does she target dancing? Dancing is in fact one of the most positive influences that young people have. It is very liberating and is most certainly covered under the First Amendment. I have seen first hand what our restrictive dancing and alcohol laws have done to San Diego and Los Angeles. It drives 16-21-year-old kids south of the border to Tiajuana, Mexico to play under dangerous circumstances. Here in Seattle it is no different, but there's no Tiajuana other than raves. Legalizing these raves would allow regulations to help the problems that the raves face which are the true exploitation of teens: drugs, alcohol, jobs, fashion, government, and schools. Remember that fascism breeds terrorism. You don't need me to give an example.

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