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Creation Date: 2002-07-08
Greetings fellow martians. Reading the above image, you might get the impression that I'm not talking to you. I am. You are a martian and so is your father (but he and your mother not native Martian like you). You're on Mars right now. You're looking west towards the remote HAB-01 (crew habitat). You are young and impressionable, but determined and sociable. In 2016, Earth is on the edge of global meltdown and Mars is humanity's only hope. Will you take up the task to save the 11 billion starving people? Ahead of you lies a huge mystery and sci-fi adventure that will leave you breathless in the RPG Sequel to the critically acclaimed 3d web comic Javantea's Fate -- Javantea's Rediscovery. More than an RPG, better than a story, a full multimedia experience with 3d pictures, audio, video, photos, and a text story. Javantea's Rediscovery will be compatible with all platforms with no download necessary.

So that's my pitch. It's far too early to be announcing this on the open channels, so I'm going to keep it quiet. You are getting the third peek (the first is here, the second is here) at Book 16 (JF is Book 15 of my life fictional biography). I'm giving you this because I've worked on it for the past six hours. Yesterday I wrote a full page on my yellow notepad about the player's background. It's pretty good. I'm pretty good at starting stories. I've done a decent job in filling the blanks of JF, but not enough. I really need to fill in more blanks, but the blanks that need filling the most are the frigging 3d models and the scenes and pages. It has taken me so long, I dunno if I'll ever finish. But I gotta use this summer break to my advantage. I have been sleeping in and playing games lately and I'm going to stop. I'm going to work for my two jobs so that I have rent money and phone paid for, but I seriously need a job. Ugh.

But anyway, check out what i have done in the past six hours. It's all HTMs except for a small ASP that saves info that you post to it to an HTM file. So the upper left hand corner is text identifying it. I call it Old-School because the only RPG I've made is text-only, so it's back to 1980s-90s. Jav's Red will have not just graphics, but a bunch of videos, lots of audio (speech and music, MIDI and MP3), and a full story. It will also have a full RPG system. You craft your character to your wants. You can do battle, cast "spells", talk with NPCs in dynamic conversation, and generally have fun. It will feature seriously cool emergent gameplay features: multiple ends to any situation, multiple ways to go about any situation, some scripted and many not. The middle left is a 14x14 square map. I just quickly drew it out using my first tool, the Map Creator. All a person has to do is click the squares in this webpage and wysiwyg. You can create and destroy walls for a thinner wall. When you have a map, you import it into the RPG Creator. Then you create a RPG interface template to be used throughout the RPG and you import it into the RPG Creator. Then you create each page (seen at the right) using the Page Creator. After creating each page, you import it into the RPG Creator. Then with the click of a button, that scene is saved to the disk with the correct navigation buttons in place as seen in the lower left. Each is properly linked to the other map pages. So when you have done about 100 of these, you'll have a 2d map-driven static story RPG. I created a very small one here for you. It's only linear, but it shows you what is going on. It's got a ways to go still, but I think it's moving along well. Isn't it interesting that I'm the first to think of a graphic RPG on the web? Nethack is so popular, you'd think people would get the idea. Of course, many people just like using C++ and leaving it at that. I respect that, but there's a lot left to want with C++ that HTML and JScript can certainly give.

What else to say? Oh, along those same lines, why aren't there any online books? I mean, where are all these starving writers you hear about on the web? I would think that someone would write one book online just to be original. My father's friend was writing a book on the web, but I haven't heard from him for five years. The last time I talked to him, I gave him a digital picture of the planet Uranus from my CD of Hubble Telescope images for his online book. Talking about that, I should look at that CD. That's a sweet CD from the early 90s with 650 MB of uncompressed NASA images of cool stuff. I think I still have it in the purple MSDN book. SWEET! I'll post some of these, since they happen to be owned by the world.

Along those lines, I think that certain countries that are currently being embargoed by the US and UN are my friends. Those include: North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and Cuba. Others that I've left out, forgive me. Those countries are my friend and I'll do anything I can to help the innocent people of those fine nations who are being starved and massacred by the United States' institutionalized terrorism. Of course, the communications ban in those countries will likely keep this message from reaching anyone in those countries.
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