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Creation Date: 2002-01-18
This picture is original. I haven't taken the course, nor is it a real course. Behavioralism is a theory, not quite a full subject in itself, even though some psychologists spend their entire lives trying to prove or disprove it. If you want a list of real psychology courses offered at the University of Washington, click here. The closest one to my fictional course is LAB ANIMAL BEHAVIOR. Hehehe, that's more scientific than trying to prove behavioralism in people. You see, some people's parents are intelligent while their offspring are not and visa-versa. This is light evidence for behavioralism. I myself am a behavioralist. I believe that people can be taught to do things with little dependence on genetics. If that weren't true, I wouldn't be able to type out this on a ASP page which has just recently been invented. Tell me how genetics pre-emptively struck this need and I'll ensure you wish you never entered the gene pool. Hahaha, geneticist joke.

But on to the more important parts of the picture. First off, she's completely CG. I didn't draw her on paper at all. I started in Corel Draw and I finished in Corel Draw. The girl's face was made using my patented Relative Face Manipulation System (RFMS). If you don't know what I'm talking about, you've missed out for quite a while. There's a guy a ways back, check him out. So, I found the perfect face and I added eyes. The first set of eyes looked awful, so I redid them. And when I redid them, I kinda scratched my head and thought, "She looks like the kind of gal that doesn't wear contacts." She definitely wears glasses. So I did a little bit of messing around and gave her a pair of glasses. I think she looks a lot better. Then I drew a neck and then shoulders and arms. But the arms were folded. She needed folded arms because that's what that type of girl does, right? Sure. But I made her arm cuffs too big. No problem, though, just take them in. Now that I look again, they're still a little wide, but I say that's the fashion lab-coat designer's problem. Why is a behavioralist wearing a lab-coat? Let me ask you this: "What did Pavlov's dogs do when his assistant rang the bell?" Hahaha, behavioralist joke. So then I just added simple legs and shoes and here we have a psychology professor.

Oh yeah, I added the quote before I drew the legs and shoes. Hehehe. Decent quote, right? I wish my Physics professors told me that. But then again, I haven't made it to every class. I was thinking, this would be a wonderful topic for a 3d h-manga. Hehehe. I'm not that desperate for hits, yet. But watch this space. If you see a 3d class auditorium, 3d kinky sex laboratory, and/or psychology students, you'll know what's in store. I don't think that the UW would like me making explicit jokes about the psychology faculty and students on their webservers. The first UW Psychology student to wander upon that site would recognize the professor (even though my professor isn't based on any real professor) and tell her. Then she'd sue my pants off. And then it'd become another 3d h-manga! Hahaha.

If you live in Seattle or are going to be there between now and March 1, 2002, you have to go to Henry Art Gallery at Red Square of UW to see SuperFlat. It kicks serious booty. It's all Manga, Anime, Hentai, and Japanese pop culture. Yes, some of the stuff is sexually explicit, but they put it in the back. Actually one exhibit of hentai sculptures is right next to the Zero. The Zero is amazing. You absolutely have to see it. It's a life-size Japanese WW2 Zero made of laminated paper with the texture printed on it. And it's crashed into the ground. Seeing it is worth more than a million words. I'm going back every chance I get between now and March 2002.

Next, what have I been doing today? Well, you probably think I've been looking at h-mangas all day, but I haven't. During Quantum Physics, I had this brainstorm of how to make random textures using waves. I've been working on it all day until I just drew that Psychology professor. I was going to integrate it into the psychology professor, but I decided to give it it's own page. It's a masterpiece by itself, anyway. This one, I call "Damascus Blade" after Gally's beautiful weapon. It's made of a 100 24*n Hz waves where n is linearly deviated between 0.00011/8 and 0.0011/8. So the width of the image is time and the height of it is the amplitude of the wave. Not half bad, right? You haven't seen nothing yet. "Noise 3" is a wonderful example of simple waves being extremely random. Noise 3 is made of 100 24*n Hz waves where n is lineally deviated between 2933/8 and 29330/8. All I changed from the "Damascus Blade" is one number, from 0.00011 to 2933. Nothing else is changed. From order to chaos in a couple orders of magnitude. Waves are amazing. How long do you think it took me to make those two pictures? Hours? 0.219375 seconds to render "Noise 3". 0.1571875 seconds to render "Damascus Blade". Of course, it took me time to find them, but going that fast, I can really put my time into finding good stuff. It's monochrome line art if you didn't notice. Black and White pixels splayed out. I can make them color, but I haven't found a good looking color scheme yet. I've tried to go from violet at the top to red at the bottom (ROYGBIV), white at the top to red at the bottom (color of hydrocarbons burning at temperatures), and blue at the top, yellow at the bottom (hot/cold colors), but none of them look as good as I want. So black and white it is. There's a lot more to do on that project and I want it to be super-awesome for use in AltSci3D projects. One awesome idea would be to use it for screentones like professional mangas do. You know, the sky, the background, trees, shadows, etc is all screen tones. So instead of dots, I might try using my wonderful procedural textures. Ken Perlin is a great resource for procedural textures. He was the inventor of it, pretty much. He's got an Oscar for his work in the film business (mainly recognized for his work wonderful work with procedural textures in TRON).

Other news, I watched Slaughter House Five last night. It was fun, not exactly as intellectual as I have heard, but it was very good sci-fi. Time-tripping is an interesting thought. Seeing your own death must be quite odd. I guess he just focused on the pleasant circumstances he had. Trafalmadore must have that effect on people. I don't exactly see why such an advanced civilization was testing alternative fuels, though. If they're so advanced, they should already have alternative fuels. We humans aren't very advanced and we have many currently impractical alternative fuels. With a bit of engineering and restructuring, we'd have a very decent system. People would ride busses and trains instead of cars. A bunch of people would have electric scooters (ever heard of Ginger aka 'IT'?).

Then some capitalist says, "No one would trade their car for the bus or train!" But then it's my job as an anarchist to inform you that when the banks collapse, after freeing schools and universities, my first job will be to rip up all the streets so that no cars could pass through residential areas. Yup. Anarchy would provide a solution for environmentalism. People would not be able to drive cars if the potholes are four feet deep. And after a while, people would build houses where roads are today. Then, you yourself would put trains in and make profits off it, wouldn't you? Yes, that's what a capitalist does. But the money you make will not go into the non-existent banks, they'll go to pay for food, clothes, and your kid's college. But I just said that I'd free the schools and universities, right? Well, nothing is free, as you always like to say. Professors aren't free, so you'll give them money. The professors will gravitate towards where they're getting paid and so will the poor students. It will balance itself out, the class system will be finished to your great dismay. But you'll be happy. Like it or not, the people dancing in the streets will make you smile. You might even join in singing to the death of middle-management. Heck to climbing the corporate ladder, you want to climb the ladder of life, bay-bee!

Ya, when the walls are torn down.
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