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Creation Date: 2002-07-09
Today's image is not very special. It's "cel shading" as a few people in the MilkShape3D Forums called it. It's actually outlining which is usually used in conjunction with actual cel shading in cartoons, especially anime and manga. I like it myself. The main thing that I like is the nose. With a bit of actual cel shading (and hilighting, of course), this would be pretty sweet. Actually, it's possible to do that in all of JF with the hardware that I have. Why am I not doing it? Because it's EXTREMELY technical in software. There is one awesome way and there are a few so-so ways. The awesome way has one example and it is only for OpenGL and uses software vertex processing. That would be possible if it were DirectX, but not easy technically. Then there so-so's are DirectX and hardware, but they look visually like arse. I hate to say it, but someone in DirectX dropped the f'n ball on this one. Their sample is extremely ugly code-wise and their algorhythm allows for the possibility that it will look terrible. I should rephrase that. Their algorhythm is positively discraceful with low-polygon models. Not only is the shading not cel, but the outline makes it look terrible. Beyond that, the examples are so very complicated that I'm not going to do it until someone gives me a little object that I can throw into the program and have it work on the spot. NVidia might have given me that, but not yet. They have developed Cg, C for graphics, a programming language that looks like C that is for their vertex and pixel shaders. It's a small step up from their assembly based language with zero added functionality. Why am I not bashing it? Because it comes with an object that allows you to do cel shading (if you can understand their nonsense language). Not bad but not yet. *shrug* No lesson about that, the lesson is a two paragraphs down.

So, what have I been up to today? Well, I made the "new" website. I put new in quotes because you can probably see exactly how new it is. It's the same old. However, it links the front page with the latest rant. The front page now forces you to go to the latest rant. There is no other alternative! Hahaha. So, that might confuse less readers. Or perhaps it'll confuse more readers trying to get to the latest comic but finding only the Making Of JF pages. I can see how easy it is now, but how do I remedy it? I don't know and I don't care. I also wrote a lot for my book 16, "Javantea's Rediscovery". It'll be a really good Role-Playing Adventure Game like I've been talking about. It's moving slowly but surely. I'm planning on each of my books being the equivalent of 128 pages long. Why 128? Because I have 16 books each representing 2 years of my life, so 32 years = 16 books * 128 pages/book = 2048 pages. It's all binary and stuff. ^_^ By the way, I don't go into the years that I don't remember. I don't want to make stuff up. That's part of my writing style. While almost everything is fictional, everything has come up from my own experience that I feel awkward just saying. For example, Scene 1 was this idea I had where I would use Half-Life to do hand-to-hand combat. It never worked because Half-Life is terribly unsupportive for me, but I got it done after a while. The truth is that I never intended Javantea to engage in violence. But it just happened that I wanted violence. So I changed JF to add the violence and still have the same general theme plus some. The cool thing is that the violence in JF is going to accentuate the fact that Jav is the most peaceful human being on Earth and beyond. Darn right he's not peaceful in Scene 1 or 5. He's become the sheriff of an anarchist community, the lowest bottomfeeder in the world, and I'm not going to hold back my opinion that he is getting in Scene 5 exactly what he asked for in Scene 1.

What's today's lesson? Well, I have a little story for you. You aren't going to like it, I bet, but it has a good moral. I'm going broke. I've been out of work for a very long time. My parents have given me $4600 to keep me in my apartment and eating food. They've cut off the money supply and here I am needing to find a job. So on June 15, I started my job hunt. By playing video games. I found this great job where all I have to do is play video games. But the guy hasn't gotten back to me. I assume that my e-mail was not cool. So I started work for my old boss. I did 6 hours of work and sent him the results. He didn't get back for a while so I called him and helped him unzip the file I sent him. I told him to work with it and call me back or e-mail me. I haven't heard back. In four weeks. I haven't gotten in touch with him, but I will tomorrow (slacker's famous last words). During those four weeks, I went home for four days for my Dad's birthday. I spent four days planning for it and four days recuperating from it. I got another job from another previous employer. He asked how long it'd take. I said about 10 hours (mistake #1). He asked how much was my rate, $25 per hour or $60 per hour. I usually get $12, but recently I've been getting squat, so I need money. But instead of saying $60, I said $20 (mistake #2). So here I am trying to find a job and trying to get the two jobs done. Hopefully, they'll be worth $400. Why $400 exactly? Because I have $100 in checking, $200 in savings, and I spend exactly $600 per month. That will give me $100 next month to repeat the process. However, I need a job if I want to repeat the process. So five days ago I got the newspaper (Seattle P-I and Seattle Times). I looked in their classified for jobs the day after. Then I circled jobs that were decent (four of them). I'm going to call them this week possibly. If I get no leads (I'm certain that I won't), I'll go to the online version of the classified and look for jobs. I'll copy and paste them into text files and call each of them sometime next week. But the main problem I've been having, as you can clearly see is that I haven't been working on anything! I did a bit of work on JF, I've started up work on Making Of JF pages again, and I've written a bunch of RPG creator software. That's like four days worth. Where has my month gone?! I'll tell you where it's gone. Cheap women! Alcohol! Mochachino Lattes! Cigarettes! Video Games! Asprin! Crack Cocaine! Sleeping in! Hahaha. The only two I have used or abused in that list are sleeping in and video games. I've slept in until noon almost every day for 25 days straight! I've played no less than 60 hours of video games per week! I've leveled up to 60 in Anarchy-Online! I've r0x0red fifty rooms of Counter-Strike! I've played two really old games (Timelapse and Half-Life)! I've converted three CDs full of pictures from gif|pcd|tiff to png! I've stayed up until 3 AM, but the complete lack of any morning activity has made me a lazy bastard! Somebody stop me! So I set my alarm and said a prayer to Jesus himself. "Please Lord allow me in Your infinite mercy to wake up at 9 AM even though I have stayed up until 1 AM. Also Lord, please keep me away from evil video games that have sucked up my time and given me nothing in return." This morning, I woke up at 9 AM sharp and started work. What did I do? I thought a bit. I checked a few websites. I continued converting my CDs from gif to png. I worked on Jav's Rediscovery. I worked on the JF website for five hours. Then I went back to Counter-Strike after dinner and I played two rounds, thirty minutes. Then I worked some more on this Making Of JF. What is the moral of the story? When you've set yourself to live on the streets, you'll find your way no matter what advantages you have naturally. Even if the Lord summons you right quick at 9 AM, you're going to waste your entire day. Tomorrow, I'm going to work on everything for money! No video games, no RPG, no JF until I've made $50 or more! Hoo-rah!

Now you're wondering, why I am using exclamations points after every sentence! It's because I listened to three of my favorite CDs: Third Eye Blind, Marilyn Manson, and Weird Al Yankovic. Yeah, a perfect mix! My favorite songs on those CDs? "How's it Gonna Be", "Great White World", and "Yoda".
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