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Creation Date: 2002-07-12
Now this is cool. Check out this video with audio. Turn on your speakers, because it's got sound. It's only 86 kB, so there's no worry about waiting an hour for a 2 second video. Those buttons below it actually do what they say. Tt requires Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player 7. If you don't meet the requirements, click here for the movie in your favorite avi viewer. It's in DivX 5.02 format, as I hope you already know. Click here for the codec.

What's the deal with that movie with audio? Well, first off, it uses what I worked on today: the mouth system. I also used VirtualDub to dub my voice over it. So now I have a 3d video with voice-over. And, there's a caption box to retain the comic-style art. The caption uses a 64x32 texture. I could have sampled it down to 8-bit (since it's really 1-bit B&W), but I just didn't think of it. There's no reason, so why waste time? What else? I guess I should explain how I did the mouth and the voice-over. The mouth was an "issue". I had this problem where certain octopus lipped skins would look ugly when I opened the jaw. So I thought about throwing in a bunch of verts and bones and faces. So I switched a few edges so that I could subdivide and I just thought that I might try what it looks like with the switched edges. I couldn't believe my eyes. The problem was gone with just a few turned edges. That's good news. So I decided to make an animation. What would he say? Well, how about "Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3." Well, I didn't have enough patience to do anything but monosyllabic words, so I did "One, two, three." So I made each word 10/24ths of a second long. The three is noticably longer, so I decided to stretch it out the open mouth 2/24ths of a second. It looked good, so I made a video of it. Then I went into VirtualDub and Creative WaveStudio, clipped on my nifty cheap-o microphone and said "One, two three." That's not the end of the story. It seems that I said it too fast the first time. It didn't match up at all. Then I said it a second time and it was way too slow. So I trimmed the second one and it looked fairly good, but the end was cut off. So I changed the framerate from 24fps to 14 fps and It looked good. I trimmed it a bit more and sped up the frame rate. I finally ended up at around 20 fps. You can see how awesome it looks, right? Well, it's just a demo of my ability, but I say that it makes for good stuff. But it does prove one thing to me, I'm very monotone. People say that from time to time. Oh well, at least I can accurately portray Jav's voice. ^_^

Don't you hate when true life stories about nerdy heroes are played by very unnerdy actors? It makes me often think: "His friends are making fun of his designer clothes? I wish I was as cool as that 'nerd', sheesh." Back in the day, there was a nerdy guy, I forget his name (was it Skeeter?) on this show that I forget the name of. It was about high school students and everyone was very unrealistic except this infinitely nerdy kid who stole the show. Anyway, I have been thinking about my non-productive activities like playing video games. I'm really not getting anything out of them. If I were smart, I'd get involved with people rather than the game. I could go to a LAN Party or hook up with a clan.

I mean, Anarchy-Online is so bleeding boring. They promised a storyline and they haven't done anything in the first year out of four years. In October, they did a Haloween special and introduced amnesty. Then in December or something, they took away the amnesty. Nothing else has happened. I really liked the CG movies, but I want storyline, you see. Fighting Cyborgs, leets, and OTs doesn't quite cut it. But the problem is that they're keeping up to code with their competition: Everquest, Dark Ages of Camelot, Asheron's Call, etc. In a full year of Everquest, I did not participate in one single event that went right. The quests were cool, because unique items were hard to get, so they were a bit rare. But it lacked structure. I joined a guild and it was really fun at times, but the truth was that we didn't do anything wild. The GMs have access to a lot of fun stuff, but they don't use it often enough. The fact is that they're often too busy helping newbies get off roofs and stuff. And if they ever announce an event five minutes before the event starts, the zone will pile up with idiots trying to get a peek. If they just traded free gameplay to a dozen people in exchange for running events every day of the week, it would increase my liking for the games a hundred fold. But maybe that's not a good thing.

Oh, I forgot, you don't want to hear banter. You want to know about this picture I posted. Well, I've been getting back to my roots. Or shall I say history's roots. I don't have roots in flat-shaded manga, but the history of manga does. So here you are. This is kinda flat shaded. It isn't completely. You can see that the colors are blurred on the edges. That's because MilkShape3D does bilinear filtering (I assume that it's bilinear, but I'm certain that it is filtering). The original shot had 4400 colors but simply reducing to 256 (using PSP's wonderful OctTree method) produced no visible loss of color data. Reducing to 16 colors created a few massive flaws, so I decided not to waste time on it. In fact, it turned out really good. Why do I say really good? Because the PNG is 16 kB and the JPG is 14 kB. That's outstanding for such a large picture. I was thinking that if I were to make everything two-tone, I would use anti-aliasing, so that JPG would compress better. You see, jpeg compresses gradient/photo images very well and png compresses line-art, solid color very well. So this picture is back to roots. Perhaps someone will applaud my timely use manga style. There's a few errors in this image. The first is the nose is not seen. Since it's the same color as the face and there's no shading, it blends in. The same with the hands moving together. There is a solution to this problem, though. That would be texturing fingers and the nose, etc. But that would introduce new problems. However, I think I have an idea. The hand should be okay, except for when you look from the side, you'll see a line where you shouldn't. But that's not a big problem. The same solution can be used for the nose. But then one must ask, what do we see when it's straight on? We see a line. But if you're familiar with manga, there's a line for a nose quite often. I'm going to try it and don't be surprised if you see the same image tomorrow with the ideas I came up with here.

A few notes: usatoday.com was haxx0red. It's back up now, but they were totally down for a few hours. Props to the h4x0rs who did that. "r0x0r j00", says the 1337 H4X0r to the 14|\/|3R 4d|\/|1|\|z. Putting time into a very well-though out attack makes you a gentleman or woman and a scholar. Of course, now you're headed to jail for 20-life. Either that or MIT and a security job that pays $1M per year. If you get caught, don't worry, anarchists will tear down the jails within ten years. But when you get out, there won't be any corporate megaglomerate to hack and no government to bash.
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