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Creation Date: 2002-06-09
Hello, I skipped last night, but from now on I'm going to try to do regular Making Of JF --- AND pages of the actual comic! Since I'm out of school, I only have a job to pay rent, loans, and next year's tuition, so I can focus on Javantea's Fate. If you like Javantea's Fate, give me money, and I can blow off my employer and work on JF for many, many hours and give you lots and lots of JF. Hahaha, an anarchist asking for cash, that's new, huh? Naw, if you don't want to give me money, I'll just slave away to pay debts and not do JF, leaving you in the dark about stuff you should be learning about. Tonight's lesson is to encourage those around you to do well. You can't always fix everything, but you can use what skills and talents you have to help others. Like me... Errm, I'm helping people by teaching them how I am doing Javantea's Fate. Yeah! I'm a philanthropist, really. The picture has nothing to do with the lesson, but it's important to know that this picture is closer to the Scene 5, Page 4 that I promised. I'm going to finish it in one week, promise!

Yesterday, I was reading my favorite website, Seattle Indymedia and I saw something wonderful for activists. Click here for news about a protestor being acquitted of pedestrian interference and obstruction. I wrote an e-mail to the lawyer with my most sincere thanks. Many activists go 'pro se' (defend themselves) because they fear that a DA will sell them down the river with a guilty plea or sign them off on a plea bargin while you're staging a hunger strike in prison. Many people have spent many years in prison because their defense lawyer's don't understand that American citizens have a First Amendment right to free speech and protest.

Skip the next paragraph if you don't want to spoil JF and get the real plot. In order to become a pacifist, one must first decide to kill. One cannot truly be a pacifist if they do not understand what it is to kill. Simply seeing others killing and not understanding it is not pacifism. Pacifism acknowledges that there is something important about life that should not be extinquished if it is possible to stop or prevent. In order to see that, it's important to know what goes through the mind of a person who wishes to murder people. I had the misguided notion at age fifteen that since people kill each other often, and I want certain people to do certain things and they won't, that I should kill them. It's insanity, right? It's what our government is doing now and has been doing since it was started. I am not a history major, so I cannot trace it back directly, but I assume that it started long before civilization. But you see it is insanity no matter how you look at it. Persuasion through murder is not justifiable. Next, I was having difficulties at age sixteen. I decided that the only way out was mass murder. Insanity again, murder of desperation is not justifiable. Palestinian suicide bombers aren't the only ones murdering out of desperation in the conflict they are so helpless against. Murder of retaliation only escalates the conflict. The only way that the conflict would not be escalated is if it ended in extermination. Genocide is not only against the law, it's a bad idea. Committing genocide has time and time again proven to make enemies, not friends. That means that it will escalate the conflict. Thus retaliation is not justifiable. But lets say that a person says: "Fuck justifiability, I'm going to kill someone!" There you have a pacifist in the making. People who end up murdering others do not say this. Questioning one's motives is the missing link in murderers. More on this statement: it is uncontrollably thought-provoking. When one goes through the scenario where they fire their rifle with a person's head or chest in the crosshairs, they are forced to think. They must think what they will do afterwards, what type of funeral the person will have and what you will say to people who will question you after you do it. This is important. The fear of being caught will not dissuade many people. In fact, in the military, getting caught will get you a medal. What you will tell people is an important part. Telling a judge that your life was unmanagable because of the person you killed will get you a death sentence instead of life imprisonment with possibility of parole. Telling your children that you murdered a Vietnamese woman and her child to protect them from the Communists is a pretty good argument. I would say that for me, the person's family was more important. Knowing that the person who is evil and who might kill me has a mother, father, brother, sister, and girlfriend. This shows that certainly the person is as good as me if not exactly the same as me. If he murders people, I think about myself. Do I murder people? No, but if I murder him, then yes indeed, I do murder people. What about reasons. He murders people for fun and profit. I murder people for murdering people. What is the difference that murders use to justify this? Certainly the act is the same. The reason is not the same. His murder is for a bad reason, mine is a good reason, right? America is one to talk on this issue since we happen to murder for fun and profit, but I would like to advocate pacifism even in righteous countries that are nice to everyone and are targets of murder. Let's try to think in different terms: if a person robs another person, it is unjust. So to promote justice, I will rob him of what he stole and his money. But the victim won't take the money from the robber because he doesn't have any use for it anymore. So here we are with extra money. For promoting justice, we have here a bit of money, a fee. Look back at the case of murder. Murder, I would say is mugging a person and finding no money. You're taking something from them, but you get nothing. So back to our case of the robber, he mugs a person and gets nothing, so we mug him and he has nothing. So here we are left with two people mugged and no money is exchanged. But when someone murders for fun and profit, they get fun and profit, right? But I don't hear much about cops seizing murderer's property and selling it. I think there's a law against that. So no one is benefitted from murder of retaliation for justice. Two people are robbed instead of one, neither see justice, and the justice system wastes time making things worse. Rehabilitation, however, does in fact work and is a valuable service to society. True justice, then, is found in rehabilitation. There you have the making of a pacifist. As you can see, Javantea played the part of "justice by fist" in Scene 1. Javantea shows he is a peacemaker in Scene 2. He transformed into a humble student in Scene 3. He shows us his artistic side in Scene 4. In Scene 5, we see Jav reaps what he sows in Scene 1. In Scene 6, it will just be fun stuff. In Scene 7, Jav will become a pacifist via the method that I explained in the start of the paragraph.

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