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Creation Date: 2002-05-10
A thousand more apologies for more missing Making Of JF pages. I'm in one of those creative slumps. It's all my university's fault. They expect far too much from me. Of course, it's my fault that I'm taking 22 credits. If I pass all of my classes, it'll be the first time in the history of the universe. On to the picture and the lesson. This is Los Angeles 2014 minus a lot of details. It has the main things: buildings, a geodesic dome, sky, and stoplights. The buildings are shameful as usual. The streetlights are beautiful yet almost completely hidden. The geodesic dome is pixellated big time, but what more can a poor boy do? I like the semi-transparency because it gives a decent presence of the dome. The new part of the equation is the buildings and sky in the background. I just threw a bunch of rectangles randomly onto a texture and there it is. The sky has a gradient, but you can't see it for two reasons: it's a soft gradient and two gradients added look like one gradient (light is the other gradient). The good thing about this technique that I'm using now is that how many times will I actually be able to make a full scenery picture in JF? Never, so it is a moot point of whether the scenery looks terrible. I'll leave that for JF Final Draft.

Today I have to finish writing my paper for that class and I have to pick a topic for the next paper. I think I'll be fine.
How to measure intent beforehand? That's a good question. Perhaps you could ensure that you don't give someone intent. A person that doesn't attack or enslave people has no reason to fear people going out of their way to attack him or her. Also, a person who helps others can expect others to be kind to them. Then there's the last part: self-defense. A person who is able to defend themself ought not worry that a person attack them and is completely prepared to dodge, flee, or disarm.

About hemp: it isn't marijuana, but it contains <1% THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana. Advocates say that it does not give a high and cannot be mistaken in a urinalysis, but the DEA disagrees with scientists. Thankfully, a few states still have legalized hemp. I've looked into all the uses: clothing, paper, car fuel, and food. All of them are incredibly better than our current system. Hemp paper can be grown at a rate uncomparable to trees. Hemp fueled cars are cleaner (solving the oil problem, but still does not solve the pollution problem). Hemp clothes are stronger. Hemp grain is a complete protein. Pretty cool stuff, I gotta admit. We just gotta get scientists to testify when it goes to the Supreme Court.

Guess which war criminal is going to speak at UW Graduation ceremony? Madeline Albright. Amazing, right? I'm definately going to protest. I have plenty of time and materials to get a full duct tape mural in action.

Today is a bad hair day, but lately it's been really well. It's becoming very fine and it's growing out again. I need to shave tomorrow, too. My laundry is so-so. I was in such a rush last week, I left my clothes in the dryer for forty minutes too long. Everything is slightly smaller and I didn't get to hang stuff up on hangars. I'll wash them this Friday and hang them up right.

My main problem is classes. They're just insane, but my problem is putting too much effort into one and skipping another and then switching the next week. It's really messing me up. Yesterday I slept through all my classes. I might as well have not gone, but if I hadn't gone I would've let down two very important things: Optics Lab and Humanities Office hours. I had to skip the Desmond Tutu talk yesterday to go to my Optics lab. He's one of the best pacifists out there. Maybe I can find a transcript or something from it.

In the next two weeks I'm going to decide on whether or not to become a vegitarian. Leigh-Ann (my housemate) gave me some good books and she's going to show me how to cook some good lentil soup. This week I'm experimenting with good carnivorist foods. Monday was Tuna Helper, yesterday was fresh Pacific Snapper, today will be pasta with vegis (pasta is made with eggs), tomorrow will be walnut bread, friday will be something from Uwajimaya. Next week will be vegan from Sunday to Saturday. I hope I survive it. I can only do tofu twice. I can do rice twice. Leigh-Ann will do lentils at least once. I can go to Uwajimaya for vegan one night. That leaves one to three meals that I still have to invent. I could do walnut bread as a control. So far, my scientific results are: Tuna helper gets 6/10 for being easy to cook and mildly tasty but possibly giving me narcolepsy, fresh Pacific Snapper gets 4/10 for making me temporarily physically ill yet tasty. Sadly, the experiments were tainted by an excess of sugar candy. No real results can be derived from the data. Further tests may prove these results true or false.

The only problem is that my experiments since September 2001 prove unconditionally that my mood changes wildly regardless of food. Today on my walk homee I was swearing under my breath at everything from my Physics professor to armed revolution. Now I'm peaceful and even slightly happy. Who knows how I'll be at 4 am this morning when I'm not finished with my paper. I've skipped about eight of the past fourteen days for Javantea's Fate. And all eight of the last eight Making Of Pages have been off-topic. Thus proving that my handle Javantea is appropriate.
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