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Creation Date: 2002-07-08
Another Making Of JF page right after another? What's my deal? Well, I'm trying to get back into my good habits. This picture is pretty low, but it's something rather than nothing. It's also a continuation of yesterday's picture. It's also part of what I've been working on all day. Actually, I spent seven hours on making yesterday's project a lot better. I did. It goes with the clicking of a few buttons. The walls go automatically into place now. The map is saved and it persists. The content also persists and the map persists at the same time. That was a brilliant idea if I ever had one. So what am I blathering about again? Well, I have this system where you draw your map with ASRPG Map Creator, right? Then you put content onto each page using the ASRPG Content Creator. Then you click a button and it saves the output to disk. Then you repeat for each spot on the map. In the end you get something that looks similar to this text-based RPG if you are too lazy to draw a few pictures. If you are smart and draw a bunch of pictures, you'll have yourself an old-school graphical adventure game. Why is my system better than a proprietary system written in C or C++? Because this one plays on Win 3.1, Win 95, Win 98, Win 2000, Win XP, Win CE, Linux, Mac, and possibly even Amiga. How? Because AltSci HTML RPG is written entirely in HTML. All anyone needs is a browser and an internet connection, floppy disk, or CD-ROM. It's super-lightweight, very robust, very extensible (video, audio, CSS, and javascript), and super-cool. One unintended feature is one-way doors. The walls only work on the cell itself, so if there is a wall made by an adjacent cell that blocks your path, it doesn't effect you. That means that there can be pits of death, deadly decisions, and secret pathways.

Wasn't I supposed to talk about the image? Well I spent about an hour or so on it. It was pretty easy. It'll be used for the RPG part of the Adventure Game. Currently, it's not an RPG by most people's standards, because you're not really playing a role. With this character creator, you'll have character stats. What will you do with them? Good question. In the game, you'll fight monsters who will have similar attributes. You will fight to the death.

I'm adding an object called Interaction. Interaction will allow you to click on something and use a skill on a physical object. The object will have properties and conditions of action. For example, a professor will lecture if you sit in his lecture auditorium at the correct time. If you attack the professor, he will run away or kill you depending on if he has had his mocha latte. ^_^ If you ask a question, he will either keep lecturing or answer the question depending on a few factors: you asked a relevant question, you asked loud enough, you were the first in line to ask a question, and the fact that he is a jackass. I know of two professors that act very negatively towards students who are thick-skulled or wise-assed. I don't mind professors being assertive towards wise-asses, asking for the question to wait, or asking a student to go to office hours, but verbal abuse often quickly leads to one less stable physicist (one less physicist or one less-stable physicist, you see). Not that I ask too many questions in lecture. Actually, I'm so afraid of being verbally assaulted that I don't ask any questions until the TA's Office Hours. The TA is always nice. He doesn't have a superiority complex. But of course, he doesn't speak English fluently. My lesson for you today is to think about yourself as a character in the best RPG ever made. It's got so much content that it's amazing. If you aren't down with hunting for phat l3wt, you can certainly do a million other things. Most people are tradespeople, but it's so amazing because the economy is totally user-driven. It's a bit unstable, but I think they added that just to make it more fun. Click here to create your character. The base abilities and the ability points are based on a 12-year-old (10 points per year) male from Mars, so do the math for your own age and placement. I forgot to put age on that chart. Oh well, I'll put it in later. The base abilities are pretty tricky during adolescence (girls at age 10 specifically are ten times stronger than boys, I should know having been beaten up from 3rd-8th grades), but do your best. After you have that data, think what you want to train in. What do you want to do? What do you thing are good attributes. I also forgot charisma. Oh well, you get the idea. Once you have your rpg character, take a screenshot of it and convert it to PNG. Send it to me if you would like to. If not, just think about what you would do if you were a superhero. You're role-playing a superhero in the world's greatest RPG. What strengths and weaknesses would you want? Being able to lift cars is only so useful. What superhero traits would benefit you and your world? You already have the power of flight: airplanes. You have the ability to kill people from fifty yards: guns. But what do you not have that you would want? A money-printing press is hardly as good as a dayjob. Superheros need brains! Now, go out and do it!
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