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Creation Date: 2002-05-20
Aha, it's not even a week before I closed down JF and I have a new Making Of JF for those who disbelieved my statement. Oh, you might wonder why I put my statement in video. I am hoping to make it be the semi-secure format for messaging. It will keep FBI/CIA/NSA/INS/DEA/etc from reading it. They have to listen to it and/or watch it. That takes time. Man hours. If we bombard the airwaves with video that they have to watch each piece, they'll have to let stuff go from people that they don't think are dangerous. After I write this, they won't let stuff from me go. But since I'm a pacifist anarchist, they'll be wasting lots of man-hours to watch all my lame arse dance videos. Hahaha... Video also ensures the viewer that the real Javantea created it. If you read JF one day and it says: "Hi, this is Jav, I'm planning a big rally to help divert police from a terrorist act that I'm planning." You will know that the FBI has infiltrated the website and plans to kill you. Not like they don't already, but you aren't setting off your incindentaries, yet, are you? Maybe you should just for good measure. Anything that isn't in your head should get there quick like via hyponaedia, super-speed reading, or learning through osmosis. Next week, I'll give you another JF with updates.

Today's picture and lesson are: AltSci3d Particle Works for my Humanities 200 Final Project which teaches us that basic mechanics and dynamics are not basic nor are they mechanical or dynamic. The current state of the project is that it loads ten particles and sets them flying in directions noted by the yellow velocity arrow. AltSci3d Particle Works does not use the Z-buffer. It uses backface culling for half of the z positioning. The other half is implemented but which does not yet work that will render the spheres in order of their distance from the viewer. Why no Z-buffer? Because I wanted it to be able to use software renderer. Boy was I mistaken. It's so stupid that Microsoft has made DirectX impossible to use in real-time without a 3d Accelerator. That's so stupid. Half-Life does fine with DirectX Software Renderer. Years ago they had something that worked on a 233 MHz with 32MB of RAM and now something smaller won't work on a 933 MHz with 256MB of RAM. They ditched a working software rasterizer. So why did they do that? They want unification, I bet. They want people to spend $350 on a video card, or at least $50. $50 will get you a GeForce 2 MX 32MB these days. But I say that old-school is still important. Four computers that I've tested my DirectX 8 programs on crash because they don't have a video card. It's obscene! Give us back a real-time Software 3d Renderer, Microsoft!

Craziness at the Street Fair yesterday and today. I had this silly idea that maybe the opportunity would arise where I could do a duct tape mural in memory of those killed by Seattle Police Officers. Maybe I could just duct tape a few words of of pacifict propaganda (Eight Amendment: Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.) that people would have to walk around or walk on. I handed out flyers with my friend Dan and we discusses some good topics while we handed out a lot of flyers. Dan suggested that a banner might be helpful. So I asked him if a duct tape mural would be cool. He said that it wouldn't work. I assured him that it would, but I didn't know if it would get me arrested. He said that if I really wanted to, he didn't think there would be any trouble. Duct tape is temporary, even if the police told me that it was vandalism. So right on the ground under the Bank of America sign (public property), I put down some duct tape. It was about 4' x 4' decent size. When I was almost finished, I turned around and I saw six police officers whispering behind me. Since I wasn't already fined or arrested, I assumed that it was legal. I quickly finished it. Then I asked Dan, "What's up? Should I walk away?" He said to be cool and to not worry. The police officers kept looking and walked away after ten minutes. I assume that they were discussing the bad PR of arresting someone for an artwork. All day, it was positive. People laughed, a few people took pictures, a few took pictures of me (the "artist"), and a few people expressed how safe they feel when police murder innocent people.

One policeman who killed a cyclist accidentally while running a red light was on the beat today. He looked at the mural for quite a while and kept a watchout for quite a while. After a while, he told Dan that he thought that people shouldn't beat up police officers either. I agreed with him. Violence is bad, all murderers should spend time in prison. He asked for a flyer and I gave him one. I saw him talking to some people and he gave that flyer to them. He came back and got another one from me. Dan said that I shouldn't have. I said that it was public info and if he destroyed it, I'm willing to take that risk. In fact, he needs to see the flyer more than anyone else. He needs to know that murder, or in his case manslaughter is not justified and will be protested. He needed to lose his badge at least for his misuse of a police car if not jailtime.

The major thing was that police were flocking around us. Some were covert about it, but there was a huge police presence around us the whole two days. While passing out flyers, I would shout, "You can help stop police brutality!" Every once in a while, I would turn around after I said it and there'd be a police officer behind me. But then I decided that it was good for them to hear me. If I become a victim of police brutality, I won't be so happy that they heard it, but activists have been taking that risk for centuries. "Give me liberty or... eat hot lead, fascist!" Hehehe.

So after a few hours, I felt good about it. We were getting the message out and selling stickers. So then this woman less than five feet tall, says "I don't care if you hand out flyers, but this *thing* has to go. We are working with the police here and we don't allow this stuff." So she grabbed a vunerable corner of the duct tape and destroyed the mural in ten seconds. I was in shock and disbelief. Dan wanted to stop her, but she was in such a posture that you couldn't reason with her without assaulting her. She said that she was the fair director and that all banners, posters, and stuff needed to come down immediately. Her assistant took down a flyer posted on Bank of America by a bar. So Dan says that we have a First Amendment in this country and that she needs to amend it before she destroys a piece of political art in the name of the government. She blabbed on how she doesn't care if we wear the stickers, but vandalism is against the law. Dan says that it's a political protest and that she's helping murderous cops. She says that the police are doing a good job killing criminals. He says that there's also a sixth and an eight amendment that makes it illegal for police to kill criminals. She blabs on about how he's trying to make criminals jobs easier. He looks away to end the conversation. She then grabbed him by the arm and called him names. So what is he supposed to do? She's yanking him towards the ground, so he tells her to stop and grabs her arm lightly and pushes it away. She says that she grabbed him because he's bigger than she is. Does that make any sense? She must be a yellow belt in Judo or something. So he tells her to leave. I add, "We don't want any trouble. We're just protesting." She says, "That's it, you two pack up and get out of here." Duh, we're being banned from a public sidewalk by a? Is she stupid or criminally insane? I turn to go, but Dan stands his ground a second and I say, "Wait, no. We own this sidewalk as much as you do. We aren't harming anyone." So she says, "Then can we act like civilized human beings?" Dan answers, "If you leave." So she walks off. I tell Dan that he can't let her get his goat. He says that he's tired of people making excuses for murders. I asked him why she grabbed him. He said that she was on a power trip and probably coffee withdrawl. I told him that it was uncool that he used his hand to stop her from grabbing him. He said that violence must be met with violence. But isn't that the reason we're out here? That threat of violence is met with lethal force by the police? He agrees and says that I'm too much of a pacifist.

I myself would defend myself from a violent attacker by blocking, dodging, and/or running away. I'm tough and physically fit and I understand how any violence is very deadly. That makes it easy for me to be a pacifist. But what about people who are weak? Well, they should use preventative measures. Street smarts is better than dodging bullets. Dan should have breathed in and out twice so he wouldn't speak something in an angry tone. But that doesn't win arguments. Silence is often understood as a sign of defeat. But to Dan, "silence is defeat". I say that a dozen softly spoken words would have made the situation okay. But of course, Dan has two biases. First, he has seen a lot of Inquests in the past few years. Seeing police get away with murder time and time again must hurt like crazy. Secondly, he liked the mural a lot more than me. He thought it was a shame. So I told him that I would remake the mural bigger, better, and I would mass produce it for direct action all over the city. He gave me a high five and we continued to pass out flyers. He explained that facists with any government control are the sickest people on earth. I can't say I disagree.

We passed out flyers for a while and I went home tired and with a new view of idiots on power trips. My mural is destroyed, but I'm going to make another.

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