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Creation Date: 2002-07-21
O, ho ho. You thought I was going to give you some more bar charts, right? Wrong! I'm going to try to get a relevant Making Of JF page every night for a while. This one wasn't entirely done tonight, but the hair was. What is it made of? A sphere. Not a geosphere or bezier patches, nothing special. I deleted part of the sphere and what was left I molded around the head to become the hair. The rest of the body and head are slightly cool. The body is the new number 44 body type. The body, head, and hair weigh in at a very frugal 246 triangles. Some frugal pants and arms would make it a decent low-poly model. I'm not sure about how it'll animate, but we'll see soon, won't we? The skin is very simple. In fact, it's so simple, it's missing eyebrows. I'll throw them in when I add shirt and pants textures. I was thinking of using a 512x512 texture, but then I went with a 256x256 for now just arbitrarily. I don't want to have prejudices for or against this model and skin just because I decide to try a higher resolution texture. I messed with a 512x512 with the Jav model and I didn't like it very much. It's not very important since everything is scaled down anyway, but I always hope for better. If you don't understand the lesson of that, you should definately get thicker goggles.

I saw something today that I had mixed feeling about. I've been looking for a WorldCraft Style world editor because it's so much superior to MS3D for that purpose. But WorldCraft only does BSPs and not DirectX files or anything usable without major engine stuff. So I found one that makes DirectX files and I downloaded the demo. It has lighting and shading, exactly what a person wants. Of course, it has the same old limitation of only allowing geometric primatives. That's very limiting because it's hard to work with geometric primitives. I want to get down and dirty with the faces and verticies. That's strike number one. But the shading and lighting is pretty cool. So I decide I want to mess with what I've created. The first problem was that I couldn't change the texture coordinates. Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't figure it out. The demo won't let me save or export. What a drag, right? Because that's actually a big part. I need to know what is the process. Well, the demo had a sample of what it exports. It exports a DirectX file. And a bitmap texture. Ugh! It exports a bitmap texture of each face. The shading included. So the lights and geometry increases the texture requirement geometrically. Say you have a small 10x10 house, right? You have one light and it casts no shadows. Your wallpaper is simple, just a 64x64 stucco pattern. That will be a 256x256 texture. Ergh, right? Then you want to make a mansion with televisions, bookcases, doors, the works in about 50x50. That will be a set of 5 2048x2048 images. You see? That immediately makes a mansion IMPOSSIBLE. You'd have to have a GeForce4 7600 just to run the simple map. Who though up this terrible idea? You're supposed to use the secondary texture coordinate for shadows like that if you use textures at all. A much better method is simply putting extra vertexes around for the shadows. Not only will it be smoother, it'll look better and allow for more complex scenes. But the main feature is the fact that it will be able to run on a TNT2 instead of a GeForce 4! Insanity, right? Well, These people want $40 for their product. They aren't getting my non-existant $40. But they have given me a good idea... I could make a billion dollars using my superior idea. ^_^ Naw, they did a good job, but I won't even post a link because the program is of such little value. If you're looking, you'll find it.

A few more thoughts for you to think about: some company just claimed rights to JPEG compression algorithm. Give me a break. If you create something, sell it or give it away, but don't give it away and then ask everyone for $4,000 for the use just because it has become popular. Not just popular, but jpeg is the best lossy algorithm out there. The stuff that it does is amazing. How can you make an image more complex and get savings out of it? Jpeg is how. I'd rather just do png squished into half resolution than pay megabucks to compress. Or perhaps I can encode into a one frame DivX. Probably wouldn't work very well... DivX's Indy Terms are pretty messy. It says that you can't make money off any of the DivX content, including banners, or some such. So that means that I can't release JF Anime for money in DivX format without paying them money. MPEG-2 doesn't have that type of restrictions on it, right? So I could encode it into MPEG-2 and put it on 2 discs. Then each person could personally re-encode it into DivX. But that means that internet delivery is shot. But perhaps I can work DivX into the profits. I sure would like to help out the Open Source community that started them out. I just wish they were still GPL, etc. But even I'm not going to be GPL myself, so who am I talking, right? And entrepreneurs should be the target of your entrepreneurial adventure, right? Don't fleece the happy person who wants to rip their DVD collection to CDs, fleece the person who wants to make a movie and release it on the web. By the way, I have successfully ripped three of my twelve DVDs. The rest either won't get past the encryption or have audio/video/transfer problems. Why do I want to rip my DVDs? Because I have a 40GB hard drive and hard drive is far superior to DVD. I don't sell them, I don't buy them, I don't do anything illegal or immoral with my DVDs/DivXs you see. But still I can hardly even do that. One of my hardest problems was my Bjork Volumen DVD. I wanted to rip it so that I could watch her any time of any day. So I rip it and no audio. And although Bjork is wonderful in motion, I kinda like her music too, ^-^. So I try and I try to get this audio and it doesn't happen. I think my next try is going to involve watching the whole DVD with my sound recorder on. Then I'll save it to an MP3 file and use Virtual Dub to Dub it on. That would work, but would cost me 2 or so hours. *shrug* Can you see the entertainment industry through the eyes of a young broke computer developer? And by the way, I'd have far worse problems if I were on Linux. I won't even go into the other problems that Linux has. If a person has a few years to waste, they can easily spend it on trying to watch a few low-quality DVDs on Linux.

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