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Creation Date: 2002-05-31
I'm testing audio [55 kB, 55 seconds] for use of mass distribution to large audiences with less patience than those who would read through my boring Making Of JF pages. I'm thinking that audio and video would be great methods to advance the movement. But a video of me talking is hardly entertaining. I'd say that audio would be just as good or better seeing that they just have to look at a picture of me while they listen in order to get a "full-video" version. I'm looking into these areas because not only are they more secure, but they take up more bandwidth. A Big Brother type entity would have to sift through hours and hours of me bull-shitting if they think there's a terrorist plot behind all this. I mean, think of it, I could use steganography, PGP, TEA encryption, or just gigabytes upon gigabytes of video that would become too burdensome to sift through. Misinformation is the terrorist's best tool. Certainly if people are afraid that one of the lies may be true, the terrorist has won without doing more than talking arse. Read below to find out what fear has to do with anything. Some say that George Bush is the mastermind behind Sept 11, but I don't give him credit. He's a loser and we all know that not even Area 51 could do such a evil job let alone Saudi Arabians, Afghanis, and a guy that can't piss in a pot (Osama bin Laden is really scary, seeing as he has to get kidney dialasis just to stay alive). But then why is Bush acting insane? He's tearing up the Constitution on which this nation was founded (see below). He's killing civilians at a rate unknown to anyone save Ghengis Khan. What's the deal? Bush lives in fear and lives off fear. By killing so many people and enforcing the "Patriot" Act he's using fear as well as quelling a certain type of fear. The fear that he's using is that of state terrorism and fear of death. He is monopolizing this so he can get fast ratings and more political power for Republicans. Not like liberals haven't done this since the dawn of time. He's also quelling the fear that the US's power is questioned. People don't want their dollar to become worthless, so he's reassuring them that even if he gets killed, there'll be a shadow government to pick up. This is not paranoid conspiracy theorists. Newspapers run this as if it's old hat. "Yes, the shadow government has been meeting together discussing which goes first, the 1st or 2nd amendment today." "The CIA explained today that the shadow government's purpose is to ensure government rule no matter what emergency takes place." If you're worried about your dollar becoming worthless, it should worry you that there's not one but two shadow governments to ensure that your dollar won't become worthless. Three governments. That means that they're so worried about it that they're panicing. And to answer you question of which goes first, 1st or 2nd amendment, it'll be both in the same second. The shadow government is not a representative republic, it's a military police state. Think Oceania of 1984, but worse. Of course, if you assume that the shadow government takes control, you should assume that it will fall out of power very quickly. The people who made the shadow government necessary would certainly plan to destroy the shadow governments as well. If they don't, then I will. I've been planning all my life to non-violently destroy oppressive government. Heck I'm working on the one right now, if they think that a fascist military police state will keep me from destroying the government.

Hello, this is Joel Voss of AltSci Concepts attempting to test the feasability of audio for use of informing the public of things happening around the world and in your home town. I'd like to say hi to all those who are activists listening to this. You are not in the right place right now, but you may soon be. To all those who are in the FBI or perhaps the NSA, I'd say "Shame on you." You are not making the world a safer place by destroying the freedoms of everyone and murdering those around the world and domestically. And so I sign off, Joel R. Voss

Hey Mom,

Classes are okay. I'm going to struggle to get decent grades in all my classes. EM is a lost cause, but I'm still going to study for the final.

Thanks for the deposit. That hopefully will be the last or next to last of them. I'm definately planning on staying here in Seattle. It'd be really stupid to move back to a town that I hate where I won't be able to find a job and then come back just to end up two months behind where I started for no reason. I'd like to visit on June 28th or so. When will be Dad's birthday and barbeque party? We should get a plane ticket soon. If I get a job before then, I'll have to take a break. That'll be rough, but I'll figure it out.

Unlocked doors while I'm standing right outside them aren't a threat for certain. If I assume that people will rob or attack me while I'm in my home with my doors unlocked, what happens when I go outside? I'm at the mercy of people that I am accusing of attempted theft and murder. Not only are they harmless, but they are friends that I am locking out. That is a danger far worse than being robbed or attacked.

That rock-throwing incident sound strikingly familiar of an anarchist/anti-capitalist attack. Those kids must not know that there's a GAP downtown that needs its windows broken. Hehehe. I only wish that those kids were anarchists. They're just kids. I remember busting every window out of a car across from Bill's house back in sixth grade. It was an abandoned car, but still, we were hoodlums on a similar extent as those kids. But I can't assume that they planned to break your window. $600 divided by two or three a lot of money. That'll take them all summer. One mistake and the freedom that the US is murdering thousands of Afghanis for is gone. That's shitty. I'd say that you've training these kids to become anarchists. Twenty years you've lived in Spokane and you haven't been robbed, attacked, or vandalized once. What do you suggest that these kids do? Play violent video games? Dance? Oh wait, it's illegal. Should they do drugs? Should they ride their bikes in the street without helmets? Should they skateboard downtown? Oh wait, that's illegal, too. Should they be philanthropists or protesting a war on terrorism? It's ALL illegal. Should they be watching MTV? Tell me what those kids should be doing and then you can say that these kids should be working for the the city's crime of criminalizing a generation. As far as I'm concerned, you're paying $600 for the city's criminalization of everything except crime.

I don't think that planting food for homeless people will work. Secondly, our garden is very overgrown with weeds. It's covered. I don't know of any way to get rid of them. I certainly won't use pesticides and I don't have a shovel. Today, I did a bunch of urban warfare on our lawn. It's a battlefield out there. But I've blazed a trail that allows a person to approach our kitchen door from the front or back unscathed.

On working with a shelter, I know that it doesn't work. My friend Janaya won't go in one without twenty bucks (too proud to beg, I guess). He'd rather starve and sleep in the street or park. It's quite indignifying to go to one of those places. The type of person that goes there is severely destitute and lacks friends usually for good reason. The 'problem' I face with the homeless people on my street is that they are happy where they are and their lack of a job (via lifestyle or circumstance) just doesn't allow for much food. Food is under lock and key. They are required to sell drugs to buy food. Capitalism makes it work.

Food for poor people on my street, they don't have to sell drugs. Less drugs sold, higher price. Higher price, less demand. Less demand, same problem, different solutions found. For example, I'm interested in the placebo effect and virtual reality as a complete replacement of narcotics. I've been doing that for two years and it's working quite well. Other hackers, computer programmers, gamers, and ravers have all found these effects to be similar. If it can be made into a science, a real solution to the drug problem will be found. But dancing, skateboarding, activism, computer games, and music are part of the only solution, not the problem. If these are systematically removed, the war on drugs will be completely lost and the reason for drugs will be intensified while the positive effects that people seek will be eliminated. It will create a worst case scenario where people will take illegal and very harmful drugs for no reason and will destroy their lives and not be given any other possible outcome. We don't need Big Brother if we just destroy everyone via criminalization.

Daniel Quinn explains a story of a town where kids are shooting themselves in the head. When guns are outlawed, kids stop shooting themselves. But they start stabbing themselves to death instead. When knives are elimited, kids start jumping off bridges. When rivers and buildings are policed, kids stop killing themselves. But it only took a while for kids to figure out that everything is poisonous (even drinking lots of water) including starving. They throw every kid in the town in a mental institution and feed them drugs all day. Whenever they take the kids off the drugs, the kids go completely insane throwing themselves at the walls until they break their own skulls. So the parents come together and wonder what they can do to save the next batch of kids. One parent asks what might be the problem with the kids. She is quickly shouted out and the the parents start hiring alternative psychologists that have studied the techniques of the North Vietnamese in brainwashing.

Notice that no one perscribed rec centers, dance halls, hacker clubs, arcades, and skate parks. Eliminating these and criminalizing them destroys children and is doing a wonderful job at it.

Last night I saw a young cat at our neighbor's steps. I tried to coerce it over, but it just stared at me. So I sat down and it sat down and we stared at each other for a few minutes. It walked away and I gave up. Perhaps tonight my kitty friend will be nice. I don't think I'd win its friendship with vegetarian cat food, though.

My vegatarianism is going really well. I feel full of energy, well-fed, and strong as an ox. I'm acting moody, but that's normal.

Oh, I forgot to say. On Sunday, I tried to do my laundry and on the spin cycle the washer exploded. Blue-black smoke billowed from it and filled the basement. My housemate saw it first and shouted, "Joel, Leigh Ann, come down here please." So I ran down there and opened the washer and saw all my clothes were destroyed. I opened the door to fan out the smoke. Really, only one sock (one of my $7 running socks) and one shirt (the FoxPro conference one) were ruined. The rest smell like smoke, though. Paul should have fixed it yesterday, but I haven't seen him since Monday. It should just be a broken motor. I don't know if I am going to rewash the rest of my clothes. I ought to, but I'm just so busy.

An intentional community? You mean a suburb? No, never again will I live in a suburb or a city smaller than Seattle. I'm planning on making room and reducing crime by my activism in the thickest of urban concrete jungles.

The following is a product of the government's restrictions on free speech in music. Here you see a song that contains no explicit lyrics, but needs none. It is far more depressing and destructive than any song with swearing than I know of.

"Blurry" by Puddle of Mudd

[Verse 1]
Everythings so blurry and everyone's so fake everybody's empty !
Everything is so messed up preoccupied without you I cannot live at all
My whole world surrounding you I stumble and I crawl
You could be my someone you can be my scene you know that i'll protect
You from all of the obscene I wonder what you're doing imagine
Where you are there's oceans in between us but that's not very far

Can you take it all away ? Can you take it all away ?
Well you shoved it in my face - This pain you gave to me
Can you take it all away ? Can you take it all away ?
Well you shoved it in my face - This pain you gave to me

[Verse 2]
Everyone is Changing there's no one left thats real
Wake up your own ending and let me know just how you feel
Cause I am lost without you I cannot live at all
My whole world surrounding you I stumble and I crawl
You could be my someone you can be my scene you know that I'll save
You from all of the unclean I wonder what you're doing imagine
Where you are there's oceans in between us but that's not very far


Nobody told me what you thought nobody told me what to say
Everyone showed you where to turn showed you when to run away
Nobody showed you where to hide nobody told you what to say
Everyone showed you where to turn showed you when to run away
Can you take away the pain, the pain you gave to me
This pain you gave to me

It's a powerful song and I appreciate the artist quite a bunch. Their song "Control" is even more depraved also without the use of swearing. I can just see a RSAC person telling their child that they can't buy Offspring because it has "naughty" words and then buys Puddle of Mudd instead. They get what they deserve. Back when I was 10 or so, I was looking for music that was a step up from Raffi (children's songs). I saw Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus" single and I was amazed. A older Christian kid listened to this and the song has the word Jesus in it. It must be high quality. Well I tell you that I liked it, but not as much as Paula Abdul. Nowadays, I listen to that song and I absolutely love it.

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