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Creation Date: 2001-12-08
As you might be able to see from first glance, this picture is very different from every other one before it. Yup, this one has manual 2d shading. Ugh, it wasn't easy, fun, or rewarding, either. Something is wrong with my techniques, or perhaps that's just the way it is. I assume that professionals get their assistants to do the shadows for they must just dread drawing them. Perhaps it's easier on pencil and paper. Ya, this one was pencil and paper first. It is number two of three that of that bunch that I scanned this summer that I haven't CGed yet. I tried shading it back then and I couldn't do a good job. That's what prompted me to try shading now. The lesson for today: I learned that shading is best done by shrinking the original object in such a way that it distorts the object so that a person thinks that you're actually doing shading. Yup, faking it is as good as doing it, I say.

I have a confession to make. Last night, after writing the joke about 3d Hentai Manga, "College Daze", I wrote the script. Nothing very descriptive. In fact, I only wrote "Sex ensues." in the R-rated parts. Really, I think it's a decent script. Without the R-rated parts, it'd be good for my Fictional Autobiography. You see, "Javantea's Fate" is Book 15 of my Fictional Autobiography. What does Fictional Autobiography mean, though? Well, it means that it's about me, but it's not truthful. First off, JF is in the future. That means that unless I'm a fortune teller, I am making up JF out of my wild imagination. My autobiography as of now would be rather bland, I must say, but the autobiography of me in the future will be quite a sight. I mean, beating up Evil Warehouse Grunts, stopping gang wars, etc is exciting, I say. Oh, did I say where College Daze is in my Fictional Autobiography? It's Book 7h. Book 7 is where it shows up, h denotes that it is a hentai subset of Book 7. For Book 7, there's 7a, 7h, and 7b. 7a will explain my experience of SFCC, aptly named, "College Daze (SFCC)". 7b takes place immediately after 7h will explain my experience of the first year of UW, aptly named, "College Daze (UW)". JF (and all the other books), however, have no subsets as of yet. The reason for the subset is simply so that I can split up the hentai and non-hentai. 7a and 7b will be viewable for PG, while 7h ought to be R or X rated. I dunno how graphic I'm going to be yet, so I'm just going to say, definitely not for kiddiez. By the way, "College Daze" is not at the top of my list. I'm not going to be doing tutorials on how to make classrooms, sex laboratories, or anatomically-correct figures for a long, long time.

Oh, and since we're on the topic of graphicness, I'd like to ease your minds. In Scene 2, the gang member uttered the f-word. I can find no word to replace that. Nothing stresses a statement so much and nothing is as common as the f-word in regular speech. But that doesn't mean that JF is not a manga for young people. I actually think that young people would get much more from this than adults. With that word and the lack of mortal wounding, JF has mild violence and adult language. That means that it's still PG-13 at most. If someone wants to say something against that, I'm all ears. Later, there's going to be more violence, but not quite as much as one of my favorite movies, "Starship Troopers".

What else? Well, I could point you to a rough draft of my song. I could tell you about other comics with several more talented people going through rough times. I can express my deep apology to anyone who read yesterday's and today's "Making Of" and did not want to hear the word sex. Perhaps from now on, I'll use code words. I'll say, "Did you shampoo my wife? Did you? You shampooing shampooer! I'm shampooing kill you, you shampooing piece of shampoo!"

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